Across The Hall // L.T. Fanfic

My name is Erin and I just moved in with my step brother. Louis Tomlinson, he is terrible -.- Not giving too much away :P


2. Chapter 2

I go to Macy's house and pick her up and she slides in, her curls bouncing about her shoulders. "Hey bae." She says and I sigh. "Don't call me that." I say and she laughs and we pull away. "So... You're still single right?" She asks and I glance at her. "I am not going to answer that." I say and she sighs. "I just have this number in my phone of a guy I used to hook up with." She says and I roll my eyes. "I don't want sloppy seconds Mace." I say and she sighs. "It's really sad to see me being happy and you pretending to be happy." She says and I roll my eyes. "I am not pretending!" I say and she laughs. "Take the number." She says and I roll my eyes. "No." I say and she glares at me. "TAKE THE NUMBER ERIN!" She exclaims and I sigh. "No." I say and she groans. 
We get out of the car and go inside and I order us both French vanilla cappuchinoes and then we sit and wait for our order. "Take the number, please." She says but I shake my head. "Please." She says but again I shake my head. She keeps repeating please until I finally give in. "Fine! Give me the bloody number before I smack you." I say and she smiles in victory. She reads me off the number and type it in. "What should I save it as?" I ask and she shrugs. "I saved it as Mr. T." She says and I laugh but save it that way anyway. I send him a message saying hey. Instantly I get a message back saying who is this? I look up at Macy and show her the message and she smirks. "Tell him to call you baby girl." She says and I laugh and text him that. He texts back saying call me Mr. T. I laugh again and text back saying okay. We burst into conversation as Macy gets our cups. He says he has to go because he is going to a party and I say okay bye with a winky face and then I hand Macy my phone and she reads the messages. "A winky face?!" She screeches, causing people to send her dirty looks. "Shut up." I say, snatching my phone from her and she laughs.
I drop Macy off and head to Louis' friend's house. I sit outside until he stumbles out, laughing at something Zayn said. He stumbles to the car and opens the door and plops inside, slamming the door. I scrunch up my face and wrinkle my nose, he reeks of alcohol. "Ew Louis." I say and he smirks. He breathes on me and I smack his chest. Oh, he will pay for this tomorrow morning, I think to myself when I pull away and start to drive home.

Authors Note

I'm so sorry to the fans of this book for neglecting it so here is my udpate to you, I hope you liked it :) -Over&&Out

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