Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


43. Bad Parent?!

When dinner was done. We all ate I fed Jordan and Eric put her to bed he's a really big help. "Thanks for cooking dinner and putting her to bed, it's just 9 o'clock. I wouldn't have gotten her to bed till ten besides I can't cook it would've took me a while"  "I know" he said sitting beside me and I rolled my eyes. "Y'know after today I think I could never fall in love again it hurts so much Justin was my first at everything. I hate he was the one fucking celebrity. Seems like the girl is the victim and the celebrity gets the reward it's stupid"  "I believe that there is gonna be that one guy come to you and y'know look into your eyes and tell you what he's really thinking. Not every guy is like Justin, he's too confused to know what he actually wants in life. He'll pay for what he did Karmin he has to suffer while you're making your life better. He lost an amazing, honest, lovable, generous, smart, girl" he said and I smiled.   "Wow no one has never told me that before" "I think you just dated an asshole" he said. We both chuckled. "I got you something y'know for your birthday, I think you need happiness than being upset especially on your birthday" he said handing me a long rectangular box. I opened it seeing a diamond charm bracelet I smiled and hugged him. "Thank you" I said sniffling. "Are you crying again" "Yeah, but this time because i'm happy" "Good"  "It's because the bad memories comes rushing back but you honestly made my night, probably actually made me happy for the first time in months"  "You should always be happy Karmin, don't let Justin take your joy in everything. If you think you two are meant to be he'll come back with a different attitude" "He never loved me Eric" "It takes a lifetime to prove to someone you love them" he said  "Oh yeah remember the time you told me you loved me" "Because it felt as if we knew each other for a lifetime. You and Justin were probably thinking you two were in love because you've been having sex for months and you had two kids by him" "You're making me sound like a slut"  "What do you think you are" he asked  "A human being that's trying to make it in life and teach my daughter not to end up like me. Damaged and broken hearted"  "You're not that the reason why is because of that idiot ex husband. I was in the same position as you were with my wife she did the same things as Justin did. I got over it because she wasn't worth crying over, neither is Justin it'll just let the bad memories keep coming back to you" he said. Everything he said was true it's gonna be harder than I thought moving on starting my new life with Jordan. Instead of studying like I was suppose to, me and Eric just talked about random things.  "Jordan likes you she's never smiled so much"  "The ladies love me what can I say, including you" he said I lifted an eyebrow and lightly punched his arm. "I do not, as a friend yeah besides you're my boss i'm 19 and you're 23" I said and he lifted his eyebrow. "I'm telling the truth"  "You said Jordan likes me she smiles a lot so do you" he said I lifted my eyebrow again making him laugh a little, we both leaned in starting to kiss. I sat my books down on the table not breaking the kiss running my fingers through his smooth soft hair. I laid back on the couch he got between my legs kissing my neck I moaned reaching for his belt unbuckling it unbuttoning his pants.   "Wait" he said sitting up. "What's wrong"  "I can't. I can't sleep with you it's not going to help you feel any better"  "Are you sure you don't wanna do this" I asked unbuttoning my shirt releasing my tits from my bra continuing to kiss him. He moved his lips to my breasts biting and kissing my nipples. Leaving small kisses down to my belly button slipping my pants off, he gave me one last kiss spreading my legs. I touched myself while he got his clothes on leaving his checkered boxers on. We kissed again and he pulled away moving down to my panties, kissing my wet spot taking them off with his teeth. He grabbed my hand grabbing a chair sitting me down on the edge spreading my legs  "You don't have to worry about being hurt again" he whispered to me, eating me. A soft moan escaped from my mouth I gripped onto the top of the chair breathing heavily. He moved his mouth down eating my ass, moving it back to my pussy playing with my clit. I pushed his head in playing in his hair making me groan in pleasure. "Fuck! you're gonna make me cum all over your face" I said. He licked his fingers rubbing them up and down on my pussy. I moaned again cumming on his fingers. I grabbed his hand licking his fingers. I sat up in the chair pulling his boxers down to his ankles staring at his erection. He removed his boxers from his ankles. I grabbed him by his waist pulling him to him sliding the tip in my mouth. He held my hair while I sucked on the tip sliding his cock far in gagging. He grunted closing his eyes pulling on my hair. I spread my legs a little sliding a finger inside of me playing with myself while still sucking his dick. I grabbed his dick with my other hand jacking him off he moaned cumming into my mouth. I swallowed his cum licking the tip, he stood me up. I went to the couch cleaning my mouth removing my bra sitting up on my knees facing the wall spreading my legs. He got behind me jacking off a little sticking the tip into my tight pussy, I bit my bottom lip, he went deeper thrusting holding onto my hips. He kissed my neck roughly moving his hands up to my tits cupping them I moaned kissing him holding onto the couch, he lifted one of my legs up on the couch thrusting harder.   "Yes! Right there, don't stop" I moaned rubbing my clit, I put my leg down we made out a little. "Where do you want me" I asked   "Kitchen" he said grabbing my hand, we went into the kitchen to the counter making out a little more, he turnt me around putting himself back in grabbing my hips going deeper. I bit my bottom lip holding onto the counter, he grabbed my leg holding it with his arm pounding me. I moaned continuously throwing my head back with my eyes rolling to the back of my head. "Harder" I commanded, he thrusted harder making me curl my toes and moan louder. He put my leg down continuing to thrust making my tits bounce and my nipples hard. "I want your hot cum on my face" I said breathing heavily pulling my nipple slamming my hand on the counter. We continued to make love I haven't felt so pleasured in months.  "I'm gonna cum" he said grunting into my ear pulling himself out I quickly got on my knees he came on my face. He took a deep breath, I slid his dick in my mouth sucking my sweet juices off. I stood up cleaning my face off. "I'll see you tomorrow okay" he said and I nodded drying my face. He left and I took a shower going to bed. My alarm clock went off it had 7:45 I gasped putting some clothes on grabbing my books getting Jordan ready taking her to daycare going to school. I got a text before I walked into class from Eric saying good luck it really made my morning even though I didn't study a lot I could believe I could do it. When class was over I kept my fingers crossed to have a good grade on it. I didn't have to go to work till later I got out of class early today to just do my test. I decided to get the rest of my things from Justin's place hopefully his new fuck buddy didn't mess with any of my things. "I'm sorry" Justin said as I finished packing a box of my clothes. "Yeah. Okay"  "That's all you gotta say yeah okay"  "What else am I suppose to say that I forgive you lets have sex"  "Well since you said it" he said starting off and I scoffed. "Is that all you think of me, your little toy to fuck with when you want I am not your sex doll"  "I think you forgot you did the same to me"  "Yeah but i'm not asking you for sex besides you already got someone Kate" "She's getting on my nerves she wants me to meet her son"  "Wow so it's her son now" I asked  "Karmin hear me out I didn't want any of this to happen it's just, I didn't know how I was suppose to feel when we were together I was confused I mean we got together by having sex with each other and then you told me you loved me, it started to get uncomfortable so I said it back so you wouldn't get hurt-"  "Yeah well I got hurt anyways, but i'm over it. I got hurt once i'm pretty sure I was gonna get hurt again and you see where that went so- just leave it" I said   "I wanna see Jordan, you can't take me out her life, she would want to see me do you honestly want to go through this, the court system putting our 1 year old baby through this mess look at what you're doing your starting to be a bad parent"  "Bad parent! I was the one doing the most for our daughter while you were out in the fucking studio when she was here you didn't know where she was because you were to busy screwing some chick that assumed that you were the father of HER son, so don't tell me about being a bad parent, i'm working my ass off to keep a roof on the top of our heads I know my parents didn't raise me till now but I know what's best for my daughter. I love her more than myself you don't know what i've been going through so don't judge me about parenting. I got pregnant at 16 turning 17. I wasn't proud of myself I didn't want a baby I wanted to still be a teenager do fun things not carry another person inside of me. I'm finally in college trying to get myself together after what happened between us. I think about my parents all the time praying they were still here to help me through this but they can't because they're gone, seeing them get murdered in front of my eyes was a nightmare for me, for 19 years they wanted me to be happy, but I disappointed them by having a baby at a young age. I get it it's my fault this whole sex thing happened because I was hurt and I didn't know what to do. I wanted to feel loved like I had something in the world to live for, before I ended up doing something stupid that I might regret. But you, you saved me and now since we're not together I have to live with that, have control over myself. Having a little self esteem about myself, now i'm damaged, i'm honestly afraid to fall in love again because of how much you hurt me. Eric and I aren't together but he makes me smile, he talks to me and he isn't afraid to say what he thinks even if it does hurt my feelings but you on the other hand only care about one thing and that's sex. You don't care about nothing but that, you honesty don't know what you want in life you're 21 now and still acting like a little child confused in the head. You're pathetic, a pathetic little boy having girls chase after you, well good luck with that because i'm done chasing i'm done having you tip-toeing around me and I can't take it anymore"  "That hurt"  "It should" I said picking up a box taking it to the car packing everything else. Justin was sitting on the bed while I packed my things I sighed grabbing the last box looking at him, he looked up at me with tears in his eyes. I went downstairs putting the last box in the trunk closing it. I know what I said to Justin was harsh but it's true he could cry all he wants to but at least he know how much pain I was in. 


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