Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


14. Birthday Sex

A week passed. Today was Friday and it's the weekend..finally Justin went to the store to buy breakfast for us since the doctor told us that I haven't been eating a lot. Which is bad for the baby and mostly me. It was only 6:45am and the bus comes at 7:20am I was cleaning the room in my silk pj's and my tank top waiting for Justin to come. ''Hey, I bought IHOP, shouldn't you be getting ready'' he asked ''Yes but I straighten up a little'' I said fixing the bed. ''Happy 17th birthday'' he said picking me up. I giggled. ''Thank you and put me down'' I said. He put me down. ''So..birthday sex'' he asked pulling my shirt down, showing my tits. ''I don't think so" I said smacking his hand away. I pulled my pj's off, sliding my black thongs on. ''Damn. You're gonna tease me again. I think that's why you got pregnant in the first place'' Justin said and I giggled. "Just having a little fun" I took my bra off putting on my black bra, with my white dressy shirt. Justin came behind me and kissed my neck sliding his hand between my legs rubbing on me, I looked up and started kissing him. ''Mm Justin'' I moaned moving his hand. ''What'' he said ''Remember yesterday I was wondering late for class because of you'' I said smiling. ''Stay home today'' he said ''No today is Friday'' I said ''So stay here and be me'' he said and kissed me. ''No'' I said putting on my skirt. I say on the bed slipping on my shoes. Justin stood in front of me. ''How about a quick blowjob'' he asked ''Fine'' I said and pulled his pants down along with his briefs. I got onto the floor, his dick was straight in my face from his massive erection. I looked up at him, sliding it inside my mouth sucking it, he bit his bottom lip and moaned while closing his eyes. He sat down on the bed while I was still bobbing my head on his dick he moved my hair out the way and moaned again. ''Mm'' I said sliding it out my mouth ''Want me to stop'' I asked  rubbing the tip of his dick head with my thumb. He shook his head. ''Okay'' I said entering it back inside my mouth. He laid back and put his arms behind the back of his head. I licked both sides of his dick and sucked on the tip of its  head. Justin grunted and cummed a little inside my mouth, he sat up and took his dick out my mouth grabbing a hold to my hair and I looked at him. ''Open'' he said. I opened my mouth he slapped his dick on my tongue and came. I  swallowed it while still looking into his eyes. ''Punish me with your dick'' I begged. ''Soon as you come back from school'' he said I nodded and he kissed me letting go of my hair. I grabbed my shoes and put them on grabbing my bag, brushing my teeth, going downstairs. ''Hey! You forgot your breakfast. Make sure you eat something alright'' Justin said before I touched the doorknob. ''Oh yeah, I forgot. I will make sure I eat okay" "Okay" he said smiling. "Well I have to go to the studio today, record a couple of songs for my album. The guys will be there. They asked how you were. They all know you're pregnant, plus I told him how serious we were about the baby so they decided to do a baby revealing shower, that's what the call it I guess" he said "A gender reveal shower" I asked "Yeah sure, everyone knows. My fans, my family, hell the whole world knows. I don't want this to be a secret and I don't want you to be a secret. I want us to be exclusive. That's my daughter or son in there" he said rubbing my belly "I'm happy you told everyone, I mean people may hate me but, I don't care. I just want people to know about us. I don't want to think i'm some kind of side chick" "You're not trust me, you're more than that. We'll talk about this later. I'm taking you to school so you can eat on the way there" he said grabbing his keys. He grabbed my hand walking to the car opening the door for me. I smiled and got in. I couldn't believe he's been acting like this, mostly different I guess since I have told him we should get serious about each other and also the baby. 

