Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


9. Chapt9.

''So what happen to Ryan and Rebecca'' ''They broke up'' he gasped and pushed me aside walking inside the room ''YOU BROKE UP WITH REBECCA'' ''We wanted to take a break chill out'' he said Justin mouth dropped ''Wooow man'' ''But me and Kimmy are gonna be hanging out tonight right Kimmy'' ''Oh yeah were gonna watch a movie'' ''A movie'' ''Yeah like a...scary movie'' ''Could me and Selena join'' i looked at Ryan and he looked at me he sighed ''Alright but it was actually suppose to be me and Kimmy'' ''Oooooh you like her'' ''Were just friends'' ''Suuuure dude'' ''So Kimmy your like Justin's sister'' Selena said ''Well y-'' she interrupted me''I dont care stay away from him you whore'' my eyes lit up ''ME..a whore Selena bitch please your the one that's using him'' ''And if you do tell him maybe something will happen to you'' ''Im not scared of you i dont give two shits if you are 20 im not scared of no one'' ''Is that so'' ''Hell yeah its so'' she rolled her eyes and pushed me aside''Justy baby come on'' ''Alright...ill see you two tonight'' they left and i sighed ''Wow you were right she IS using him i cant believe it he really needs to know this'' ''Again he will notice i heard her call you a whore'' ''How am i a whore just because i got big boobs and a big ass doesnt mean anything'' ''You really do have big boobs'' he bit his bottom lip i smiled a little and crossed my arms ''Oh really'' ''Duh i take a peek at your bra's all the time'' i gasped ''YOU LOOK AT MY BRA'S i dont even let Justin see them'' ''Well...lets just say you were a size C'' my mouth dropped he laughed and i tackled him onto the bed ''Oh dont you dare look at my bra's again'' ''Or what'' he said''Or...or...or..i will get Justin on you'' ''Oh no you wont'' ''Why'' i asked ''Because he's an asshole'' ''But that's your best friend'' ''So he can be a asshole'' i laughed ''Its okay..hey could you do me a favor tonight'' ''Yeah sure'' ''Well i wanna make Justin jealous do you think you could do something that would make him jealous'' ''I got the perfect thing'' he said ''Good'' ''Wear something sexy'' ''Im changing my looks to something really slutty but not that slutty like a short short dress that shows part of my ass'' ''Good one'' i smiled and rolled my eyes ''How about a skirt and a strapless shirt'' ''YES! i love it when you wear strapless shirts and ill be like looking down your shirt and he will get so jealous'' ''Totally'' we looked at eachother and we both kissed eachother and we both pulled away and acted like nothing happen ''Um...'' ''Dont..tell anyone about this'' he said ''Dito'' 

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