Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


5. Chapt5.

Justin and Selena were having sex over the phone and I was lying there awkwardly, fake-sleeping and listening to everything.

“Now massage your boobs baby…” Justin said into the phone.

I said to myself you mean her snakebites and smiled in my sleep without laughing 

“Mmm, that feels great baby…!” I heard Selena moan.

“Are you wet?”

“Ooh yes baby I’m soo wet…Mmm…”

This was just horrible. I had to listen to these people having sex over the phone and this was making me horny as well. But I couldn’t move…I had to be fake sleeping. Right now, Justin was asking Selena to get her dildo and pretend it was his dick and he was gonna be jerking himself off and…UGHH!!! I don’t wanna listen to this shit anymore…!! I tried not to, but that was extremely hard. I could hear Selena moaning like crazy and in the dark, I could see Justin jerking himself off. I wish I could do it for him….that was my first thought. But no, of course I won’ be able to do that…!

“Baby I think I’m gonna cum!!!” Selena moaned over the phone.

“Cum for me baby!!” Justin grunted.

This is so fucking disgusting EW..HER no just no 

They both let out a loud moan and then began breathing heavily. They probably came.

“Thanks Justy…I feel so much better” Selena said.

“Me too, thanks Selly” Justin replied.

“I can’t wait to see you tomorrow…!! Then I can have the real you…”

“Mmm, that sounds awesome…I can’t wait either!”

“Yeah baby!! So I’ll see ya tomorrow, love you lots, mwaah!!”

“Ok, miss you and love you lots, mwaah!!”

Justin cut the phone and sighed happily. “I’m the luckiest guy on earth…” he mumbled to himself. He lay back in his seat and a while later, fell asleep.

I lay awake, listening to his steady breathing. He was satisfied, and I wasn’t. I was still horny as fuck. I slid my hand down my pants and fingered myself for the second time today. But it wasn’t enough. I remembered bringing a dildo so I looked for my bag and searched for it. After I found it, I made my way to the bathroom. I removed my jeans and underwear, and sat on the toilet seat and inserted the dildo into me. Of course, I imagined Justin.

After about 15 minutes I came. I dressed and walked back to my compartment. I put my dildo away and collapsed into my seat and immediately fell asleep.

“Kimmy…..? Kimmyyyyy….?! KIMMY!!!!”

I jumped out of my seat and opened my eyes to find Justin’s face right in front of me. “Uhh morning Justin!!” I said quickly. “You’re finally awake…I thought it was hard for people to wake me up but turns out you’re worse!!” Justin sighed, “And it’s not morning. It’s afternoon here in this country!” I rubbed my eyes and let out a yawn. “We’re here already…?” I said sleepily. “Yeah kinda” he replied, “maybe in about 20 minutes or so? Make sure you’re ready, ok?” After instructing me to do the things, he left.

We sat secured in our seats as the plane descended. I looked out of the window and I could see fans waiting for Justin holding signs and all… “Wow, look at all your fans out there Mr. Bieber…!” I said to Justin. He smiled and nodded. He looked so happy.

The plane stopped and the door opened. Justin walked out first surrounded by screams. He began waving at the beliebers. I walked behind him with the others.

From the airport, we went straight to the hotel. It was one of the best hotels and we got one of the best rooms. There were about 2-3 rooms and there were 4 double beds, 2 in each room. There was a great view and we even had a balcony…what more could I ask for? Justin dumped his bags on the floor and jumped onto the bed and began bouncing about. “I thought you’d stop that habit of jumping on beds by now…but I guess not…!” I said to Justin as he continued jumping up and down on the bed. “Haha, no I won’t stop until…well, until I’m too old to do this!” he replied still jumping, “why don’t you come try? It’s fun Kimmy!! C’mon!!” he held his hand out to me. I thought about it for a while then accepted his hand. He pulled me up onto the bed and I began jumping with him. It actually was quite fun…!

After some time, we stopped jumping and just lay on the bed. I cuddled up to Justin and he hugged me. “I missed you bestie” he whispered and hugged me tighter. “Missed you too big bro” I replied and snuggled up in his arms. I don’t mind if we’re just best friends. I just want this moment to last forever… I heard his steady breathing and I knew he was asleep. I smiled, closed my eyes and fell asleep as well

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