Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


8. Chapt8.

''Hey guys wanna go out to the pool'' i said 

''Yeah lets go'' Ryan said 

We all got our towels and changed into your swimming stuff i knocked on Justin's room door and he answered it 

''Hey Justin you coming to the pool'' 


he was looking at my boobs he licked his lips and stared for a while 

''Y-yeah ill be out there'' 

''Okay'' i walked off i could tell he was looking at  my ass i smirked and started walking with the guys going out to the pool the guys and their girlfriends jumped in and i layed on the tanning beds getting my iPod listening to some music getting a little tan....i wonder what that gold digger and Justin are doing i rolled my eyes in my sunglasses and just kept listening to my music i sighed and took them off got up took off my flip flops and dived into the pool 

''Finally joining eh'' Ryan said 

I chuckled''Yes...where's Rebecca''

''We need to talk'' he said i got kind of confused he got out the pool and he helped me out we went back into the hotel and started walking towards the room

''What's up'' he sighed and finally came out with it'' Me and Rebecca are breaking up'' my eyes widen ''WHAT'' ''Yeah'' ''Why though'' he shrugged ''I guess things arent working out between  us'' ''Omg Ryan im so sorry'' ''No worries'' '' shocked'' i said while opening the room door and going inside ''No need to get shocked we just want to see other people'' ''Oh...i understand'' ''So i saw Justin stare at your boobs'' i chuckled ''Yes like omg why wont you look at Selena's snakebites'' ''Hahaha good one'' we fist pound and both sighed ''I cant believe that Justin lost his virginity to the one bitch that's using him'' ''I cant either'' he said while getting on his phone ''We have to tell him'' ''No no one day he will notice'' ''Are you sure'' ''Of course'' there was a knock on the door and i went to go get it ''Oh hey Justin'' ''Hey um you left your phone outside'' ''Thanks'' ''Your in here with Ryan my little sister is growing up'' i wanted to scream at him but i just calmed down and sighed ''Noo were just friends Justin no worries'' ''Friends'' ''Yeah'' i said ''Where's your girlfriend'' ''Oh she's at the pool i just came to see where you and Ryan were i was especting you two having sex or something'' i chuckled '' he's like my best friend'' ''Friends with benefits'' ''Me and Ryan havent had sex Justin but i know you and Selena have'' ''Okay okay we did once or twice...maybe more than twice'' ''Woow what does she have on her that i dont'' ''Huh'' oh my gosh i cant believe i just said that ''I meant know what does she have she's just so...p-p-pretty i said as fast as i could knowing i was lying'' ''Oh yes she's pretty and you know she got the stuff'' ''What stuff'' Ryan mumbled i laughed and Justin rolled his eyes ''You two are just jealous'' ''Jealous Justin of what'' ''Me and Selena...what happen to seem so mean now'' ''Im not mean im just speaking the truth'' ''Okaaaay suuure'' ''Come on babe lets go back to the pool'' ''Alright one sec'' i just looked at her...her little snakebites fucking disgusting i bet when they have sex Justin have to lick her nipples instead of her boobs she's fucking 20 and she havent grew shit isnt that a shame

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