The book

My name is Kendra. I am a normal girl, in a normal city, in a normal school, with a normal (however annoying) family, and a normal life. If someone told me I was going to famous just 2 weeks later, I would have called the nearest mental institution and have instructed the Doctors to take them away. But when my so-called BFF took my very private idea book (containing a book I’d written in my spare time) and sent it into a publisher I got a letter telling me the book is going to be sold across the U.S.
Hey! I’m Kendra’s BFF Madi. I recently submitted her book she was writing to a publisher after typing it up. Dang, that girl writes good! I was, like, OMG this is, like, way better than anything I’ve read before, so I was, like, what the heck. Anyway, my help totally paid off. She just doesn't realize how much I've done for her.
Put together 2 BFFs, 1 book, 1 annoying publisher, a smart bother and a whole lot of drama, and You get the current life of Ken and Madi.


1. What do you think?

OK so....

I have no clue whether or not I should write this.. so

Should I?

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