Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


23. Cheated?

"I feel so much better" he said "After months of not having sex..yeah I feel better to told you I still got it" I said "Yeah you do" he said I smiled rolling on top of him staring into his eyes pressing my lips against his. "I need to start being more of a boyfriend than a dad. I love you" he said I giggled hiding my face into his chest. "Come on say it" he said laughing I calmed down looking back at him. "I love you too Justin" "..Good" he said flipping us over kissing my neck. Drew started crying Justin moved and I got up putting my robe on going into the room picking him up going downstairs feeding him some breast milk. "Is that breast milk" Justin asked "Yeah" "You didn't make me any" "Uh no Justin I didn't make you any this is from yesterday it was sitting in the fridge don't get mad" I said "Fine" he said walking off I chuckled and burped him. 
Few hours later I woke up in bed Drew was laying on Justin's stomach sleep I smiled kissing his head getting up going into the bathroom to take a bath, brushing my teeth, putting some clothes on, bathing Drew feeding him. "Hey" Cait said "You scared me how did you get in" "The door was unlocked so I let myself in besides I still have a spare key Justin gave me a long time ago" she said and I chuckled. "He's so cute" she said "Yeah I know hey wanna taste my breast milk" "Uh no why the hell would I do that"she asked "Because Justin loves it" "He drinks your breast milk" "Yeah he gets mad when I don't fix him any it's good" I said "Karmin that's gross" "No it's not just try it" I said handing her a bottle. "Alright fine" she said taking a deep breath slowly putting it to her lips taking a sip. "It's not that bad" "Told you" I said "I really have to say it's really good" "Thanks and we finally did it" I said "Oh my gosh your vagina bounced back to the way it was since you gave birth" she asked "Yeah" "I can't believe you and Justin are still together how do you do it" "You have to please your man before someone else does so I make sure he doesn't leave me by giving him amazing sex" I said "And that makes him stay" "Yeah I love Justin and I don't want him with anyone else we have a family now" I said "He's cheating on you Karmin" "No i'm not shut up why are you here" Justin said "Shut the hell up Justin I came to see Andrew not you" "Guys stop arguing this is pathetic what happened to us" I said "Stole my boyfriend" Cait said "Oh come on Cait I dry humped her it's not her fault I was the one that messed everything up not you or Karmin this is stupid i'm not some kind of prize" "Sure about that Justin cause i'm pretty sure girls you hang out with when you're supposedly at the studio sure does think you're some kind of prize oh yeah I went there, yeah you might be so rich and famous but if you didn't have it now they would've turnt their backs on you open your eyes Karmin you didn't ask for a baby neither did Justin i'm always here for you it's just no one is putting the truth on the table so I am it's time to be mature and act like grown ups so..Karmin you love Justin but are you sure he feels the same way I don't want you to be some hoe on the side just like the others I care about you a lot and I want what's best for you and Justin please realize that your girlfriend doesn't have anyone in her life except for her aunt and if she has to have sex with you to make sure you don't leave her that's pathetic. I'm sorry I have to say all that not here to start drama but let's be real here" she said "Is that true Justin" I asked "No it's not true, Cait is just here because she's jealous-" "Jealous oh Justin please I don't want you back you're a player you were always giving me that i'm going to the studio bullshit that's a code for i'm cheating on you i'll be back when I feel like it" she said "OR i'm actually in the studio you know what Cait shut the fuck up I think you are here to ruin your friendship with Karmin" "If I was trying to ruin my relationship with her I would've gotten back with you and dropped her but i'm still here and I don't want you back she's all yours or I think the other 4 girls are too this is reality. I have cars I have money I get girls blah blah blah you're a douche" "GET OUT!!" he yelled "Gladly..i'll call you Karmin" she said walking off. "Karmin-" "Is that true Justin do not lie to me" I said "I'm not cheating on you babe come on" "Which part was true" I asked "..The part where I don't be at the studio but it's just we hang out-" "And you didn't tell me about it" I said "I should've but I was afraid to" "I DONT WANT TO BE A HOE TO YOU JUSTIN!!" "I know, I know please stop yelling especially in front of our son" he said I got up and walked away going upstairs laying Drew on the bed packing a few clothes and a few of Drew things. "So you're leaving me" he asked "You lied to me I GAVE MYSELF TO YOU I SAID I LOVED YOU!" "And I love you too I gave myself to you to stop acting like this..this is pathetic and stupid" he said "Damn right it is I hope you have an amazing life with those girls maybe you'll figure out who actually love you for who you are and not what you're made of" I said putting my bag on my shoulder. "Karmin don't do this" he said "We need some time apart you need time to think what you want" "I want you" "Really because i'm pretty sure you want every other girl that give you sex" I said sniffling grabbing Drew. "No no no you're not taking him" "My son" "Mines too every since Cait came telling you that shit you're acting like this don't listen to her" "She's been with me since day one i'm sorry all of this happen she told me the truth you need time to think i'm leaving" I said walking out the door. 
I was sitting on the bed rubbing my hand through my hair thinking I started crying calling my mom for some advice. Music was the only thing that would keep my mind off of everything so I went to the studio sitting on the couch writing. I had flashbacks. When I invited Karmin over to the studio and every other good time we've had together.  Memories couldn't help get my mind off of her I took a deep breath remembering what Trish said. 'If you loved someone there will be a million ways wanting to leave but you'll find one way not to she'll come back just wait and try to make things work there's only one thing I can do..and that's letting go of everyone else except for Karmin. I sighed getting up grabbing my keys going to the first girl Rachel, knocking on her door she answered the door smiling at me wearing a robe. "Hey Justin" she said "I'm sorry Rachel I can't talk to you anymore" "What why" she asked "I'm trying to make things right with Karmin she left me and I need to fix it so just tell the others not to talk to me either I don't know what I was thinking i'm acting like a child instead of a responsible grown up I hope you understand" "Well since you have a baby..I understand she's a really lucky girl" "Don't get in the way alright" I said "She found out huh" "Found out I was supposedly cheating on her" "..We had sex" she said "That was before I got with Cait long time ago" I said "Alright fine i'll tell the others why can't you tell them for yourself" "I don't want to face them you're easy to talk to besides I don't want any drama" I said "Okay..wanna come in" "No thanks" "Wow you really love her you've never turned me down before" "Yeah well maybe I was a douche I can't keep hurting Karmin" "Justin she left you do you honestly think she will come back I think she wants you to be happy with someone else like..me" she said "Rachel i'm sorry to ask this but do you have any respect for yourself I mean you give yourself to guys like you don't give a shit it's time to act like a woman instead of a little girl searching for dick to hop on" I said walking away "I'll remember that" she said slamming her door.

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