Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


45. All I Ever Need

There was a knock on my door I went to it seeing Justin. "Do you know what time it is" I asked  "I can't sleep" "Come in" I said moving out the way letting him inside closing the door. Justin was on the couch sleeping while I was on the other doing my homework, I sighed getting up putting a blanket over him turning the light off going upstairs going to sleep..I didn't have to go to work today so I got myself ready for school. I fixed me some toast spreading some butter on it seeing a note on the table.   

'Took Jordan to daycare for you. I slept a lot better last night thanks for letting me stay, I know we're friends and I don't wanna ruin that I honestly can't keep my mind off of you with all the horrible things i've done and i'm paying for it. I just want you to be happy, see you tonight. Love- Justin'

I sighed finishing my toast grabbing my books going to class. It was going to be a long day I was just to excited for Eric and I date tonight, I started to focus on professor writing down what was on the board in my notebook. After writing all the notes down he passed us our test and luckily I passed, I was really excited. Class was over I didn't call Eric to tell him the news. I went home and cleaned up a little calling Justin. "Hey Karmin what's up" "I need you to do me a favor"  "Depends on what it is. What is it" he said "Well we're friends and I want you to take a drive with me"  "Um, alright i'll be over in 5"  "Okay, thanks" I said and hung up the phone. I sighed and waited for Justin to come. When he got here we got into my car taking a drive. "Where are you taking me" "A place, that's all you have to know" I said "I can't believe you're still talking to me after all I did to you"  "I've been thinking we deserve to be friends I know what you did was wrong and, I can't be mad at a person for a long time. We have a baby together and I don't want to put more pressure on me, we just have to move on y'know be happy with other people. What I said was cruel and rude but it's true you made me feel like I was just some doll messing with my feelings and everything, I was in love but since i've found out you never felt the same way I felt stupid and i'm afraid of being in another relationship because the next person may not love me back. I apologize" I said "I apologize to. About everything" "I know" I said looking back at the road. After a few minutes I stopped the car popping the trunk grabbing some flowers handing him a pair. We ended up at a cemetery visiting my parents. I kneeled down placing flowers on their grave, Justin did the same thing wrapping his arm around my shoulder pulling me to his shoulder. "You okay"   "Yeah. I'm good, the first time i've ever been fine coming up here to visit them, it's my parents anniversary today. I just want them to know i'm okay, I bought you here because we're friends and you seem not to know them" "Thanks for bringing me Karmin you honestly didn't have to do this but again thanks, for everything and bringing me here to show respect. I don't know how it feels to not have parents but I can tell it's more painful, having to live with it for the rest of your life"  "Yeah, I don't cry anymore that they're gone because they're with me always in my heart. I don't know what being a family feels like but being married to you and having me feel welcomed to your family was a blessing it's important to have parents in your lives, and that's why I changed my mind about me getting full custody of Jordan. I want her to see you if something happens" I said  "What do you mean if something happens"  "Just take her if something does happen"  "Okay" he said removing his arm. We got up getting back into the car driving back home. "I hope you and Eric have a great dinner, you deserve to be happy" "Thanks" I said with a smile kissing his cheek.  "See you tonight"he said getting out the car getting into his driving off. I went inside the house watching a little bit of TV eating a sandwich. "Hey bitch" Cait said sitting beside me.  "Hey it's been weeks since we've spoken"  "I know I have work my sister ugh it's exhausting. So what are you up to tonight I was thinking we could go to the movies"  "Um, I have plans i'm going out" "With who Justin" she asked curiously following me into the kitchen. "No, Eric i'm going to his place tonight having dinner" "Holy shit! I can tell he really likes you" she said "Ya think" "Yeah the way he looks at you like he's happy and thankful for being with you, Justin just didn't care. Are you and Eric dating"  "I don't know about dating but it's just dinner we'll see though, he makes me laugh when i'm feeling sad or angry I like him. Justin and I are just friends we agreed on that"  "You still love him" she asked and I shook my head. "No. I moved on and i'm happy I did if I didn't I would have a hard time moving on from him. Jordan likes Eric, we decided if we wanted to be in a relationship to not be exclusive especially in the office you're the first person I told this to" I said  "Well if you two are going on a date and probably gonna end up screwing each other might as well date, hey he's hot like really fucking hot. His soft silk brown hair dreamy blue eyes-"  "They really are dreamy" I said interrupting taking a sip of wine.  "Exactly but I hope you have fun on your date you deserve to be happy i'm sorry about everything in the past I want to be your friend you're like a baby sister to me Karmin I took you in when you broke up with Justin and didn't have anywhere else to go were family" "Thanks Cait" "No problem i'll see later okay and don't get pregnant by Eric" she said with a chuckle. "I'm on birth control and I have plenty of condoms so you don't have to worry about that"  "I hope not bye Karmin love you" she said hugging me.  "Bye love you to" I replied back. She left and I went to pick up Jordan from daycare going home getting ready for my date tonight. I slipped on some sexy leggings wearing a black short dress with some heels flat ironing my hair adding make up taking a deep breath, looking at myself in the mirror, adding some lipgloss going downstairs opening the door for Justin. "Thanks for watching Jordan" I said slipping in my earrings. "Yeah. I can spend time with her while you're gone. When will you be back not that I don't mind staying here all night"  "Um, I don't know maybe later on or in the morning why do you have something to do"  "No just checking. You look great" he said  "Thanks, I owe you for watching her"  "Don't worry about it just go and have fun" "Thanks" I said and kissed his cheek kissing Jordan's forehead leaving. 


I sighed and sat next to Jordan playing with her doll picking her up sitting her on my lap.  

"Y'know what hurts the most Jordan, seeing someone you thought you loved move on to someone else" I said kissing her head watching the tv with her. 

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