Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


6. Chapt6.

“Aww…just look at them…they’re so cute together!” I heard Rebecca say.

“I know right!!” Beth replied.

“If only they’d realize how cute they are together…” said Rebecca.

“If only Justin would realize Kimmy is the one for him!!” Ryan added.

“No if only Kimmy wouldn’t always say that they’re just best friends!!” Chaz complained.

“Kimmy is just so strict with the whole ‘best friend only’ thing and Justin is crazy about Selena…!” Ryan said.

“Won’t he realize that she’s just using him for the fame and money?!” Chaz said under his breath.

“Chaz shhh!!!!!!” Beth whispered.

Selena is using him?! I can’t believe it…It can’t be true. I moved Justin’s arms off me and sat up. “WTF?!?! Selena’s doing WHAT?!?!” I shouted quietly. Loud enough for them to hear but quiet enough to keep Justin asleep. “You guys so have to explain this…”

I left Justin to sleep and went to the next room with Chaz, Beth, Ryan , and Rebecca,. “So what is this whole ‘Selena is using Justin’ thing?? Tell me NOW!!” I demanded them. “Ok, Kimmy listen…some of us have hung out with Justin and Selena a couple of times and-…” Chaz started to say but I interrupted, “You guys did what?!?! Without me?!!!” “Look, we’re sorry Kimmy…” Beth apologized. “We knew your mom wouldn’t let you go…knowing how overprotective she is about you!!” Ryan explained. “And you were still 15 then!!” Rebecca added. Yep, my mom said she wouldn’t let me do anything freely until I was 16…so overprotective…oh well, I’m 16 now!! “Ok ok, I understand…it’s fine, so continue?” I said. “Kimmy, you’ll know when you see them together…it’s like Selena is taking total control of Justin!!”Beth said sadly. “Yep, what Beth says and well, lemme continue…” Chaz said, “So we’ve hung out with that couple and we’ve seen how Selena acts around Justin. It annoys us a lot! And she tries acting nice in front of us…we know it’s an act. She actually hates us and we have no idea why” “We didn’t do anything to her…we were being nice…!” Rebecca whispered sadly. Anger was boiling up in me and I hated Selena all of a sudden. “Selena is coming to join us today right??” I asked them trying to act cool and not show my temper. They nodded their heads. “Ok, great…well, this is gonna be fun…” I sighed.

Justin slept for another 2 hours. “Wow you must’ve been really tired…!” Beth said. “Mmm, yeeah…” Justin replied sleepily with a yawn, “When’s Selena coming?” At that exact moment, we heard millions of screams coming from outside. “Um, now?” I replied him. “How do you know Kimmy?” Ryan asked. “The screams…it obviously means there’s a celeb or someone out there!” I explained. “WOOHOO!!! I’M COMIN’ BABY!!!!” Justin screamed and ran out the door. He then came back inside then stood in front of the mirror. “Do I look ok guys?” he asked quickly. “Yes you look very handsome now off you go!!” I told him. He smiled and rushed out of the door. We all sighed after he went. “He’s so crazy about her!!” Chaz said sadly.

A few moments later, the screams got louder. “Wow…Justin must be down there now…!” Rebecca said. We took a peek out of the window. There were millions of people out there. A few minutes later, the fans began chanting. It was a mixture of Justin, Selena and Jelena. “If I were down there, I would start shouting Justin a million times at the top of my voice” Chaz said, “I’m Team Bieber!!”

The door of our room suddenly opened and Justin entered with a big smile on his face. Behind him was Selena THAT FUCKING BITCH!

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