Angelic Love

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched- they must be felt with the heart"

His crystal green orbs glistened as they shot through my soul trying to make me feel something, but I could and would never be broken out of this cage, but somehow something felt right, something felt different.




I know , I know I haven't updated in soooo long, I know and I'm sorry. But basically guys I don't know if I want to continue this story. I feel like I'm not getting enough feedback to know if it's any good, so I feel like no one likes it (not to sound like a whiny bitch or anything😂). I would rather have you know that this book is ended rather than having to wait forever for a chapter that's probably not even going to be that good anyway because I'm just not feeling it at the moment😕. But, if you do want me to continue this book please PLEASE leave a comment saying so( and I'm not just doing this for the comments haha). I just need to know if anyone actually likes this book or maybe has any ideas for it as I'm just getting upset trying to think about it. Anyway please comment and let me know if you want me to just delete it or keep it and I'm really sorry for not updating in about five years 😂😁thank you so much for reading until now anyway. Bye! ~s

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