Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


3. Chapt3.

“Justin you have your own private jet?!?!” I exclaimed. “Yep!” he replied. I walked around fascinated. It’s not like I’ve never been in a plane before!! It’s just that this one is just…wow…unexplainable!! There were about 4 compartments and the toilets were nice and roomy. This really doesn’t seem like a plane!! I chose a compartment for myself and the others chose one for themselves. Well, Ryan and Rebecca got one together, Chaz and Beth got one for themselves as well. Where was Justin going to go then…? I sat in my seat wondering then my door opened to reveal Justin. “Heyy, we’re sharing this place ok?” he said putting his bags down and dropping into the seat next to me. Don’t act happy Kimmy…Don’t act happy…! “Whaat…?” I said and pulled a face, well a fake one. “Yeah that’s right, we’re sharing!!” he repeated with a smile. “Ok fine…” I sighed, “just don’t snore, okay?” “What…? I snore?” he asked looking surprised. “Well, you used to” I replied then stood up and made my way to the door. “Kimmy, are you gonna leave me?” Justin asked with a puppy dog face. I smiled and told him I was going to the bathroom.

I walked out of Justin’s and my compartment and heard sounds coming from the other compartments…First I knocked on Chaz and Beth's door. No answer. They were probably not in because I couldn’t hear a single sound. Next, I knocked on Ryan and Rebecca's. No answer and no sound i heard them moaning Damn………awkward…but funny!!I began giggling but I left them to continue and made my way to the bathroom.

I got to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I didn’t feel like using the toilet anymore. I just felt extremely horny… Dammit, thanks a lot to Chaz and Beth! I leant against the door and just stared into space. I imagined Justin…naked…having sex with him… I let out a quiet moan. I slipped my hand down my pants and I was wet...really wet. I began rubbing myself and more moans escaped my mouth. I closed my eyes and imagined Justin and pleasured myself. “Oh yes Justin…Mmm yeah…more…Aah Justin…!” I was close to coming but a knock on the door interrupted me and I snapped out of my fantasy. “Kimmy?” I heard Justin call from the other side of the door. Ooh shit… I hope he never heard me moaning…! “Y-Yeah?” I answered. “Are you ok? You’ve been in there for quite some time…?” he asked. “I, um, yeah! I’m fine!!” I said, searching desperately for an excuse. I stood in front of the mirror to see if I was presentable then quickly opened the door and walked out. Justin was there looking at me worriedly. “Are you ok?” he asked. I smiled awkwardly, nodded my head and walked away.

Justin ran after me and grabbed my hand. “Noo Kimmy…!! You’re not ok!! Am I not your best friend? Now tell-…” he was cut off by the speakers. “The plane is about to depart, please take your seats and put your seatbelts on” “Ok, tell me later. Let’s go back to our seats now.” He said pulling my hand and leading us back to our seats. We walked past Chaz and Beth's  little compartment. It was quiet now. “Kimmy, on your way to the bathroom did you hear them?” he asked me, pointing at Chaz and Beth's door. I began giggling, “ooh yeah I did!! I found it so funny!!” “Haha, really? It reminded me of Selena…” he said and began daydreaming. Knowing that they had sex killed me a little inside who would want her soggy pussy.

When we took our seats, Justin and I began talking and catching up. I really missed him… After the plane took off, and we were free to stand, we went to call the others so they could join us to grab some lunch. Wow, this isn’t even like we’re in a plane…!! This is just freakin’ AWESOME!!!

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