Across The Hall // L.T. Fanfic

My name is Erin and I just moved in with my step brother. Louis Tomlinson, he is terrible -.- Not giving too much away :P


1. Chapter 1

“I hate you so much Louis Tomlinson!” I shout, slamming my door. “The feeling’s mutual love,” he mocks. Ugh, how I hate when he calls me love. I just moved in a week ago and I am already about to kill my step brother. My door is thrown open and I turn and my dad is standing there. “What is going on? Why are you screaming at your brother?” He asks and I sigh. “He is a complete jerk.” I say and he rolls his eyes. “Erin, please, try to get along with him.” He says and I sigh. “Dad, that’s going to be hard,” I say and he grabs the bridge of his nose. “Try.” He says, leaving and closing the door. I sigh and plop down onto my bed just as my phone goes off, playing Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Give Me Love’. I press the green button and put the phone to my ear. “Hello?” I ask and there is a giggle. “Guess what!” My best friend Macy exclaims and I sigh. “You know I hate guessing.” I say and she sighs. “You are no fun.” She whines and I smirk. “So what is it?” I ask, yawning and just then my door bursts open. “My mum wants you.” Louis says his red hair the only thing lighting up his pierced face. “Leave.” I say and he flips me off and leans against the doorway with a smirk on his face. “Hold on.” I say to Macy and put my phone down and jump up and run over to him. “Get out of my room!” I shout and he pushes off the wall and towers over me. I push his chest and he takes a step back, his hands still in his pockets. “Aw, Erin, what’s the big deal with your older brother being in your room?” He asks and I roll my eyes. “You are NOT my brother.” I say and he laughs. “Oh, but I am dumbass, there is a thing called marriage, but see, I didn’t think you would know anything about it since you probably haven’t even had a boyfriend.” He says and I glare at him. I push him again and he stumbles a little and I huff. “You don’t know anything Tomlinson, and this bad boy act that you’re doing can drop because you are nothing but a pussy.” I growl, venom lacing my words and he goes silent, staring at me. I watch the muscles on his arms tense and I stare at his tattoos. “Listen here little Tommo, I am not going to deal with this bullshit, you don’t know anything about ME, you can go be the stuck up bitch that I have came to know and go get laid like you need to.” He growls, with just as much venom. Are faces are inches apart and our eyes are narrowed into a glare. “Fuck you, you piece of shit.” I say and he smirks. “In your dreams,” he says and I roll my eyes. “Nope, in yours,” I say intelligently (sarcasm) and he laughs. “Oh, you know it.” He says and he backs up, going to his room. I shiver and go back to my room, picking up my phone and pressing it to my ear. “Hey Macy?” I ask, walking downstairs. “Where did you go?!” She screeches through the phone and I groan. “Calm down, I was just fighting with my step brother.” I say and I hear her giggle. “Is he hot?” She asks and I groan again. “Macy!” I shout and she laughs. “Never mind,” she says and I go to the living room where Louis’ mom and my dad are snuggled together on the couch. “Hi darling,” Johannah says and I nod. “Hi Jo, Louis said you needed me.” I say and she smiles. “I just wanted to know if you wanted to watch a movie with your dad and me.” She says and I smile kindly. “I think I will take a rain check, thank you though, just have some time without dealing with us kids.” I say and she laughs. “Louis is coming down here.” She says and I smile. “I will tell him not to, you guys just have fun.” I say, winking and I start running upstairs just as Louis is coming out of his room; I tackle him and land on him. “What the fuck Erin.” He groans and I look around for my phone. “Get off me, you weigh a ton!” He whines and I gasp and smack him. “You are so rude.” I say and he smiles. “Jo and my dad are having a couple’s night, you are not allowed.” I say, getting off of him and grabbing my phone. “Where do you keep going?!” Macy complains and I roll my eyes. “Parents, sorry,” I say and Louis gets up and stares down at me. “You look like a creep.” I say, going to my room and turning and slamming the door. “Are you able to go out tonight? I want Starbucks and my parents won’t let me walk, so can you drive me?” She asks and I lean against my door. “I will see I have to go, I will text you.” I say and I hang up and open my door. Louis is standing there with his hands in his pockets and he is leaning against the wall. “Creep,” I say and move past him and going downstairs. I go to the living room and look in at Jo and my dad. “Hey guys, can I go to Starbucks?” I ask and they look up at me. “Don’t stay out too late.” My dad says and I look at Jo and she seems surprised. “Um, yeah,” she says and I smile. “Thanks.” I say, going upstairs. “Take me to my friend’s house.” Louis demands, following me into my room. “No.” I say, sliding my phone in my pocket and pulling on my uggs. “Then you can’t leave.” He says, blocking the doorway. I grab my jacket, putting it on and go to the door. “Move,” I demand but he just smirks. “What did I say?” He asks and I sigh and try to go under his arm but he wraps his arms around my waist. He picks me up and I start kicking and punching his back. “Put me down now Tomlinson!” I shout and he laughs. “Love, what did I say? Take me to my friend’s house.” He says, grabbing my keys and taking me downstairs. “Look at the sibling love.” My dad says and I roll my eyes. “Tell him to put me down.” I say. “It’s cute!” My dad says and I groan. “We will be gone, about three hours, don’t wait up.” Louis says, walking through the door and closing it. I wiggle from his grip and I drop to the ground with an oomph. “I hate you.” I say and he smirks. “No you don’t.” He says, throwing me my keys and I catch them and go to the driver’s side. “Let’s go chauffeur.” He says and I roll my eyes and pull out of the driveway.

Authors Note

New Louis story, punk Louis story ;) -Over&&Out

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