Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


48. Depression

The next day came I was laying on Eric's chest. I sat up going to the bathroom taking a shower, brushing my teeth, splashing water on my face. I went downstairs seeing Eric's mom cooking breakfast. "Morning did you sleep well" she asked "Yeah thanks for asking, how did you sleep" "I slept okay it's really a pleasure meeting you, Eric wouldn't stop talking about you. He's a good guy"  "Yeah, he is. He makes me happy and my daughter, I could see him as my soulmate" I said she handed me a plate of pancakes bacon and eggs. We went out to the back sitting at the table eating breakfast just talking. I started to feel a little lightheaded I fell out the chair passing out on the ground. 

           Justin's POV

I was at my moms place talking to her playing with Jordan for a little while till I got a call from a strange number. I answered it and heard it was Eric. "What do you want" I asked "Come to the hospital"  "For what"   "For Karmin idiot, just come" he said hanging up. I sighed and left going to the hospital, when I got to the waiting room I seen Eric and his parents. "What's wrong" I asked "She passed out we were afraid it could be something serious so we brought her here"  "Oh, thought you did something to her" I said "Are you kidding me, I wouldn't lay a hand on her I love Karmin at least I have the balls to admit it" "I know Karmin better than you do" "By what sleeping with her, is that how you know her so well having a baby with her that you two didn't even want" "Leave my daughter out of this you don't know what it feels like to be a father" I said  "Seems pretty easy to me, she's 19 raising her child by herself because her dumb ex husband kept cheating on her breaking her heart no wonder she's so suicidal"  "You know what why did you call me up here anyways, I don't even like you"  "You don't like the fact I keep her happy or you don't like the fact she moved on I called you because I know she told you if anything happens to her she wanted you to take care of Jordan, yeah I know about that. It doesn't matter if you don't like me I talk to her to make sure she doesn't do anything she's been through a lot" he said "I know that"  "And cheating on her made it easier"  "Did you call me to give me a damn lecture I don't need a lecture I know what I did was fucked up and I apologized a hundred times for that"  "Yeah apologized when you knew she was gonna leave you, go see her i'm sure she wants to see you"  "No, i'm sure she wants to see you" he said "Just go Justin it'll show her you care a little" he said I sighed and walked off. When I got into the room I walked up to the bed staring at her. "What are you doing here" she asked   "I felt something was wrong so I came to check on you, how are you"  "I'm okay I guess, I don't know why I passed out"  "Stress maybe. You don't need to stress over me Karmin, you have a whole life ahead of you" "Whatever"  "Stay alive for your daughter I hate knowing you're suicidal. I'm begging you to not do anything that you will regret, Eric loves you and if he looses you i'm sure he will die inside. Including me" "It doesn't matter" she said "It does matter your parents wouldn't want this they would want you to stay on earth raise our daughter and be happy. Eric is a nice guy we had a little talk and he kinda told me about myself" "Did it hurt your feelings"  "A little but it was true, i'm fucked" I said  "I know you are, why did you cheat on me and don't say you don't know" she said   "I guess I felt like cheating on you since I didn't love you"  "You think I was just a piece of ass. That sucked your dick and had your baby I hated myself and I felt bad because I lost my parents but you didn't make me feel good"  "I know and i'm sorry"  "Nice enough to showed you cared, showing up Eric must've called you" she asked "Yeah don't know how he got my number though I still don't like him"  "Because he makes me happy"  "Are you really happy with him, seems that you two just have sex" I said  "He doesn't want our relationship to be based on sex" "Yeah and how is that going I said the same thing"  "He's a man"  "Oh and i'm not" I asked  "A person that cheats on his wife that has a baby by her isn't a man"   "That hurt, you hurt my feelings"  "Well you've done that to me for months now you see how it feels, I love Eric he talks to me all the time when I doubt on myself for the most dumbest things, he knows how to comfort me without having sex with me. That day I went to Las Vegas with him I slept with him"  "You what!" I said "Oh so when I sleep with someone you get angry but when you told me you got someone else pregnant you think that didn't hurt my feelings"  "We broke up and it doesn't matter because it's not mines but you slept with Eric when we were married"  "You hurt me, you didn't answer you phone that day what was I suppose to do be sad till you finally called me. I made the first move he didn't want to but I wanted to its not like you haven't cheated on me so now we're even" she said "I can't believe you"  "I left that morning so you have nothing to worry about besides you didn't love me, we can be friends though"  "Whatever makes you happy, but Eric does love you I can see that and I love you too, as a friend, if you want to die think about how that'll hurt him"  "I don't want to die, I just..- i'm depressed almost about everything and i'm worried sick"  "Don't be, you have things to live for Karmin your parents wouldn't want you to think negative. It's my fault everything bad happened to you and a sorry may not make up for everything but I can't change the fact what happened" I said  "I know, I talked to Micheal. She told me Cait wasn't a good friend. She's the one that wanted me to ruin my relationship with you" she said "I told you" "But then again if Cait wouldn't have told me you cheated, you would've still been doing it" "That's not true. I never cheated on you, I was hanging out with them Karmin. And screw Kate I ended it with her. I can't say I love you because then I will feel guilty so i'm gonna go, I just don't like the fact you're in here makes me keep thinking about what you said and, I can't stop thinking about it. I told my mom what you said she's worried also, we're scared"   "There's no need to be just be happy, make the best of it" she said "I'm sorry"  "I know you are and if you wished a million times to take everything back, you would"  "But I can't, the important thing is you're happy" I said and she smiled a little. It's good that Karmin and I are friends, trying to keep our daughter happy. I was right Eric loves her and if she did try to harm herself in any way it would hurt his feelings including mines.  

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