Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


1. Friends with Benefits



                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Today was the day that I was gonna see Justin, but..the thing is, Justin, Cait and I suppose to watch a movie tonight.  It was 7 at night so I put on my clothes. A strapless shirt, some coochie-cutter shorts, with my toms just to look a little sexy for you know who. I know what you're thinking, Cait's my best friend but I can't shake the fact that Justin and I secretly want each other. I'm gonna have sex with Justin today it's not planned or anything but I just want him so BAD!. The doorbell rung which made me jump a little bit because of course, I was nervous. I sprayed some breath spray in my mouth and smiled running downstairs answering the door.

''Hey guys-'' I said smiling widely then my smile slowly faded away. ''Hey Karmin'' Cait says walking in with an annoyed attitude. ''Where's Justin?'' I asked not caring about her shitty attitude. ''Oh he's coming he wanted to take his car'' She said sitting on the couch. I seen Justin pull up in his white Ferrari seeing him stepping out. Holy shit he looked amazing.  ''Wow..he got a new car?'' I asked. ''Yep he got about...hell I don't can't remember...I'm going to the ladies room alright'' ''Okay'' I said and she left. Justin came inside checking me out looking me up and down slowly taking off his sunglasses, smirking licking his pink wet lips. ''Hey sexy'' ''Hey'' I said with a uncontrollably wide smile. ''I see your looking...very stunning for me'' He said and I chuckled. ''Why would you say that?'' ''The way you're dressed'' He said and I pushed him softly. ''Whatever'' I said. Before I could walk away he grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him, our lips almost touched because of how close we were. His mint breath..holy shit his mint fucking breath hitting my nose made me even more wetter than before. "Where's Cait?'' He asked. ''In the bathroom love the outfit'' I said trying to stall. ''Thanks...I love yours'' He said while his eyebrows went up and down. I rolled my eyes while smiling, she came downstairs and we quickly moved away from each other.  ''Sorry guys I have to babysit my cousin Tori, I'll do the movie another time'' ''Oh its okay'' I said sounding all sad and innocent. ''You coming Justin?'' She asked. ''Why don't Justin stay here and watch the movie with me I'll feel lonely'' ''Okay then'' She said kissing Justin's cheek and left. Justin turned towards me with a suspicious look on his face.  ''I know what you were doing'' ''Doing what?'' I asked walking away from him. ''Don't play stupid'' ''I don't know what your talking about'' I said going towards the t.v. picking up some movies to watch. Justin sat on the couch and sighed, I smirked and purposely dropped the DVD's on the floor. ''Oops'' I said bending over and picking them up slowly. I smirked again. ''Um..Justin could you do me a favor?'' I told him, before a word could come out of his mouth, he just stared. I giggled without any noise coming from my mouth. I looked back and Justin was biting his bottom lip looking at my ass grabbing his crotch. I giggled once again.  ''You can look but you can't touch'' I said smacking my ass teasingly, I laughed. I picked up the DVD's and slid one into the DVD player turning the t.v. on, dimming the lights, sitting on the couch next to Justin. The movie came on, it was Mask Maker, it was scary but also Rated-R. I seen a bulge rising in his pants, I couldn't do anything but start rubbing on it. ''I want you'' I whispered in his ear. ''Really?'' He asked and looked me into my eyes. I bit my bottom lip and nodded ''Can I?''  I asked him.  ''I've been waiting for you to say that'' He said. I unzipped his pants pulled them down a little taking out his dick and started to suck on it giving him a blow job leaning down wrapping my hand around it sucking. Justin started to rub on my ass cheek, he smacked my ass and it made me  sucked faster while he moaned and groaned.  ''Take your pants and panties off'' He demanded. ''I don't have any panties on'' ''Naughty girl'' He said chuckling. I giggled a little standing up taking off my pants, then my shirt cause I didn't have a bra on either.  I sat down leaned over wrapping my hand around his cock and began sucking,  he spread my legs from behind my back and started to play with my pussy. I got my other hand and put it on top of his hand and moved his hand around my wet pussy,  this is what I've been waiting for my whole life.

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