Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


21. Gender Reveal

It was a big day. Hundreds of people were here. Justin friends, family, and my Micheal. I was wearing a pink shirt while Justin wore blue. It felt like I was at an award ceremony because of the celebrities here. I sat on the bed in the bedroom by myself walking back and forth. "Hey sweetie what's wrong, it's your big day" "I'm nervous" I said "Well of course you are. Justin downstairs looking for you. The gifts are about to be announced" Micheal said "Baby you okay" Justin said "No she's nervous" Micheal said "Its okay to be nervous, I understand hundreds of people are here but, today is our day I will be right there beside you. You're the one with a baby you have the spotlight" he said "You're gonna make me throw up" I said holding my stomach. "Karmin, you can't hide up here forever" he said chuckling. "Aren't you nervous" "Yes, about the gender. You know the gender! It's gonna be okay, we're almost done" he said grabbing my hand. I nodded. We all went downstairs. I sat down in the chair, while Justin and I opened gifts together. During the gender reveal. We headed out into the backyard. The color was inside the hockey puck. Justin laid it onto the ground, hitting it into the goalie. It came out blue, he was so excited jumping up and down screaming. I laughed. I could say it was an amazing baby shower. Thanks to Ryan and everyone else. 

          -6 Months Later-

I was sitting on the couch rubbing my stomach watching tv. I was exhausted Justin and I haven't had any sex and that's the first time we've ever stopped having sex. "Hey babe you feeling okay" he asked "Yeah I guess" "He's almost here don't worry just breathe" he said I sighed and started taking small breaths.  "Better" he asked sitting beside me. "Yeah a little" I said I grabbed his hand placing it on my stomach. "Feel that" I asked and he chuckled. "Yeah..he kicked" He said kissing my stomach. "He loves you Justin" "I love him to and I love you" he said and kissed me. "Really" I asked "Yes you're so sexy" he said kissing my neck I giggled pushing him away. "The baby shower was amazing" he said "Yeah I remember it like it was yesterday, so..school started back it's my senior year only have 6 more months till graduation. I am happy i'll be out of there soon" I said "It'll be nice going to your graduation seeing you on stage getting your diploma you're growing up" he said tickling me. "No no no haha stop it I can't-" "Cant what" he said "I can't breathe" I said laughing he stopped and I caught my breath. "So mean" I said pushing him lightly. "I'm not mean" "Yeah you are" I said "Whatever come on" he said getting up helping me up. "Where are we going" "I have a surprise for you" he said grabbing my hand. I was excited what the surprise was. My aunt Trish. It was nice to see one of my family members since my parents passed. I never got in contact with the rest of my family. "How have you been" she asked "I've been..okay I guess I mean I think about my parents a lot but it's just I can't help it" "Yeah I know it's hard for you but thankfully Justin called me I know you would've been happy, you're growing up having a baby graduating they would've been proud of you" she said and I smiled. "I know" "Justin's a nice guy He's a keeper" she said and I chuckled. "Yeah that's true i'm afraid to loose him, i'm afraid that something might go wrong and it'll pull us apart" I said "Don't be afraid if you love someone and there might be a thousand ways to leave but he'll will look for a reason to stay" she said I nodded and remembered what she said..It clearly made sense I looked over at Justin seeing he was smiling talking to the guys. "Trish I don't think I want this baby" I said looking back at her. "Of course you want it you're just having second thoughts, don't give your son up now he's almost here" she said "Yeah it's good to have someone from the family to talk to..I have no one I did this to myself having sex at a young age getting pregnant at a young age it's just i'm alone" "I know sweetie it's okay i'm here" she said I smiled and hugged her. "I know you're going through a rough time with everything but you just need to stay strong for yourself, your parents were good people they didn't deserve it" she said "I know I just miss them that's all" "I miss them to" she said not pulling away from the hug. When Trish  and the guys left left, I sat on the couch pulling my shoes off. "I loved my surprise" I said "I'm happy you liked it I knew you would've been happy if you talked to someone in your family" "Yeah I kinda feel better though..it's nice to know your family likes me" I said "They love you I know they do" he said sitting beside me. "They don't think i'm too young" "Of course not you're 17 besides you're getting out of high school in a few months" he said "Yeah I know i'm excited..graduating high school being proud of myself because i'm a teen mom making it through school even though i've been through a lot i'm still graduating" "I'm happy for you..seriously you're growing up on me" he said and I chuckled. "Yeah I guess so I only need two more credits till I graduate the counselor was talking to me about being a valedictorian but I don't know I might not do it i'm not good at giving speeches" I said "Babe being a valedictorian is a good thing you should do it you may not be good at speeches but at least say something about your experience in high school and having to graduate with your class besides I will be there watching you" "Oh no you'll even make me more nervous" I said "Well if you don't wanna take the opportunity i'm okay with it I mean it's your graduation and your choice" he said "I'll think about it i'm sure my parents would be proud of me of how much i've accomplished" "They are proud of you i'm proud of you, my parents, and even Trish don't put yourself down so much you're happy that's all that matters" he said "Yeah but if I wasn't friends with Cait and I wouldn't know you my life would be completely hell" "I know but just thank god it isn't like that you've been through enough already" he said and I nodded. "I know..i'm gonna go to bed" I said getting up. "Night" I said kissing his cheek. "Night" he said I went upstairs changing into some sweats and a tank top laying down. I took a deep breath closing my eyes. It was 3 in the morning when I woke up my stomach started hurting I sighed cutting the lamp on. "Justin" I said "Hmm" "Wake up" I said "What's wrong" he asked "I think i'm in labor" "Labor" he asked "Yeah" I said breathing heavily he jumped out of the bed putting on some clothes. I got out of the bed slipping on my slippers. We went to the hospital Pattie came in with me so did Justin. He had no choice during the delivery, things got pretty crazy Justin fainted it really hurt for a baby to come out of me. Minutes passed I held my baby boy Andrew. Pattie and I were staring into his eyes. Justin was still passed out I find it funny he fainted. I gave him to Pattie she played with him for a little giving him back to me. "I'm proud of you Karmin" she said "Thanks Pattie and thanks for everything" "No prob let me go before Justin wakes up" "Okay" I said she kissed my head leaving. It was a while before Justin got up from the floor. He rubbed his head looking around then looking at me. "You okay" I asked chuckling. "Yeah i'm good" he said walking to the bed. "Wanna hold him" I asked and he shook his head putting his hands in his pockets. "He has your eyes..looks just like his handsome dad" I said and he chuckled. "Thanks" he said looking into my eyes. "What" I asked curiously "I love you" he said and I smiled. "I love you too" I said we slowly leaned in our lips touched we both smiled pulling away. "It's been a while since we said that to each other ya know"  "I know" he said "..Wanna hold him now" "Yeah" he said grabbing him. "I'm gonna take a nap"  "Okay" he said I closed my eyes going to sleep.

I was walking around the around holding Andrew talking to him while he stared into my eyes. I sat down on the couch feeding him he slowly went to sleep I smiled kissing his head. 


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