Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


34. A Year Later

A year had passed. I was 18 and Justin was 21 after being a married couple, we told ourselves being depressed and sad that our first son was gone doesn't mean that we have to mope around and be sad for the rest of our lives. Life is tough and we just have to get through with it so we made another baby. Her name was Jordan after getting home from work Justin was sleeping on the couch having the baby laying on his stomach sleeping also. I smiled kneeling down to Jordan running my hand softly on her head staring at her seeing how peaceful she was sleeping. "Hey" Justin said "Hey.." I said smiling "Drew would've been happy for us he's looking down smiling seeing how happy we are" "Yeah I just can't believe we've made it this far, with our up and down relationship I thought that we would feel miserable for the rest of our lives" I said "Me too but luckily we started all over..got married having the perfect little life your parents are taking care of him don't worry" he said holding my hand I smiled and kissed him a few times pulling away. "Yeah we have a beautiful little girl we're a family again I always thought that..to keep you with me..I would need to get pregnant because I was afraid of you leaving me" "I would never leave you not after everything we've been through together. I can tell that every time I wake up and you're by my side sleeping laying next to me..I know that I will be with you forever till the day I die" "I feel the same way..sometimes I feel like we're doing a good thing I mean it wasn't too early to make another baby" I said "Yeah we both wanted to know what being parents felt like again, so we gave it another shot you shouldn't feel like Drew's death was your fault just because you wished it never happened but just be careful what you wish for because you can never get it back" "I feel stupid and a bad parent for doing that. I was just a girl that wanted sex to get over my parents death I used you for sex to take stress off of me" "And I appreciate that you used me" he said I chuckled. He sat up I sat next to him holding Jordan's small hand. "She's gorgeous" "Yeah..she get her looks from her mom, that's why she has your eyes your ears" "Well yeah but she has your lips trust me she does. I just hope that nothing happens to this one" he said "Don't think like that nothing won't happen Jordan is a miracle to, us a gift" "Yeah i'm just feeling kinda upset because Drew would've been one in a few days" "Me too" I said picking Jordan up taking her upstairs to her crib laying her down I smiled taking a deep breath. "Drew would've made a good big brother" I said softly. I felt arms wrap around my waist I smiled resting my head on Justin's shoulder. "Remember movie night when you came over to my house and you were with Cait, I was wearing coochie cutter shorts" I said and he chuckled. "Of course I humped you from behind you teased me. We had sex" "Yeah..we were just two people wanting sex" I said "Yeah and on Valentine's Day, we had sex for like 10 minutes I had to leave I made it up to you I kicked you out the house because Cait was coming you told me you loved me" "Yeah" I said giggling "You gave the best blowjobs" "Oh my gosh" I said turning around laughing. "It's true we have amazing sex" he said wrapping his arms around my waist. "That's true, the most romantic thing you did was come to Florida when we broke up" "You were pregnant with my baby, I couldn't just let you stay in Florida we had a boy to raise but I fucked that up" "Justin I know you made mistakes in the past but since were married and have another baby, I don't care about that anymore as long as we're committed to each other and we're a family" I said he smiled and kissed me pulling away making our way to the bedroom.

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