Angelic Love

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched- they must be felt with the heart"

His crystal green orbs glistened as they shot through my soul trying to make me feel something, but I could and would never be broken out of this cage, but somehow something felt right, something felt different.


5. Chapter 5

I was lying on his bed, watching him as he locked his door. He turned to me, staring lustfully up and down my body. My whole body shook with his intense gaze not leaving me for a second.

He sauntered over to me wig a lopsided smirk stuck on his face, and I knew I should off hated it, hated him, but I just couldn't. I just couldn't help myself from falling deeper and deeper into the unknown that is Harry.

He took of his white shirt and discarded it to the side, not really caring where it landed. My mind was buzzing and my skin was once again lit up with flames. He crawled on top of me seductively until his lips where only a fee inches from mine. He could feel his breath hitting my sensitive lips, teasing me.

I quickly closed the space between us making him flinch at how forceful and eager I really was. He didn't waste any time as he unbuttoned my black skinny, high waisted jeans and pulled them down my legs. He threw them to god knows where and started on my white crop top. I suddenly stopped kissing him when I realised the wings might block the shirt from getting over my head, and I couldn't tell him! He looked at me with curious eyes and his head slightly tilted to the side, giving me a wondering gaze. "What's wrong?" He questioned. I pulled my shirt up over my head with a deep breath praying to God it would go over, thankfully it just slipped through my invisible wings. Wow that really are magic.

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