    I went to school everyone was telling me happy birthday. I wondered if it was because Justin announced that we're together and exclusive or either something else. ''So since its your birthday wanna go out for a movie'' Micheal asked. ''I have plans with Justin but I am sure I can rearrange something '' "Does he hurt you in any way" she asked "Of course not. He's never laid a hand on me" "That's good" "Yeah a couple of his friends are planning on throwing a gender reveal shower soon. I want you to come but I mean I don't have a lot of friends" "It's okay sweetie, you don't need a lot of friends or peers to come. Justin knows a lot of people. Do you know how many celebrities love him, how they enjoy doing music with him, he has connections and I am pretty sure there's gonna be over a hundred of people there. He's a celebrity that's how it is. Plus you get coupons and gifts from baby stores and a lot of stuff" "I don't want to feel that i'm using him, because i'm not" I said "I understand, of course you're not like that. I just want you to be safe and to be happy" "Thanks Micheal" I said and she smiled. "Gotta go text me if you want to do anything tonight" she said leaving. I went home early from school today. It was a Friday, I think I needed a break. When I got to the house, I forgot Justin was going to the studio plus he didn't give me a spare key. I called him and sighed. "Hey Karmin, i'm really busy what's up" "Justin you didn't give me a spare key to your house" I said "Damn school over already" "No Justin I just took off early, I needed to walk anyways" I said "Give me a few more minutes okay, well I will be there in a minute, i'm leaving now" he said hanging up. I sat down on in the chair next to the door texting Micheal. I heard a vehicle pull up with a car behind it. Justin got out while the other person didn't. "Here you go" he said giving me a key "Thanks" I said getting up "Hold on, today is your birthday and I got you something" he said grabbing my hand going to the car behind him. A Mercedes Benz. Ryan got out of the car and tossed me the keys. "Happy Birthday" he said hugging me. I was speechless, lost for words, I covered my face so that they couldn't see I was going to cry. It was my first car. "Hey don't cry I decided to give you a car since you don't have to be walking from school, riding that damn bus, and being ashamed of me driving you to school. So I was at the car dealership he hooked me up with this up to date Mercedes, I knew you would like it" he said "I don't know what to say" "Just say thank you" "Thank you Justin, and you too Ryan" I said hugging them both. "I'm gonna drop Ryan off, I hope you know how to drive" he said "Don't worry my aunt taught me" "Good. Happy Birthday" he said getting into his car with Ryan following him. When he left I got inside the car checking out all the details. I cleaned my face and smiled. I went to take a drive, it drove so smooth, I was happy as hell, I have my own car. I pulled back into the driveway seeing Justin's car. I went inside seeing him with a bunch of groceries on the counter. "What's all this" I asked "I'm throwing you a party of course. Shit I shouldn't have said that" he said and I chuckled "A birthday party really" "Yeah decided you could invite your friends, plus I can invite some people for you to meet" he said and I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck. "What" he said "You didn't have to" "I don't want your 17th birthday to be boring plus it's like a tradition to me once someone has a birthday coming up I throw a party. You don't want to think you're a side piece so this is my first time doing this to a girl especially a girlfriend. Letting her get to know the people I know" he said and I sighed "Okay but what am I gonna wear" "I'm happy you said that. I took care of it" he said and I kissed him. "Okay well since you proved to me that I am your main. I don't want you to think i'm with you for your money" "Of course not. You're different, I like that. Just want to take you and this baby seriously" he said "I'm happy you said that" I said hugging him.   I invited Micheal to the party tonight. She was happy that she was doing something with me on a Friday night. Justin and I got everything ready for the party tonight. Drinks, snacks, alcohol, decorations, and everything else you would need to make a big party. We went to get ready, I seen a nice white dress on the bed. I got dressed slipping on my heels. When I got finished people were already coming through the door. I walked downstairs. Justin seen me and stared smiling. I smiled too and walked up to him. "You look amazing" he said "Thanks, happy that my bump hasn't gotten that big. You look nice too" "Thanks" he said "Karmin sweetie" I heard Micheal say hugging me. "Hey, Justin Micheal, Micheal Justin" I said introducing them. "Hi I hope you're treating her right" she said shaking his hand "Always" he said smiling. Micheal and I were hanging out for a couple of hours, talking, and laughing. "So it's nice that he threw you a party" she said "Yeah. He got me a car today" "That's nice, happy he's getting serious" "Me too" I said.      