Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


32. Backseat

"No paparazzi i'm loving this date" I said giggling. "Yeah me too it's nice to be at a nice dinner with my girlfriend and no interruptions" he said grabbing both of my hands slowly kissing me I pulled away and smiled. "So since you got your career back what are you gonna do next" I asked "Making a new album" "I can tell it's gonna be pretty hot I remember going to the studio meeting your friends, they're good people" "Yeah and I remember too" "You probably remember me playing with myself on video chat" I said "That too..remember when we broke up and I found out you were pregnant" "Yeah..you flew to Florida trying to find me I think that was the most romantic thing ever, I was broken" I said "Yeah and it was because of me" "Not because of you because of everything i've just had a tough time understanding life" "I don't want you to be hard on yourself you can talk to me we lost a son I get that but life is too short to start doubting on ourselves" "I know" I said lightly we ordered our food. We started talking about other things which made me feel pretty good. I thought we were gonna end up sitting in the house all day being sad but it's what Drew would've wanted, he would want to see his mom and dad happy not struggling without him for the rest of our lives. I picked up a bread stick seeing a diamond ring wondering what it meant. Is it a promise ring? An engagement ring? I'm only 17 years old if we get married NOT EVEN LEGAL YET!! "Um babe what's this" I asked "Well I wanted to get married but since you're 17, say it's a promise ring till you turn 18 then we can think about making it an engagement ring" "What am I promising" I asked "Promise that no matter how tough our relationship is we can make it work without Drew he kept us together and a family now we have to show him that we can be happy without him" he said smiling. I smiled too and kissed him sliding the ring off the bread. "I got it" he said slipping it into my finger. "I'm so happy right now" I said giggling "I think it's the first time we've ever been happy since..ya know Drew" "Yeah i've been feeling guilty about myself you never got to spend any time with Drew it was my fault" "It's not your fault Karmin I thank you for the times I actually got the chance to be with him he was the best thing that happened to us" "Yeah true" "We deserve to be happy I don't want you with anyone else but me" he said "I don't want you with anyone else either" "You don't have to worry about that" he said chuckling. "I hope you mean that" "I do..I really mean that" he said grabbing both of my hands again kissing them softly. 
"Let's go home" he said we got up I pulled my dress down a little grabbing his hand walking out the restaurant. "Karmin, Justin how are you feeling about your son dying" The paparazzi asked. We ignored all the questions heading towards the car. "Ignore them" He said quickly walking to the car opening the door. "Go back to Canada you fucking Canadian" They said yelling. I stared at Justin I had a feeling he was going to do something instead he got inside the car ignoring what the paparazzi said. I got in also he started the car speeding off. "You okay" I asked "Yeah i'm good I just thought to myself if I went back to court again" "Don't let them get to you" I said "I'm not don't worry I just got a little upset but i'm okay now long as I had an amazing third date" he said I smiled leaned over and kissed him. "I think we should start doing our dates at home" I said laughing. "That's true it'll just be us and..a spirit of our son" "Yeah can't believe he's gone I know we keep bringing him up and we need to move on but we can't move on no matter how bad we want to" I said "I agree but it's better than feeling sorry for ourselves just let him rest in peace" he said holding my hand. "Well if you feel sad I could help you feel better" I said tip toeing my fingers up his arm. "W-what do you mean" "I think you know what I mean" I said unbuckling his belt. "No no i'm driving can't you wait till we get home" "No I can't wait" I said unzipping his pants sucking his dick slowly bobbing my head. He licked his lips grabbing onto my hair moaning. "Fuck you're getting better" he said gripping harder onto my hair rolling his eyes to the back of his head. I licked his cum wiping the side of my mouth. "Been a long time" "I can't wait any longer" he said cutting off onto a dirt road. "What are you doing" I asked he turnt the car off grabbing my face smashing his lips on mines. I added tongue grabbing his crotch he grabbed my thigh spreading my legs slipping his two fingers in. I moaned breaking the kiss slowly throwing my head back moaning. He kissed on my neck roughly curling his fingers thrusting them. "Damn you're wet!" He said taking them out sucking on them pulling his shirt off, I pulled him to the backseat pulling his pants and boxers down kissing his stomach all the way to his dick sucking it. "Right there baby. Mm it feels so good" he said while moaning with his hand on my head biting his bottom lip. I smiled kissing his dick licking my fingers giving him a handjob squiring into my hands. "You have a bigger load" I said smirking. He smiled pulling me on top of him moving my panties to the side massaging my clit making out with me. He massaged faster I gasped in pleasure digging my nails into the back on his neck. Slipping his dick in I took my dress off taking my heels off slowly riding him. He unclipped my bra pulling the straps down taking it off kissing on my nipples, placing his hands on my hips moving them down towards my ass, the car was filled with moans, windows were foggy I stopped riding him starting back to make out. He laid me down in the seat, pulling his shoes off removing his pants and boxers from his ankles spreading my legs coming between them looking into my eyes. "What" I asked "Nothing" he said putting himself inside me again thrusting. "Does that feel good" he asked grabbing onto the drivers seat going deeper and I nodded slowly. "Yeah" I said closing my eyes. After a few minutes we stayed inside the car kissing in the backseat he pulled away putting his briefs on. "I feel like..I want to stay hidden forever" he said "Why" "We're alone on a dirt road we had sex I feel like I could do this all the time ya know get away from the famous life" "Yeah it feels nice to be with you away from everything I feel like we're the only two in the world" I said holding his hand kissing his cheek. "Me too..wanna go home now" he asked putting the rest of his clothes on. "Yeah" I said putting my clothes on to hopping into the passenger seat.

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