Angelic Love

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched- they must be felt with the heart"

His crystal green orbs glistened as they shot through my soul trying to make me feel something, but I could and would never be broken out of this cage, but somehow something felt right, something felt different.


7. Chapter 6

I lay in my bed contemplating over today's events. Niall had just showed me to my new room. It had light baby blue paint over three walls and a darker shade of aqua blue on one wall. The purple lamp on the bedside table gave off a low, dull, warm glow that made me feel safe. The bed had a blue duvet, that now was crumpled beneath me, had blue and purple roses and Lilies all over it. There was a blue, fluffy carpet all over the floor, giving the room a warm, cosy feel.

It was once the 'spare guest room' that no one in this house used so they just gave it to me. It's really beautiful and elegant.

My head throbbed, it felt like I haven't slept in a year, literally. I slowly started to drift off to sleep as the pain in my head subsided and soon was in a deep, dreamless sleep.

I was awoken by a very loud crash coming from down stairs. I looked over at the alarm clock that lay resting on the bedside table on the left side of my bed. It read 3:26. What were the boys doing up at this time?

I tried to get back to sleep once again as I felt my eyelids droop down to meet my waterline, but was jolted awake by another crash, only this time followed by shouting. What the.....?

I jumped out of bed suddenly and rushed out the door of my bedroom, only to be met with Zayn, Louis and Liam coming out of their own separate rooms.

I gave them a questioning look only to be met with the exact same expression on their faces. "Do you guys kn-" I was cut off by the boys angry voices bellowing through the house. We all raced down the stairs, nearly tripping over each other's feet to get down their.

We were met with the angry, bloody faces of Harry and Niall facing each other with their fists clenched, ready for a anything that might come their way. I thought these boys got along? I mean I can't say the Harry isn't a dick and may annoy me, but Niall seems like such a non violent type! It just didn't add up as I watched Niall go in for another hit to Harry's face. Harry quickly dodged the incoming punch and hit Niall right in the gut, doubling him over, struggling for breath.

The three boys ran over to Niall and tried to help him off the ground on which he took his refuge. I felt terrible on Niall even though I didn't have a clue what his was even about.

I ran over to a hot, sweaty mess that was Harry and grabbed his clenched fist. "Harry, what are you doing? Come on, just relax and calm down so you can tell me what this is all about, ha?"

His eyes reached mine, and what I saw in his beautiful green orbs was terrifying. His pupils were huge and dilated as the fire of anger rose in the black abyss. He didn't look like himself, even though I haven't known him that long I can tell this isn't the usual him. The usual Harry was the Harry that was up in the room with me just a few hours ago, the fun and cheeky Harry.

Niall had by this time caught his breath and was gearing up for another attack as Harry was too preoccupied in trying to listen to the calming word I was offering him and tying to control his breathing, he obviously thought it was a good time to get a punch in.

Niall lunged at him, only to be stopped by Liam bolting in right in front of him and taking the impact that would of surely cause some damage to both him and Harry if anymore anger had been displayed from either of the boys.

"What the hell is all this even about?" Louis shouted at both the boys, alternating his gaze between both of them from time to time. "This asshole slept with Elena!" He screamed and pointed at Harry. "And he was even bragging about it even though he knew that I liked her!" Wait, Niall likes me? My mind buzzed with all this new information that raced throughout my head, craving answers it probably wouldn't get for a while.

"He was saying how she screamed his name and how she left scratches down his back and that she will never do that for me because I could never make her feel as good as he can".

I looked over at Harry, hoping that it was all a lie, but his face confirmed nothing of the sort. It was all true. I new Harry was mean, but never this evil. His eyes held shame and guilt but worst of all, they even held some pride. He makes me sick even looking at him, being in the same room as him.

"I can't even look at you right now, you know that Harry? I can't even be in the same room as you! You make me sick!" I shouted in his face with such anger, I even scared myself.

I ran towards the bottom of the stairs but turning around once more to face the demon that I once thought I could fall for. "You know what Harry, I've had better" I narrowed my eyes and looked around at the boys shocked faces at my choice of words but didn't take much time to dwell on it as I ran up the stairs and into my room, locking the door hoping that I would never have to resurface again.

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