Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


28. Better Place

My phone rung seeing it was Pattie. "Hey Pattie everything okay" I asked "Um..Karmin we're at the hospital Drew stopped breathing" "W-what" I said "They're doing everything they can don't worry i'll give you the information when something happens just pray and don't tell Justin he will be crushed" "Okay" I said and hung up. "What's wrong" "Drew stopped breathing he's at the hospital" I said "Oh shit are you gonna tell Justin" "No I can't he will be crushed I just have to pray" I said sniffling "I'm here for you, we all are" "I can't loose anyone else Chaz" I said crying. "I know how you feel it hurts" "Will you pray with me..even if Drew doesn't live" "Yeah" he said lightly holding my hand. I sighed we closed our eyes and prayed. "What's going on" Justin asked we both opened our eyes and looked up at Justin. "We were just praying" I said "Oh well okay then" he said sitting beside me eating nachos. "Good luck" Chaz said getting up walking off. I cleaned my face laying my head on Justin's shoulder. "You okay" he asked "Not really" "..I hope he's okay" he said "What" "Don't think i'm stupid, something's wrong with Drew my mom doesn't want you to tell me..because i'll get crushed what is it" he asked "He's in the hospital...he stopped breathing" I said lightly he slowly nodded without looking at me. He took a deep breath taking his skates off putting on his shoes. "What are you doing" "Come on put your shoes on we're going to see him I barely spent time with my son" he said I sighed putting my shoes on. We left the skating rink going to the hospital. "Justin what are you doing here" Pattie asked "He found out" I said "Where is he I wanna see him" "We can't see him they're doing everything they can, Justin I know you're hurt and crushed but what if he doesn't make it I know Karmin just got back from Florida and you haven't spent time with him but..just what if it happens" she said "Can't believe you're thinking like that" he said "Justin-" "Leave me alone" he said walking off I sighed sitting down for a little bit.
I wanted to find Drew and see him so I stopped a doctor. "Excuse me do you know what room Andrew Bieber is" I asked "Um yeah room 253 is that your son" she asked "Yes it's my son something happen" I asked "We're trying to get him back to breathing, seems like he's not going to make it, poor innocent baby he's so cute I know how you're feeling we tried everything we could and i'm sorry to disappoint you and your wife" she said "Girlfriend" I said correcting her. "Sorry" she said I nodded getting into the elevator going to the third floor. The doors opened I walked down the hallway opening the door seeing Drew laying on the bed with wires on him. I sighed going up to him grabbing his small hand. "I know I haven't been a great dad i'm sorry for that you're such an innocent baby I wish..I had time to play with you, see you smile growing up but..I can't  I hope that God can take care of you and you can watch over me and your mom. I want to promise you that..me and Karmin are going to be together to make you happy. I know Karmin and I was going through some things and I cheated on her it was my fault. You'll be missed..my baby boy I don't want to let you go" I said crying. After a few minutes I stopped, taking a deep breath kissing his forehead leaving the room going back to the lobby. "I'm sorry Justin" mom said hugging me. I hugged back and took a deep breath. "I know it's hard for you and Karmin but you'll get through this" she said rubbing my back. "I'm gonna miss him" I said "I know me to you can always have more babies ya know" she said "Yeah" "But this time make sure you both want to have one once you're a parent you have to be responsible" "I know mom" I said pulling away. "Karmin is outside i'm gonna go home..I told your dad about Drew, also Jazzy and Jaxon will miss him too, just not think about it too much no matter how bad shit was with you and Karmin. You were a great dad wanting to fix everything so you can be a family again, look I know you didn't spend much time with him but things happen. Don't let Cait come between you and Karmin I never liked her and I know she has something up her sleeve" "Okay" I said. We walked outside Karmin was sitting on the concrete mom walked off I pulled my hands out my pockets holding my hand out for her to grab. Seems like she's been crying too, she grabbed my hand getting up. "I know you're mad at me" she said "Why would I be mad" "Because I took him away from you and you didn't get to spend time with your son i'm a bad girlfriend I shouldn't have done that i'm so fucking stupid" "No the only stupid person is me..I shouldn't have cheated an you left I deserved that, all I wanted was to become a family again" I said "..If you want to run go ahead I don't blame you" "What" I asked "If you want to just walk away, now that we lost a son you can go" "No..no Karmin you can't loose anyone else" "I lost you once maybe twice but..-" "But nothing i'm not running or walking off we just lost a son and I can't loose you either it's not easy for me to move on from him Karmin and especially you..not again not this time we can't loose eachother after loosing Drew and you know that" "Yeah I know" she said lightly I sighed and grabbed her hand we went to the car driving home in silence. We got out the car going inside it felt different coming home without Drew but at least he's in a better place. 

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