Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


7. Drunk in Love

I hung out with Justin and his friends for a while, they were pretty cool till it was time for me to leave Justin to his work. ''I'll see you tonight right.. remember what you said'' ''Yes yes I remember i'll be at your house by 7'' ''Awesome'' he said and kissed me.


''Dude..how old is she'' Ryan asked ''Why do you care'' ''Because we want to know'' ''She's 16'' I replied ''YOU'RE FUCKING WITH A 16 YEAR OLD!'' He yelled ''Yes keep quiet. I don't want anyone thinking i'm a pervert or something. I really like her'' ''You're fucking with a 16 yr old Justin you're turning 19 soon that's fucking illegal'' ''It's not illegal dumbass it's not like she's 15 or 14 damn chillax bro'' I said ''I have to say she's pretty hot for a 16yr old nice ass, nice boobs I bet she has a nice-'' ''RYAN!'' I yelled at him "What'' ''Were you gonna say you bet she has a nice pussy?'' ''No but maybe that to. So have you two done it" "Sorry I don't kiss and tell" I said he chuckled and rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Have anything planned tonight we're still having Strip Club Saturday don't get cold feet!" "Karmin and I are gonna be there don't worry" I said. My phone started going off seeing I had a facetime request from Karmin. "Hey Justin" she said "Hey what's up" I replied going into the sound booth. "Nothing I just want to give you a little sneak peek for tonight'' ''Really'' ''Well yeah, i'm horny and I know you are so what the hell I might as well so what do you want to see first'' ''Doesn't matter to me'' I told her. She smiled sitting her computer on the bed taking off her bra. How can I get so lucky! ''God you're hot'' ''Thank you'' she said continuing. She turnt around and started playing with the lace of her panties taking them off slowly. ''Oh..fuck babe I will be there soon as I get done'' ''You better hurry big boy see you tonight'' she said hanging up. I sighed and looked down. Damn it I got a fucking boner. Okay Justin think about something other than Karmin and sex, I said to myself. I sat on the stool for a good minute before getting up.

I went home laying down on the bed picking up my phone calling Karmin. ''Hello'' she said ''Hey come over, wear something sexy'' I said and she laughed ''Okay, i'll see you in a few'' she said hanging up. I sighed closing my eyes taking a quick nap. When my doorbell rung I woke myself up going downstairs opening the door. ''Hey baby'' I said hugging her ''Hey'' she said hugging me back ''Damn you look so sexy'' ''Thank you'' she said and walked inside and I closed the door. ''So what's up'' she said ''Just wanted you to come over and..do me a quick favor'' ''The favor is'' she asked rubbing on my chest ''I think you know'' She grabbed my hand sitting me on the couch getting on her knees, unbuckled my belt sliding my pants down along with my briefs, taking my dick out wrapping her lips around it. She started bobbing her head wrapping her hand at the bottom. Her perfect painted nails wrapping around my dick, what an amazing image. She swirled her tongue around it making me moan. I slowly threw my head back onto the couch. I licked my lip and grunted. "Mm suck harder" I said grabbing her hair removing it from her face. She did what I told her to do, it felt so good I didn't want her to stop. She came up and cleaned the side of her mouth. I thought I was hypnotized for a sec. ''Is that all you needed'' she asked licking her hand. ''Pretty much'' I said putting my package away. ''Then why did you want me to wear something sexy'' ''To see you" I said getting up helping her off the floor. ''Well I can't wait to see you tonight'' ''Me either..remember 7 o'clock" ''Trust me I wont forget'' ''Good'' I said. We kissed and she left, I closed the door behind her waiting for 7o'clock it was already 5:40 just two more hours to go. So I went upstairs and took another nap. I woke up lifting my head off the bed seeing it was already 7:23 ''SHIT'' I said to myself and got up ''Hey'' Karmin said ''Oh hey babe I was just sleeping. I'm sorry I was so tired why didn't you wake me up'' ''Well you looked peaceful and adorable so I didn't wake you up'' "I am so fucking you tonight. You look amazing" "Thanks now go get dressed" she said I got up and went to the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror, taking a deep breath, throwing water on my face. Drying it off with a face towel.


I was wondering what took Justin so long, I decided to go upstairs and check on him.

