Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


30. Blame Game

"Being angry at me isn't going to bring him back Justin I couldn't take it anymore" I said "You acted like he was never here he kept us a family" "Justin we can make another baby" I said "I DON'T! want another baby after loosing Drew, I don't think I can handle having another" "I'm sorry" I said walking off. "No no i'm sorry taking it out on you but you should've told me" "I know but you would've been crushed" I said and he sighed. "I wish this was all a dream" "That makes two of us" I said lightly "I'm going to bed" he said walking upstairs. 
          Justin Pov 
I woke up the next day Karmin wasn't there I sighed looking at a picture of Drew beside me. "Hey babe I made breakfast" "Okay" I said getting up taking a shower brushing my teeth going downstairs. "I know things are different now but-" "Don't..you don't have to say anything I loved Drew WE loved Drew" "I just can't keep loosing people Justin I feel like shit I want him back I wish I wouldn't never said I wished he never happened" "What the fuck you say that for" I said "Because Justin I WAS! 16 and PREGNANT! I don't want anyone to think of me as the pregnant slut that had a baby with a manwhore Justin Drew Bieber" "Oh so i'm a manwhore huh AM I!?" I yelled breathing hard. "..I wanna go where my son is" she said walking off. I took a deep breath running my fingers through my hair. I grabbed my keys getting into my car starting it looking in the passenger seat seeing a bottle of alcohol I opened it taking a sip driving off. I needed to get away for a few days my phone went off, I stopped at a stop sign looking at my phone seeing my mom calling. "What" I said annoyed. "Where the hell are you what the hell is going on Justin" she asked "Karmin said she wanted to be with her son and i'm pissed, i'm about to crack mom" "Get your ass over here now" She said hanging up. I sighed turning the car around driving to my moms. "What mother any advice I just lost my son MY HEART! I don't wanna loose Karmin either" "Look at how she's feeling Justin she lost her parents and her son stop being angry at her and talk to her STOP! her before she does something she might regret. Damn it Justin I know you lost a baby but I lost a grandson he's gone he's never coming back, try again have sex again-" "It's not that easy you just can't make a new baby after one died. Karmin said she wished her having Andrew never happened that hurt me mom it hurt me I gave everything to her I make her feel happy and she will say that, maybe she needs to be careful what she wishes for" I said interrupting her. "Do you need therapy" "No I don't need any fucking therapy i've had a lot of advice and nothing's working" I said "You got your career back be happy it's what your son would've wanted Drew loves you Justin, and he loves Karmin  he is thankful for everything you've done for him the both of you maybe it's time to actually move on get over it and start fresh, get married have another baby and..be happy together I want you two to be happy Karmin needs someone in her life and drinking and smoking weed BLAMING! her for her own sons death is stupid he stopped breathing, it had nothing to do with a wish or none of you" She said snatching the bottle out my hand. "I'm tired of advice" I said "Then stop acting like a little child and grow the fuck up gosh Justin what is it that makes you such an asshole, I can't believe i'm saying this to my own son it's time to man up there's other things in the world that are better than having sex with different girls. Karmins hurt I love Karmin she tries her best to be the best girlfriend ever she loves you she carried your baby it's not only hard on you it's hard on all of us" "If I died..would you get over it huh" I asked "Do NOT! say that to me Justin ever go home and stop being such a badass to impress everyone it's not cute" she said and I sighed "It has nothing-" "It does has something to do with it go home back to Karmin she's probably thinking about self harm or..in bed crying her eyes out while her boyfriend is out getting drunk for no damn reason. You love her so much show her how much you love her and grow up a little while you're at it" she said walking off I rolled my eyes leaving. I love my mom but sometimes she gets under my skin she gives good advice, I took a deep breath and decided to go home and fix things with Karmin it's time to stop playing games and start being serious. I may loose her one day and I definitely don't want that to happen.

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