Angelic Love

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched- they must be felt with the heart"

His crystal green orbs glistened as they shot through my soul trying to make me feel something, but I could and would never be broken out of this cage, but somehow something felt right, something felt different.


6. Chapter 5

I was lying on his bed, watching him as he locked his door. He turned to me, staring lustfully up and down my body. My whole body shook with his intense gaze not leaving me for a second.

He sauntered over to me with a lopsided smirk stuck on his face, and I knew I should off hated it, hated him, but I just couldn't. I just couldn't help myself from falling deeper and deeper into the unknown that is Harry.

He took of his white shirt and discarded it to the side, not really caring where it landed. My mind was buzzing and my skin was once again lit up with flames. He crawled on top of me seductively until his lips where only a few inches from mine. I could feel his breath hitting my sensitive lips, teasing me.

I quickly closed the space between us making him flinch at how forceful and eager I really was. He didn't waste any time as he unbuttoned my black skinny, high waisted jeans and pulled them down my legs. He threw them to god knows where and started on my white crop top. I suddenly stopped kissing him when I realised the wings might block the shirt from getting over my head, and I couldn't tell him! He looked at me with curious eyes and his head slightly tilted to the side, giving me a wondering gaze. "What's wrong?" He questioned. I pulled my shirt up over my head with a deep breath praying to God it would go over, thankfully it just slipped through my invisible wings. Wow they really are magic.

"Nothing" I said, he didn't question it further as his eyes explored my body, landing on my chest. "Eyes up here" I said smirking pointing to my face. He once again showed his infamous smirk as he hungrily met my lips with his own. "You're so beautiful" he whispered into my ear. His breath and sweet words sent shivers all over my body. He discarded the rest of his clothes and through hen on the floor. I did the same as our lust climaxed (excuse the pun). We big couldn't take it anymore as he reached over to his drawer and pulled out a foil packet. "This like, isn't your, ah first, am...." He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly avoiding my gaze. I soon realised what he was getting at and answered him quickly so we could just get over with this awkward tension. "Oh, no I've has, you know.." We both just looked at each other as he burst out laughing. I didn't see what was so funny at a moment like this as I rose one of my eyebrows questionably. "What are you laughing at?" I didn't have a clue what it was, but I found myself giggling along with his contagious laughter. "It was just, but I mean, look what we are doing!" He struggled with the words as his breath caught in his throat from time to time from the laughter. I looked down at us, and sure enough I burst out laughing again as the realisation hit me. The laughter soon died down as his eyes locked withy mine. It wasn't awkward at all, more of a comfortable silence. "Your so beautiful, Elena" he breathed. This guy was so fucking bipolar! I mean, one minute he's pushing past me and acts like he hates me, then the next he's kissing me telling me I'm beautiful? I just really don't understand Harry, although all I wanted to so was understand him. Harry hovered over me holding my gaze as he entered himself into me. I was filled with a slight pain as he took his time entering me, letting me adjust. Soon the pain subsided and all was left was a feeling of pure pleasure. I wanted to feel every part of him, whether I hated him or not. At this moment in time I didn't give a shore if Harry was the biggest jerk in the world, all common sense was out the window. I thought I was only allowed to do pure rings with these new angel powers, but my wings tingled with indescribable pleasure that soared through my veins. It intensified the whole experience so much more, I was at lost for words. Harry started to thrust more quickly as I uttered his name over and over again while there was a right feeling building in the bottom of my stomach.

"Harry, ugh....." I couldn't finish my sentence as I felt myself become undone. The pleasure was indescribable as I screamed his name. He covered my mouth and came dangerously close to my ear to whisper "shhhhh, we wouldn't want anyone finding out our little secret now would we?" I nodded my head, in too much ecstasy to care.

His thrusts became sloppy and uneven while he became undone himself. He uttered my name a few times along with a lot of profanities under his breath. I covered his plump lips as his screeches became louder.

We both came down from our high, panting, sweating on each other, our bodies mushed into one.

He slipped himself out of me and discarded the condom in the bin beside his door.

"I know that's not going to be the last time we do that beautiful" he grinned cheekily at me on his way returning to the bed from the bin. I was going to reply before I heard one of the boys calling my name. "Ugh, I'm coming sorry I got a bit lost!" I shouted at whoever it was. "Oh, okay we where just starting to get worried about you" they replied. "Don't worry I'm coming down now!" I looked over at Harry to find him already getting dressed. "Okay, we can't tell anyone about this, right?" I asked slowly. "Right because they'll one hundred percent not like it, even if I do" he trailed off with a develops smirk while looking at me. My cheeks started to blaze up to a fiery red, no doubt.

"And you might want to get dressed cause they're waiting for us, beautiful". Before I could protest to this new nickname he put upon himself to give me he opened the doer and was strolling down the stairs as if nothing happened. I quickly got dressed and straightened my hair out. Oh, he thinks he's so smart, well two can play at this game, and one thing he doesn't know about me is that I always win, no matter what. I smirked evilly as I walked down the stairs, meeting Louis at the bottom of the stairs and sending a wink in his direction. His eyes nearly popped out of his head, he was so surprised.

I turned my head to see Harry sitting at the table observing what just happened with a look that could have killed Louis right on the spot of he wasn't still so shocked from the incident before. Oh this is going to be fun.

~okay, sorry I have not been updating but I have exams going on all week so I have been stuDYING for ages! They will be over this weekend so I will try to update more. I hope I did okay in this chapter, it was a little awkward to write but it had to be done! Oh by the way me and my friend are writing another book called Hate is the New Love so please please please check it out! Also please become a fan, like and favourite! Thank you so much for reading and sorry for rambling on so damn much! Okay byeeeeee!!!~ S

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