Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


33. Chaz & Ryan

After we got home we changed clothes, drunk beer and watched scary movies all night. I fell asleep on Justin shoulder snuggled up to him. 

I looked over to Karmin, she was asleep on my shoulder I took my last sip of beer sitting it down on the table picking her up bridal style taking her upstairs to the bed. I smiled pulling the blankets over her turning the lamp off. "Lay with me" she said I got into bed with her pulling her close towards me. "Love you..I will always protect you" I said kissing her head and she looked up at me. "Really" "Yeah I would do anything for you to make you happy" I said "Like" "Anything I just want you to he happy" "I want you to be happy too Justin, it's not always about me it's about us" she said "Yeah I know but in my eyes it's about you..and making you happy" I said rolling on top of her and she giggled. "So you're turning into the sweet Justin instead of the horny always wanting sex Justin" "Hey! Even when I was horny I was still sweet" I said and she lifted her eyebrow. "Alright maybe a little sorry I thought you were some kind of toy" "It's okay I thought you were a toy to have sex with also" she said chuckling. "But now that I got into a serious relationship with you things changed I mean really they changed" "Yeah I didn't think we would last I thought we were just friends that would have sex not fall for each other" "Yeah" I said lightly laying back beside her. "Oh shit was it something I said, are you pissed" "No not at all..night babe" I said kissing her forehead closing my eyes. "Goodnight" she said. I woke up it was 6:50 a.m. Slowly getting out of bed making my way to the bathroom, brushing my teeth, washing my face slipping on some sweatpants going downstairs to the kitchen,  seeing Karmin making breakfast wearing a long white tank top. "Good morning" she said jumping into my arms. "Morning I see you're cooking breakfast" "Yeah I was gonna bring it up to you" "How thoughtful" I said chuckling. "Yeah I know" she said getting down. "Your mom called to see how we were doing we should take Jazzy and Jaxon to the waterpark if you're not busy" "I'll reschedule" "Don't worry we can do it another time..you going to the studio" she asked "Yeah have to meet Scooter there recording today" "Oh okay then um I was thinking we should go out with the guys tonight they wanted us to go to a movie they wanted to go see a movie called Meet The Millers or something are you coming" "Um yeah" "You're lying" "I know but we can catch it some other time" "Justin we've been doing great together I mean we're in love and I want you to come if you can't come just tell me" "I'll talk to Scooter" I said "Okay babe I know you have your career back and all but I don't think Scooter is a good manager I mean he promotes other artists more than he promotes you I mean you promoted your own last album, besides you be in the studio everyday almost all day. I want to spend more time with you I don't know what I would do if you wasn't here" "Yeah I know" I said "Okay..are you going to come to the movies with me or not" "I said I'll talk to Scooter" I said kissing her cheek. "Really Justin" "Yeah i'll talk to him" "You're acting like he's your dad..he's your manager" "I know Karmin don't get mad at me alright, you were the one that wanted me to get it back now that I have it back can I just figure this out" "Okay whatever" she said starting back to cook again. I sighed wrapping my arms around her waist kissing her cheek. "I love you" I said she turnt her face towards mines. I could tell she was pissed at me I chuckled sneaking a kiss. "Fine i'll come" I said "No you won't i'll go by myself" "Okay" I said walking off.
             End of Pov   
I scoffed and ate some breakfast the doorbell rung I went to answer it seeing my aunt Trish. I gave her a big hug inviting her inside we talked for a little while Justin ended up leaving to go to the studio and Trish left. My phone started ringing but I couldn't find it no where in sight. "Shit!" I said to myself looking between the couch cushions seeing Ryan was calling. "Hey Ryan" I said "Hey how are you" "I'm good sorta Justin isn't coming to the movies with us he wants to be at the studio" "He chooses music over you" he said "He loves music so it doesn't matter anyways what's up" "Nothing just calling to see how you were doing" he asked "I'm okay..how are you" "Um i'm okay me and Chaz were gonna grab some ice cream wanna come" he asked "Uh hell yes I wanna come" "I'll pick you up in 5 minutes" "Okay" I said and hung up going upstairs changing into some more clothes fixing my hair. I looked out the window Ryan pulled up I ran downstairs grabbing my phone going out the door hopping inside the car giving Ryan a hug. "Hey to you too Karmin" Chaz said "Hello Chaz" I said chuckling. Ryan started the car driving off going to the ice cream store eating ."You and Justin getting married" Ryan asked "Oh no it's just a promise ring and then when i'm legal we can turn it into an engagement ring which it IS an engagement ring, i'm not ready anyways I think we both aren't ready that's why he wants to wait till i'm legal do you think we need to wait a while longer" I asked "Um well I honestly think it's none of my business what you guys do as long as you two are happy" Ryan said "Yeah I think you two need to trust each other more till thinking about marriage and now that you're 17 and your birthday is only a few months away think about it, sometimes I can't even trust Justin he's my friend and all but money got into his little brain" Chaz said chuckling with Ryan. "Yeah" I said softly. "Aw shit! Did I say something dumb" Chaz asked "No no not at all" I said finishing my ice cream. After we left from getting ice cream we went to a cupcake store to make cupcakes it was really interesting. I started to feel a little better even though Justin wasn't coming to the movies spending time with the guys really made me enjoy myself. "Having fun" Chaz asked "Yes i'm having fun i've never made cupcakes before, i'm happy I did though and especially spending time with you guys" "Awe how sweet" Ryan said I chuckled. "Planning on having a baby soon" he asked "Yeah..yeah I am after what I felt what a teenager mother was I want another baby, soon but not now sucks that Drew died I feel it was my fault..my fault that I didn't let him spend time with Justin my fault that I was a bad mother-" "You weren't a bad mother Karmin, I get it you had a shitty life but doesn't make you a bad parent besides I think you were there for Drew all the time Justin was too  busy cheating and not thinking about his son nor you, it's pretty sad you made a choice for you and Drew. You left him because of what he did to the both of you so don't blame this on yourself because if he would've never cheated maybe he would got to spend more time with him. Sometimes I don't always agree for his actions he does what he wants to do, can't tell him anything fucking hate how he treated you and think it was okay to come back into your life" Ryan said "Yeah me to but-" "But you think that you should take him back because you have no one else and you had a baby with him" "Yeah that's true I mean everyone believes in second chances right" I asked "I guess" he said. When I went home I seen a vase full of flowers on the kitchen table with a card attached to it. 'Don't be mad at me i'm sorry I can't come to the movies i'll try my best to come hope you had fun with Ryan and Chaz -Justin'. 

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