Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


7. Chapt7.

We plastered fake smiles on our faces. “Hiii Selena!!” we all said. “Oh, hi guys!!” she replied, “I met you all before right?” Justin stood next to her with his arm around her waist, “Yep baby you have except for her…” he said pointing at me, “She’s my best friend Kimmy” She smiled at me but I could kinda tell it was fake…she kinda looked pissed in a way…was I imagining it? “Hi Kimmy…!! Nice to meet you!!” Selena said. “Nice to meet you too Selena!” I replied, the fake smile still plastered on my face. “We moved out of the room that Justin and Selena were in. They had sat on the couch and began making out. It really hurt me to see it… I leant against the closed door and sighed. I could hear Justin and Selena… “Mmm, you’re already wet baby…” that was Justin. Selena was moaning, “Mmm, no babe not here…” “Do I hear something?!” Chaz whispered. They all rushed towards the door and leant their ears against it. I was squashed to the door so I couldn’t move. I had no choice but to listen as well.

“J-Justinn, stop it…we’ll have a lot of fun tonight…”

“Do we really have to wait…?”

“Yes baby”

“Even when you’re this wet?” he must’ve had his hands down her pants.


“But don’t you like…this?”

Ugh come on she obviously dont have shit where's the boobs those little snakebites i said whispering they giggled without making it sound loud 

“I…Mmm…I…no!” she was moaning.

“And how about this….?” He sounded like he was having a lot of fun at this point.

“I…” she gasped, “Omg…YES!!! Mmm…”

“And more…?”

“Aah, Justy…Mmm…stop baby…how about your friends?”

“Don’t mind them…”

“Hmm ok then…where are we sleeping tonight?”

“I have another room for just the two of us...!”

“Thank god they’re not sleeping here with us…!” Ryan whispered, his ear still on the door. “Why?” I asked. “They have such super wild sex and I CAN NOT stand Selena’s moaning…!! Do you have any idea how annoying it is?!” he shouted in a whisper. I wanted to say that I knew…but naah, I decided not to! We heard someone getting off the couch so we quickly dispersed from our spot and went to random areas of the room pretending nothing had happened at all. There was a knock on the door and Justin entered. “Hey guys, I’m going to my room with Selena…so if you want me I’m going to be in room number-…” he was cut off by Selena yelling, “Don’t tell them Justy!!” Justin laughed then winked and said, “Yeah, you guys don’t wanna know!! You wouldn’t want to disturb us either…! Y’know why!!” Selena appeared next to him, ‘smiled’ at us once and pulled him away from us saying, “let’s go Justin…!” Justin picked up her luggage and a few of his and followed Selena out of the room.

“You see, he’s like her slave or something!!” Rebecca complained after they were gone. “Yeah, now I see what you guys mean…” I said sadly, “I never knew Selena was like that…” I was her fan but now…I wasn’t quite sure. I was really upset. Justin didn’t deserve to be with her. He should be with…I was thinking me, but no ways, I’m just like his sister and nothing more!! Im gonna change my looks gonna make him surprised and make that whore face pay for using my crush how dare she use one of the famous pop star's ever that gold digger

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