"Hey babe, are you okay" I said from the other side of the bathroom door waiting for a respond. "Yeah. I'm okay" he said opening the door all dressed. I smiled and he kissed my forehead. "Come on" he said grabbing my hand. When we went to the club Justin acted so....strange. He barely said a word or was having a good time. I went over and sat down next to him. "Are you drunk?" He asked chuckling "Maybe. Even though I'm not even old enough to drink, but hey everyone breaks the law" I said taking a sip of my drink "Are you having fun" I asked him. "Yeah why wouldn't I" "Because I can tell from the counter, you're all lonely and sad. I know what can cheer you up" I said sitting my drink down helping him out the chair. "Come on let's dance" I said dancing on him grabbing his hands moving them all over my body. He laughed and turnt me around. "Oh god" I said covering my mouth throwing up on the floor. "Alright party's over come on" he said helping me out the club into the car buckling me up, he got on the drivers side starting to drive off. We got to the house, we got out the car and went inside. "Come here big boy'' I said laughing going up the stairs till I slipped and fell Justin laughed just looking at me making a fool of myself. ''Come on get up'' he said picking me up going upstairs taking me up to his room. He gently slammed me against the door and started to make out, he pulled my dress down then my panties. I unbuckled his pants and pulled them down taking his dick out jacking him off. He picked one of my legs up entering himself in me starting to bang me against the bedroom door. I was screaming like crazy, he picked the other leg up and started fucking me so fast and good i was bouncing on his dick moaning Daddy Daddy. I held onto his shoulders. He slowly came in me, I sighed and he smiled while his eyes were closed with his head tilted back. I opened my eyes realizing, my pussy was throbbing. I stuck him back in me starting to go in and out slowly. I bit my bottom lip getting down. I started sucking on his dick putting his balls into my mouth. I slapped his dick on my tongue, his eyes were still closed he put his hand on the door knob grabbing my head with the other. ''FUCK! right there baby'' he said. I smiled while his dick was still in my mouth, sucking on it faster he moaned louder. ''You like when your dick hits the back of my throat'' I asked jerking him off. and he was huffing and puffing ''Mhm yes baby'' he said ''You got a boner its pretty decent? "Decent? My shit is huge" he replied. I stood up and took off my shirt and bra. He bit his bottom lip and licked them putting one of my tits in his mouth. He sucked on them. I ran my hand through his sweaty hair he stopped sucking and sucked on the other one.He threw me over his shoulder throwing me on the bed, going to the curtains closing them coming back to me. ''Come here you sexy bastard'' I said he came to me and he started kissing my legs. When he reached my upper body I wrapped them around his waist, he started kissing on my stomach to the top of my pussy. He slid his tongue in me, I moaned and threw my head back pulling onto my nipples making them hard. He tongue fucked me and that shit really felt good hitting my g-spot five times arching my back pulling onto my hair shoving his face in. He stuck himself in me and started to fuck me. I wanted him to stop but the words couldn't come out of my mouth. I couldn't say it, it felt too good. He bent me over and stuck it in my ass grabbing both of my arms putting them behind my back, now my face was pressed against the bed he pumped in and out of me I was crying my eyes out. ''OH MY...GOD JUSTIN YOU'RE SO FUCKING GOOD'' I said trying to catch my breath before catching my orgasm then he took himself out of me and he sat on the bed while i got in front of him. ''You like my ass Justin'' I said slapping it teasing him. I bent over in his face, her separated my walls grabbing both sides of my hips pulling me towards his face, he was eating me out from behind, teasing my clit. I turnt around and pushed him down on the bed starting to ride him. My body was so sweaty, I ran my fingers through my hair. He grabbed my tits, I started bouncing on him he placed both of his hands on my hips and moaned. ''You like that daddy'' I asked him ''Yes baby god you're sexy'' he said huffing and puffing. I smirked leaning down making out with him. He wrapped his arm around my back while I was bouncing on his dick. I moaned in his mouth while my tongue was exploring his. He flipped us over that he was on top still making out with me. We pulled away from each other and caught our breaths. ''Man that was amazing I loved every bit of it" he said taking a deep breath. "It's time for me to go home" I said "Come on baby you know you're not in the right condition to go home right now. I mean we just fucked and you're drunk. Stay the night, I'll take care of you" he said and I sighed. "Fine I will but you owe me" I said laying my head on his sweaty chest.

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