Till Death Do Us Part

We're all addicted to something that takes the pain away. Except for me, because in my story, I'm not the good guy, I'm the one who makes you suffer.
I don't smoke. I don't cut. I don't love.
I kill, and the rest is just a cover story.


2. Pain


I walked through the small supermarket, picking up the the foods I wanted and tossing them into my cart.

I may only be 17, but I live on my own through the individual living program, and I have a roommate who has been complaining that I need to go shopping. So I finally picked up my car keys and came down here to shut him up.

I walked around the fruit isle, looking at all the types and colors laying in front of me. I picked up a cantaloupe, placing it to my ear and knocking lightly. It made a hollow thump, and I placed it back, as it was not quite ripe yet. I repeated the process a few times, with no luck.

"Need some help?" A man asked beside me. I looked up, as he was at least a foot above my head. The man had messily thrown together brown hair, and a bit of facial stubble covering his chin and threatening to creep up his cheeks. He looked around 20, and was extremely friendly as he smiled widely at me.

"No thank you" I returned the smile and turned away, grabbing a random cantaloupe after all the trouble. I didn't have time to take a step forward, as a hand grabbed my arm, and swung me around. I hated when people man handled me, and I never let it sit alone.

I scowled at the man, and his smile dissipated. "Feisty are we?" He questioned sarcastically. "Let go of my arm" I spat through my clenched teeth. He only tightened his grip, and was slowly making his way onto my hate list. "I would let go if I were you" I squinted me eyes at him, as if sending out a warning.

He dropped my arm, but before I continued to walk away, he rudely shoved a paper into my pocket, and put his hand up to his ear, signaling the motion to 'call him.' Though I had no intentions of doing so.


As I finished shopping and purchased all the food I wanted, I continued home.

I eventually reached the small apartment building, and piled all the food bags into my arms, before walking into the building. I always thought two trips was for fools.

I weakly waved to the person standing behind the building desk, and hopped into the elevator.

By the time I reached my apartment, my arms were about to fall off. I immediately dropped the bags onto the counter, hearing a large 'thud.'

I sighed, and picked the food out of the bags one by one. Placing the fruits into the fridge, my sleepy roommate walked into the kitchen area, while rubbing his eyes.

"Good morning" I smiled, though it was three in the afternoon.

He groaned and grabbed a snack pack before exiting the room once more.

"Nice to see you to!" I yelled at him, holding back a laugh. I heard a large groan again, and took that as a response.

After all the food was put away, I picked the paper out of my pocket, that was shoved in there earlier.

I haven't had any 'fun' I awhile, why not now?

I disliked this man so much, I could only imagine what to do with him. Torture was the only word that fit the description.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialed the number that was messily scribbled onto the paper. The phone rung twice, before someone picked up.

"Hello" a deep masculine voice answered. I thought that I never asked the man his name, though it didn't matter much.

"Hello?" I answered in a seductive tone.

"Hey, so I see you decided to ring me up?" He asked cheekily, and I rolled my eyes, even know this man couldn't see my face.

"Guess I couldn't resist your charm?" I questioned seductivly.

"Guess not" he chuckled before cutting ahead, "so, do you want to have some fun tonight?"

I rolled my eyes, and answered trying not to let the disgust slip through my voice, "definitely, where are we meeting?"

"How about my place?" He questioned.

I thought about the space, but did he live with anyone? If he did there would be a problem, someone who will catch me on the act, or even miss the man I would soon make disappear.

"Do you live with anyone?" I inquired, thinking over what I would say next.

"No, my parents live out of state, so we can have the place to ourselves" he answered, making my smirk grow wider.

"Great, text me your address and I'll be over soon, want me to bring anything?" I asked, twirling a piece of my hair, though I remembered he still couldn't see me.

"Wear something sexy" he ordered, and not soon after a click sounded, telling me he had hung up.

I exited the kitchen, and strode down the short hallway that led to the bedrooms and a bathroom. Cameron, my roommate, shared the bathroom with me. It was a bit gross at times, like when he never chose to remove his dirty clothes from the ground, or clean up his facial hair clippings scattered around the sink. I rolled my eyes and continued on, entering my bedroom. Dropping down to my knees, I pulled out a bin I kept hidden under my bed. Tearing off the lid, i thought of how I could torture the man I didn't even know the name of. He is quirky, and I don't like that.

I removed the seventeen magazine collection I had scattered over the top of what lie underneath, only there for the mear thought of covering what hid below, and inside the bin. My smile grew wide as my eyes scoured the contents.

I picked up a large knife, sliding my finger down the edge, and placed it beside me, so I could bring it to the mans house, the man I couldn't wait to torture.


After grabbing a few more Items, I placed the magazines back over the contents, and slid the lid on soundlessly, before pushing the bin back under my bed.

Before leaving, I stopped outside of Cameron's room and knocked lightly. "I'm going out!" I yelled through the door. I heard another loud groan almost instantly. "Is this how you communicate?" I asked. I huffed out a load groan, that came out as more of a dying animal sound. I heard a chuckle, and ignored it as I strode out of the apartment, and continued out of the building.