Justin bought out the cake, everyone started singing happy birthday to me. It seemed kind of weird because I feel like a little 17 year old kid. He sat it in front of me I couldn't do anything but smile. I closed my eyes making a wish blowing out the candles. We ate some cake and ended the party. "Thanks for the party, and especially letting me invite Micheal" "No problem, she seems nice, nicer than Cait. Happy she didn't come" he said starting to clean. "I can't thank you enough for the car, it's really nice" "Of course it was the least I could do. You met my people and I met your friend" "Yeah. I love you Justin" I said. He stopped cleaning and turned around looking at me. "Is it a bad timing" I asked "No. I love you too" he said, I smiled and kissed him. "I want to have sex" I said "Holy shit! Really because it's been a couple days and we haven't done anything, and I was so waiting on you to say that because you look so fucking hot in this dress" he said breathing hard. "Take me" I said grabbing his hand. I leaded him to the couch  lifting up my dress above my waist. I pulled down my thongs. He unbuckled his belt pulling his clothes down slipping himself inside of me taking it out because I was too tight. ''Shit baby you're tight" he said chuckling. I giggled. He started slapping his dick on my clit.  ''Mm punish me already'' I begged. He slid himself inside of me holding my hips. He took his shirt off started thrusting. I dug my nails into the couch. I moaned biting my bottom lip. Justin moaned lightly while thrusting inside of me, it slid out. He pulled his pants all the way off, getting onto the floor, wrapped his arms around both of my legs and pulled me closer to the couch. He lifted my legs up got down on the floor and stuck his tongue inside me. I pulled my hair and let out a loud moan. ''OH!...fuck'' I said putting my hand on the back of his head pushing his head. ''Don't you dare stop eating'' I moaned. He went faster. ''Yes make me cum'' I said. He pulled away and spread my walls with both of his thumbs licking me out kissing my pussy. I bit my bottom lip and threw my head back. ''I'm gonna cum!" I said. He stuck his two fingers inside of me nibbling. I started cumming in his mouth. He slurped me up I gasped in pleasure and closed my legs  while he was still eating. ''OH MY GOD!'' I said pulling on the top of his sweaty hair. ''Mm stop'' I said trying to push his head away. He grabbed both sides of my wrists and slammed them on the couch while still eating. I couldn't control my legs. He finally stopped and let go of my wrists. He got up and grabbed the back of my head pulling me towards his dick to suck it. ''Suck it now'' he demanded I grabbed his dick and entered it inside my mouth slowly he put both of his hands on the back of my head and pushed down so that I could deep throat him. I started choking while he was thrusting his cock inside my mouth, his cum was shooting down my throat. I took it out my mouth and jacked him off, I wiped my eyes because the choking was making my eyes water. I entered it back inside my mouth and started bobbing on it while he moved my hair out the way he moaned.I sat side ways and started to rub myself while sucking him up. He reached down and started rubbing on my wet pussy sticking his middle finger inside of me and rubbing it all over my walls. He took his cock out and slapped it on the side of my face while. I opened my mouth for him to cum, he grunted and came inside my mouth. I closed my mouth with loads of cum and held it in. He grabbed my hair hard and told me to swallow it. I swallowed a little at a time because of how much there was. We started making out, I was laying back on the couch while Justin was leaning over me getting his dick nice and hard. He grabbed both of my wrists putting them over my head thrusting inside of me. ''Fuck me faster'' I said, he started to speed up I moaned my ass off he kissed my neck and grunted in my ear. ''Ooh you're fucking me so good'' I said throwing my head back. My tits were moving up and down that they were coming out from my dress. He slid his tongue inside my mouth. ''Mmm'' I said he grunted his my ear which made me more wetter. ''Do you like fucking me in my little tight pussy'' I asked ''Yeah'' he said moaning, cumming inside of me.He grunted. I moaned in his ear, he slid himself out of me and sat up. He turnt me over to the side putting my leg on his shoulder sliding himself inside of me thrusting in and out. I bit my bottom lip moaning and looked at him. ''Oh god you're so deep'' I said digging my nails into the couch and touching my stomach with the other. He leaned down to my ear and started breathing heavily. ''You like that'' he asked and I nodded. ''Please go faster'' I said he gripped onto the top of the couch and thrusted faster. I gasping in pleasure hitting my climax. ''Don't you dare stop'' I said moaning he grabbed my face and kissed me. His cock slipped out, we started kissing and I jacked him off. I put my fingers in my mouth and started rubbing on myself, I stopped getting in doggy style position....

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