Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


37. Baby On The Side

  I came back to California stopping by Karmin's job. Of course i'm gonna be puzzled.  "Hey what do you want aren't you suppose to be in New York having a sandwich" she said rolling her eyes getting back to work. I stood there putting my hands in my pockets. She looked up at me and sighed standing up giving me a hug pulling away.    "I'm sorry okay, what's wrong"   "I-I have to tell you something"  I stuttered.  "Shh don't tell me, whatever it is can wait, I just want to go home make dinner and make up for last night"  "Karmin it's important"  "It can wait I don't wanna know alright i'm happy"  "I don't want to take that from you but I really have to tell you something if you stop interrupting just listen to me please"  "Not now can it wait"  "I'm sure if I wait it'll be a problem" I said   "Then what is it"  "The day you left me with Drew after I confronted Rachel a few weeks later me and Kate were hanging out ,went to the club and went back to my place had a one night stand but-"  "Karmin the boss wants to see you" her assistant said leaving.  "I gotta go we'll talk at home"  "Karmin I got Kate pregnant and she have a son, my son it was a long time ago but it doesn't matter"   "You have a son on the side so what are you gonna do, you can't take care of your daughter and your son in New York. Y'know I know we broke up but it hurts it still hurts and it hurts me that you slept with someone without knowing you had another baby! I've put everything aside in my life to raise our daughter and be the best goddamn wife to you"  "I didn't know okay I-I didn't mean to it just happened i'm done with her I just want you and Jordan in my life"   "Do you know how selfish you sound what about your son"  "What about him? I never knew about him. I can't loose you again, not again you're not leaving me"  "I can't do this it doesn't matter if we were together or not but I can't now I understand why you wanted to really tell me she's ruining my life"   "She's ruining mines to that's why I came back, you're already having a rough time with life and I don't want to put more pressure on you please just forget about it, I chose you because you're my wife, I chose you because you're the first person that ever stood by me throughout everything no one else would ever do that for me, I don't wanna be like this. I know i've fucked up a few times and I'm sorry we can't put Jordan through this not like we did Drew. I meant everything that I said to you during our wedding  and I don't want to end what we have, I chose you because I love you and I want to be there for you please don't go" I said pressing my forehead against hers passionately kissing her, she pulled away walking out. I ran my fingers through my hair pulling in anger, I left going home knocking over a bunch of things punching holes into walls screaming.  "Justin what the hell" mom said    "She's leaving me" I cried out. She held me close to her chest holding my tight I sniffled sitting on the couch next to her.  "She told me what happened" she said running her fingers through my hair.  "I didn't know"  "I know. She really loves you"  "I love her more it's just I hate when news like this comes up i'm gonna loose her forever"  "You don't know that" " How come I don't i've messed up plenty of times"  "Everyone messes up even if they don't try to I know it was a huge mistake but, you were hurt and you had unprotected sex with someone else. So what are you gonna do try to take care of both of them"   ''No, I love my daughter I never met my son I don't know him I don't know anything about him. Karmin may think that I have a son I have to leave her to take care of my other kid"  "You have a kid with her to. Did you know that having sex would lead to pregnancy or were you to drunk that night not to care how Karmin felt and just did it"  "I was hurt too mom I cheated on her"  " Why is that? Why did you do it" she asked  "Because i'm stupid I cheated on the most amazing girl that always had my back and loved me for me i'm so fucking stupid" I said sitting up.  "Of course you are but you're not that stupid, just when it comes to girls commitment and love you have to know what you want before making a decision"  "I want Karmin. I didn't ask for me and Kate to happen it just happened, where's Jordan"  "Your dad has her are you two going to dinner tonight? You can't abandon your son"  "I can if I want to its probably not mines anyways and yes dad and I are going out to dinner" " Did she show you proof" she asked  "No she just said that she's been calling me and leaving messages but I never got them. I love Karmin"  "I can see that tearing the whole place apart to prove your love to her. You cracked Justin you've broke down"   "I just want things to go right for once"  "Then do it, if you want things to go perfect for you then you have to do something about it"  "Yeah, I guess" I said    "Will you be okay, if she does leave"   "No, i'll never be okay"I said she rubbed my back kissing my head.   "Alright well i'm gonna tell Karmin I will keep Jordan another night so you two can sort out things is that okay with you" she asked    "I don't think she's coming back"  "You don't know that it's your fault"  "Thanks that cheered me up" I said rolling my eyes. She left I sighed laying on the couch.  I got ready to meet with dad at the restaurant Karmin and I was at last night, I looked at myself in the mirror fixing my tie leaving.  

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