I smirked evilly as I sat down in my car, and revved the engine to life.

Before I left the apartment earlier, I made sure to dress in something this man would like. As red lace undergarments. I put a brown coat on over that, and placed on black heels for footwear.

I drove down the street slowly, thinking of what I would do once I reached this mans house. Perhaps set him to flames? I also think about how easily it is to do this. To think about killing and torturing innocent people. Kill or be killed, that's what keeps me going.


I pulled into the address of the man, thinking of waisting no time. I want to get the job done and leave, go home and maybe watch a movie? Or continue with my studies?

I turned the keys, making the engine die off, and I opened my car door, making sure to grab my purse, filled with the Items I would need. Walking up the path to his house, I felt a gust of cold air hit the back of my neck, and I shivered. I wrapped my arms tighter around my body, and continued down the walkway.

I stepped onto the porch, instantly rolling my eyes, the outside light wasn't even turned on, so I was standing in the dark waiting for him. I ignored my annoyance and knocked three times on the door. It opened about a minute later, and I refrained from rolling my eyes a second time.

"Hello" I said seductively. He only smiled, and pulled me in by my forearm. I hated being man handled, and he was one for taking hold of my arms. I'll keep that in mind.

"I never caught your name."

"Bryan" he answered, raising his eyebrows like it couldn't matter less.

"Why don't we head to the bedroom?" He asked, and I nodded confidently, slipping my hand into my purse without notice. As we reached the room at the top of the stairs, Bryan opened the door slowly, and didn't bother holding it open for me. As I entered, Bryan locked the door behind me, and walked carefully toward me, wrapping his hands around my waist.

I kissed him with disgust, as I pulled a small syringe out of my purse, and lifted it to his neck. The needle was filled with a horse tranquilizer. It was strong enough to knock him out, but not kill him.

His eyes went wide as I slipped it into the vain bulging out of his neck. After the liquid was injected, the look in his eyes weakened, and he grabbed a handful of my brown trench coat , as he fell to the floor with a thud. After he wakes up, he will be to weak to move, so I see no need in securing him to the floor. And when and if police find his body, they will find it suspicious if he is tied up.

I slipped off my coat, letting it slide to the floor. If I am going to kill Bryan, I might as well look good doing it. I pulled out the knife I had chosen earlier, and held it in my left hand as I sat on his bed and waited for him to awake.

I started to get impatient after 10 minutes of waiting, and got up, leaning over his limp body, and slapping his cheeks a few times. Brayan's eyes squeezed shut, before they re-opened and widened.

"What's going on? Why can't I move?" He questioned, struggling to lift any limb except for his head.

"I'm going to give you a choice" I stated slowly, drawing out each word for emphasis.

"What? What did you do to me?" He asked, and before continuing with my 'game,' I answered him. "I gave you a horse tranquilizer, that's why you can't move."

"What are you doing? What's happening!" Bryan raised his voice, starting to yell. I smirked and kneeled next to his rib cage. "Your going to die tonight, and it can be hard, or simple."

His eyes widened even farther, if that's possible, and he opened his mouth to say something, but only a whimper came out. "I'm going to give you a choice. Either you can burn, or drown."

He didn't say anything as I stared at him with no expression, whereas he had fear written all over his face. His nostrils flared up on anger, and he looked me straight in the eyes. "Why are you doing this?" He asked, calming down.

"Because you are an arrogant ass."

"People don't kill because they don't like someone, they kill because they are mentally scared, what happened to you?" He asked, knitting his eyebrows together.

I swallowed loudly, and removed my eyes from his. The memory of that night replayed in my memory, and I became indescribably angry. "How dare you ask me that!" I yelled, slapping hard across his face. "The pain is about to begin, and unless you want to be missing a tongue, I wouldn't say anything else."

I raised the large knife I had been holding, and made a small incision on his cheek, watching him struggle under me. He cried out in pain, and I smiled at the sound. The sound of his pain.

I placed the knife down, after making the cut on his cheek a bit longer. I pulled a lighter and a bottle of nail polish remover out of my purse and placed them down in front of me. "Since you didn't choose, I guess we will go with the burning option.

He still didn't say anything, as my threat was still lingering. He only laid In front of me, eyes shut, plain expression. I picked up his hand, and held his fingers forward, as I ignited the lighter with my other hand. "This might hurt a little." No response.

I moved the flame over his finger, and he flinched, squeezing his eyes tightly shut. But he still didn't say anything. I watched as his flesh burned, his skin almost, melting.

"That's enough" I sighed, and moved the lighter away. I read online that nail polish removing alcohol was flammable, guess I'm about to find out. I uncapped the bottle and poured the cold liquid over his chest. Bryan's chest rised from a quick intake of breath, and my smile dissipated. Why isn't he resisting? He'll be screaming when he is burning in hell.

I placed my purse over my shoulder, slipped my coat back on, and ignited the lighter once more, as I placed it to his chest, and his shirt caught flames. Now I know remover is flammable.

The sweet sound of Bryan's agonizing screams of pain were a sound of music to my ears. My smile reappeared, and I walked out of the room, as the carpet surrounding Bryan caught flames. That felt right, killing him, it was fun.

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