Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


4. Chapt4.

It was night now. Justin, Chaz, Ryan, Beth, Rebecca and I were all cuddled up in blankets watching a movie that showed up on the big screen. The movie was ‘Friends with Benefits’. Omg, I love Justin Timberlake!! He’s so hot!! It would have been awesome if he was Justin’s mentor!! I do love Usher too though!!

“This movie reminds me of Justin and Kimmy…” I heard Rebecca whisper and everyone mumbled an agreement. I wish… I thought. “What?! But…” I started to say, ignoring my thought. “Noo Kimmy, don’t start with the whole ‘we are best friends’ thing!!” Chaz said. “Yep, these two were best friends and look what’s happening now…” Rebecca said, pointing at the screen. It was the part where the ‘best friends’ were having sex. “Guys…this is a movie!!” I shouted, “and Justin why are you just listening?! Aren’t you gonna say anything??” “Well Kimmy…” Justin replied, “this thing has been going on for quite some time now…maybe about 7 years? So I gave up. You’re my little sister and I have Selena. I love you as a sister.” I love you as a sister… That’s what he always says. I always felt like screaming ‘I WANNA BE MORE THAN YOUR SISTER DUMBASS!!!’ But…haha, of course I wouldn’t…! He’s my brother and that’s all. Justin’s little speech shut everyone up because he made it VERY CLEAR that I was just his sister and nothing else. We continued watching the movie in silence.

A while later, the blankets were moving…I looked to my left, Justin was busy watching the movie. And to my right…Ryan and Rebecca were busy making out. I ignored it at first but after some time, they started breathing heavily and Rebecca was lying on top of Ryan. “Aye you two, get a room!!” I shouted. “Oops, sorry…” Rebecca giggled. Ryan picked Rebecca up bridal style and they made their way to their compartment. I could see Ryan had a boner and Rebecca jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped. I didn’t want to imagine what they were doing right next to me in the same blanket…!

About half an hour later the movie finished and we decided to go to sleep. I lay there in my comfortable seat but I couldn’t sleep when I knew Justin was right next to me. It wasn’t the first time sleeping next to Justin. We used to sleep over at each other’s houses all the time. Why am I being all nervous now…?

Justin’s phone suddenly rang and I got a great shock. “Wtf…?” I heard Justin mutter angrily, “I’m in a freakin’ plane, how can anyone call me and there’s even network…?!” He continued muttering angrily, searching around for his phone. “Hello?” he answered. “Hi baby…!” a female voice replied. It was…Omg…SELENA GOMEZ!! I would recognize her voice anywhere!

“Oh hey Selena! I miss you so much babe…” he said.

“Me too baby…”

“Babe, you do know I’m in the plane now right?”

“Omg, really? I’m so sorry!! I forgot…! But there’s actually network? That’s awesome…”

“It’s ok. At least I can talk to you now. What’s up?”

“I’m horny baby…and I miss you so much…I really need you with me…”

Omg, did Selena really just say that?!?! I couldn’t believe my ears…Omg…!! And I can’t believe I‘m eavesdropping…!

“Mmm baby, you’re gonna make me horny now…” Justin replied in a sexy seductive voice.

“That’s what I want…is there anyone around you? Let’s have phone sex…”

Oh no…no way…this is not happening… fucking slut!!

“Hold on, lemme check if my best friend is sleeping…”

He poked me lightly and whispered my name. I pretended to be asleep.

“Hello? It’s all fine baby…”

“Mmm, great…”

Oh great…this is not gonna be fun…

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