Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


23. Chapt23.

The next day came still remember me and Justin's break up but whatever it's nothing new I thought he was actually the one and we would work out but after talking to a couple of people about me and Justin got me really thinking. I don't want him to see me as the plastic Barbie doll that every guy chases after I'm just a normal girl and I don't want to be one of those. I got up checking my phone it was 6:30 only 30 more minutes till school starts. I left going home getting ready for school doing my morning routine eating some breakfast

"Did you sleep with him" Beth asked 

"No. We talked and I kissed him"

"Holy shit. How was his lips?" 

"Oh my gosh, so soft" I replied 

"Do you think he's the right one for you"

"I don't know maybe were not dating just yet but something's telling me to go for it. He's had a hard time trusting people in his life and I'm the first person he could trust so, maybe I should go out with him"

"Think about it first before you end up dating him.  I don't want you to get hurt you fooled yourself thinking you and Justin was gonna last but you got hurt"

"I'm used to it ill be okay"

"You shouldn't be used to it. You deserve a special someone in your life that's not gonna push you through everything single thing in your life. Justin's a celebrity he's not a normal person and he never will even if he tried. I would recommend dating Brandon and see how things goes. Not date yet but wait a while" she said and I nodded 

"How are you holding up"

"I'm okay thank god the baby didn't come last night I would've been so nervous"

"I know you're nervous but it looks like you're ready to pop"

  "Tell me about it. Are you doing anything today"   "Not that I can think of"   "Great cause you're all mines today. After school"   "Are you sure you want to go to school because I'm afraid your water will break anytime"   "Don't worry I should have the baby by the end of this week now come on let's get dressed" she said we got up going upstairs doing our morning routine brushing my teeth doing my hair going downstairs grabbing my phone.Mom had went to work early today so I drove me and Beth to school. We got out we went our separate ways she went with Chaz and I walked inside the school to my locker grabbing my books closing it    "Morning" Brandon said   "Morning. Sorry if I stayed over I just got tired"   "It's cool, it's not like we slept together on the day you got dumped"   "Didn't really get dumped heartbroken for the hundredth time and no it wasn't your fault I've been thinking about what you told me and it's just I don't want to date a celebrity because of the rumors and the cameras being in your face most of the time. I want to enjoy being just an ordinary girl"   "You're not just ordinary more like special" he said and I smiled   "Thanks. I really needed someone to tell me that not just my friends or my mom, and to be honest it was really nice for you to tell me about your family but also, nice to ya know...kiss"   "It was unexpected but worth it"   "Yeah" I said smiling    "It was, nice I guess"   "You guess? Oh no you think I was taking it to fast"   "No I know how much you're crazy over Justin and I've been trying to make the first move but it seems like I didn't have to. I wanna take you out Friday night if you're not doing anything"   "As a date?" I asked    "If you want it to be I was just gonna say two friends having dinner"   "Well it's a date I'll see you Friday night" I said walking to class. All I could think of for the rest of the day was having dinner with Brandon I've had a crush on him since forever and it's my shot to start dating I know it's too soon since me and Justin broke up yesterday but Brandon treats me differently. After school me and Beth hung out Rebecca barely had time to hang out because she had tons of homework to do from AP classes.    "I seen you with Brandon, he walked you to your car I think he's a great guy" she said    "Yeah, me to it's just I just got out of a relationship and I don't wanna rush things with me and Brandon Justin may think I moved on to fast"   "Who cares what he thinks he's already moved on he's dating this wannabe so much plastic on her body how do people do that"   "He's already dating someone" I asked    "Yeah. I was surprised too it really does seems you two dated for sex I mean he took your virginity. Did you really love him?" She asked    "I did. I though that we were actually going to make things work get married and have a son or daughter together but, fame changed him I don't want him to look at me and see me as the girl he wasn't looking for I may not have the biggest ass or the plastic surgery body but I think that no one will ever understand how much I loved him but it is what it is it's over and I'm okay with it. I think that Brandon would be the guy that will love me for just being me."   "Awe well I can tell that you love him even though you're not dating yet but we all been classmates our whole lives and it's almost graduation aren't you happy"   "Yeah. I'm happy that prom is almost here I can tell it's going to be a night to remember" 


"Tell me about it. Don't get drunk and don't have sex"   "I don't think when me and Brandon get together he doesn't wanna have sex with me early in our relationship. I butt-dialed him last night and he heard what we said"   "About" she said quickly    "Me feeling normal around him"    "What did he say" she asked    "I know you have feelings for me" I said and her mouth dropped    "Holy shit and he was okay with what you said"   "Yeah he's completely fine with it. I was kinda surprised he didn't freak out or drop hints he just told me"   "Well he is the kind of person that isn't afraid to say what he thinks.I think he's a good person for you and if you're afraid of dating him after you got dumped you shouldn't" she said. I sighed and layed on my back staring at the ceiling. When my mom got home we all went out for dinner I didn't speak much mostly having a lot of things on my mind. When I got home I couldn't sleep twisting turning in bed.   "Kim" Beth said    "Yeah"   "My water broke" she said. I quickly got up turning the lamp on running into mom's room    "Mom Beth's water broke" I yelled loud enough to wake her up. She got up rubbing her eyes slipping on her shoes I went back into my bedroom putting my shoes on helping Beth downstairs    mom got into the drivers side I got in the back. We got to the hospital Beth's contractions were coming it was taking some time for a doctor to come and put her on a gurney. I went with her to hold her hand    "I want this damn baby out of me Kim" she said gripping on my hand    "Just push you're almost there" I replied. After the last push her baby girl came out she sighed in relief I smiled grabbing the baby from the doctors looking into her little grey eyes while she looked into mines    "Shes gorgeous. She looks just like you" I said    "Never have kids" she said I chuckled and rolled my eyes    "Thanks for the advice I told you, you were ready to pop"    "Yeah. Did you call Chaz" she asked    "Not yet but I will don't worry get some rest you need it" I said she nodded the doctors took the baby back to get her cleaned up. I left the room going to the waiting room mom was sleep in the chair, I took out my phone and called Chaz Ryan and Rebecca to come to the hospital I knew this would be a special moment for the five of us. 
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