Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


40. Arousing For Sex..arousing for Eric

 I was catching up on my work from today, I loved my job honestly and honestly I wanted to quit because I was attracted to Eric that's bad isn't it? But I love Justin I know what Eric said about Justin was true but we're crazy about each other even enough to hurt each other again. It was 7:30 at night just finishing my work. "Good night Karmin" Eric said putting his head in my door. "Good night" "Want me to walk you out to your car you're the last person here" "Yeah, that's fine" I said grabbing my things. We left the room walking to the elevator. "Ever cheated" he asked  "Nope. I got with Justin by having sex with him while he was dating my best friend" "You're an animal. No wonder you're a freak" "Excuse me"  I said 

"Oh come on Karmin the kitchen, in the living room, the shower, back of a car. Are you getting turnt on"  

"Uh no" I said going into the elevator, he started humming leaning against the wall. Gosh why was I breathing so heavily, my heart was pounding. I checked my phone for any texts or missed calls but there wasn't any.  "So um, have any kids" I asked trying to break the awkward silence.  "No, after my divorce with my wife we tried but I just wasn't feeling it with her anymore. We lasted for about 2 years. How long have you and Justin been married"  "A year almost two" I said. There was an awkward silence again since we were the only two in the elevator. "I know you're attracted to me" he said with a smile on his face.  "What"  "The reason you wanted to quit I may be stupid but i'm not dumb" he said I chuckled and rolled my eyes.  "Yeah you really aren't dumb" I said. The elevator doors opened and we walked out. "That kinda hurt my feelings y'know tell me it's true isn't it" he asked and I stopped at my car opening it.  "It's not"  "Liar you are such a good liar" he said closing my door. "Admit it and i'll stop asking"  "Fine that is true but i'm married and I love Justin trust me, i've been thinking about you too, even about sleeping with you but i'm not a cheater and i'm not a whore" I said opening my door back.  "I love you Karmin, I don't know what it is but you make me feel different, I know you love Justin but it's not gonna change how I feel about you. I know you're married and trust me I won't try to do anything funny with you"   "I appreciate that. I can't go through this, friends" I asked   "Yeah, friends goodnight Karmin" he said walking away. I got inside my car taking a deep breath leaving picking up Jordan going home walking into the kitchen.  "Hey I made dinner how was your day"  "It was...normal"  "Okay anything happen"  "No why" I asked  "Just asking" he said grabbing Jordan kissing her head.  "I need to talk to you"  "Okay what is it"  "I decided to go to college to become a plastic surgeon" "That's great" he said  "And um Eric invited me on a trip to Las Vegas nothing is going on between us if you're curious"  "I know. Babe if you wanna go then go I can't stop you from doing something you want to do"  "You don't like Eric" I said   "I know but after you told me that I didn't know anything about him I really shouldn't hate him he's your boss. Wait. You're not quitting"  "Nope, I talked to Eric and he told me he could re-arrange my schedule when I start college so I could still be working there"  "I hate him now"  "Why because he talks to me" "You talk to him about everything"  "It's not everything it's just work Justin. I want to do something with my life I keep myself busy to stop thinking about my parents and about the future"  "Alright I understand i'm sorry. Go upstairs get cleaned up i'll feed Jordan and we can have dinner" he said I smiled and kissed him going upstairs freshening up. I looked at myself in the mirror thinking about what all Eric said ugh I can't stop talking about him or thinking about him this is going to fast and to far. After dinner I changed into my sexy lingerie fixing my hair sitting up on my knees on the bed waiting for Justin. "What are you doing" he asked with a smirk on his face.  "Waiting for my handsome husband"   "What's this for"  "Are you really gonna ask questions" I asked pulling him close to me.  "Just curious" "I just want to let you know that I love you. l really love you"  "Okay Karmin what's going on" he said moving my hands.  "Nothing I can't say I love you"  "You're acting strange. Is it Eric what the hell did he say" "Nothing it has nothing to do with him" "I don't like you lying to me tell me what he said"  "Don't you think if he said something I would tell you"  "No!" He said "Can we just have sex please I can't believe i'm begging you and you know what happens when you said no to me" "Not in the mood"  "Oh come on and take me" I said grabbing his hands.  "Do you have feelings for him and don't fucking lie to me" "Okay Justin look we were both talking today and he told me that he thinks about me and I told him that I think about him too and I even thought about having sex with him. I'm not cheating on you I'm not like that alright it's not about getting even with you because you had sex with another girl when I was having your baby. I can never forget that Justin and getting even with you will make me seem desperate he's a great guy but I already told him that I picked you and I just want us to be friends"  "Whoa you actually thought about having sex with this guy? Are you fucking serious right now" "You want the truth I am telling you everything" I said "I don't think any girl would do that they would get even and not tell me about it. Thanks for your honesty I know this past year i've been making you feel bad about yourself and sex is the only thing that can help, i'm afraid you might do something with him in Vegas I actually don't want you to go but I can't stop you from everything"   "We're just friends" I said   

"Yeah like we were at first. I know maybe i'm just jealous because i've never had the time to take you to places because we have a baby to take care of"  "I know and it's okay. Is she sleep"   "Not yet that's why I can't have sex I have to put her to bed you have work tomorrow. I'm busy tomorrow it's gonna be a long day so I want you to get to sleep maybe tomorrow night" he said kissing my cheek leaving the room. I sighed climbing under the covers staring at the ceiling, I realized I couldn't sleep because first I wasn't tired and second I was arousing for sex. I got out of bed walking to Jordan's leaning against the wall. After an hour of her laughing giggling crying she finally got tired. I gave her some milk till she closed her eyes and fell asleep. Justin put her in the bed and we both went back to our bedroom. "When are you going to Las Vegas" he asked  "I don't know I don't want things getting weird when we go there cause you know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"  "Pretty sure I don't give a shit about that I wanna know what happens i'm worried about you"  "I'm a big girl I can handle things by myself okay"  "Fine" he said taking his shirt off climbing into bed. "I promise tomorrow if you're on break I will have sex with you" he said kissing my cheek laying down. I laid down on his chest while he cut the lamp off trying to fall asleep. 


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