Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


39. Eric

It was a new day I woke up to Justin in his arms staring at me he smiled and I did to. "I'm so happy I married you" he said laughing.  "Me too, how long have you been staring at me" "An hour, I called your assistant to tell Eric you would take the day off I don't wanna talk to him because I don't like him"  "You don't know him" "I'm pretty sure he has feelings for you, deep feelings" "Jealous" I asked  "No. I'm not jealous I don't want him to come between us"  "He's a nice guy I'm sure he wouldn't try to come between us, besides he's married I know I wouldn't go to work but i'm going"  "Really because I saw him hold your hand at dinner last night he likes you I don't blame him you're drop dead gorgeous with a killer body, if you want to go to work then i'm okay with it" he said and I giggled.   "Well thank you but Eric knows i'm married and he knows that I love you"  "That doesn't stop him from trying to get with you"  "You're paranoid i'm gonna take a shower" I said getting out of bed walking into the bathroom. When I got out I wiped the fog off the mirror looking at myself I got dressed, brushing my teeth going downstairs fixing breakfast, cleaning up fixing the wall that Justin destroyed. "What are you doing" he asked "I cleaned up and I fixed breakfast for you" "You didn't have to do that i'm the one that's been a total ass it's my job I destroyed everything"  "I decided to do it I don't mind"  "I mind you're not doing it I am, I appreciate you fixing the wall but I don't want my wife doing my dirty work aren't you suppose to be going to work"  "Yeah I just wanted to wait till you got out the shower. I'll see you tonight" "Alright" he said giving me a kiss on the lips. I left going to work walking into Eric's office seeing him on the phone. He smiled at me and I smiled back sitting on his desk. He hung up the phone sitting up in his chair.  "How are you and Justin"  "We're okay we made up by not having sex"  "That's good. So you decided to come to work"  "Yeah, I came to thank you for the talk last night. Are you married?"  "It was the least I could do. I like having you here Karmin everyone else they're not like you, Justin's a really lucky guy I can't stop thinking about you and no i'm not married divorced my wife a couple months ago" he said  "Wow. Is that why you've been so nice to me giving me days off re-arranging my schedule so I could get into college"  "No, that's not why I did it. I did it because you work for me and I want to help you out for the first time is that a problem" "Of course not I was just curious" I said   "I know Justin probably doesn't like me but, he has an amazing girl like you and he puts you through so much of his shit if I was him things would change you don't deserve that Karmin." "If I wasn't married Eric, then yes I picture us together but I don't want to be some kind of girl that screws the boss and gets treated different from the other workers"  "I understand. I'm inviting you on a trip with me to Las Vegas wanna go it's okay if you don't" "This is work related right"  "Yeah I have a meeting there and you could be my good luck charm"  "I'll talk to Justin about it first y'know how men are when it comes to things like this"  "Yeah. I'm happy you came to work it didn't feel the same, when are you starting college" he asked "I don't know haven't thought about it, besides I haven't talked to Justin about it either he's the one encouraged me to go, he feels bad about me not finishing high school and it's his fault so he encouraged me to go to college. What do you think I should do"  "Only you know that, but I would tell you to go to college you're smart and I know having a baby in high school got in your way in graduating but you can't give up. What are you planning on doing"  "I want to become a plastic surgeon" I said and he chuckled.  "So you want to give people injections and implants" he asked and I laughed.  "I guess so, I don't think I would be ready for it"   "If you try your best then yes I think you would be ready than you expected the Cosmetic is just lifting replacements implants and more. Think you could handle it" he asked  "Sounds like a lot of studying"  "It is. But you can do it I hope"  "Ha ha ha very funny I can do it it's challenging as you said but I bet I can do it"  "I hope so, good luck" he said chuckling I rolled my eyes hopping off the desk.  "I'll show you I can do it"   "Okay"  "Bye Eric" I said leaving. 


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