Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


22. Chapt22.

When I got to Brandon's I knocked on the door. The door opened and I spotted Ashley 

"Hi" I said happily 

"Hi. Are you looking for my daddy" she asked 

"Yeah." I said 

"Come in" she said grabbing my hand leading me in closing the door. Brandon came downstairs introducing me to Ashley. She was a little cutie, next thing I knew a girl came out from the kitchen. 

"Kim meet Emily she just stopped by to see Ashley" 

"Oh. Hi" I said holding out my hand 

"Are you his girlfriend" she asked 

"No we're not dating just close friends" 

"Whatever I'm out" she said leaving 

"She was a little bitchy. Didn't you put some kind of restraining order on her"

"Yeah she came unexpected I'm sorry"

"It's okay" I said

"Look about last night it was a mistake it's just I'm attracted to you and I know about the break ups you and Justin had and you don't deserve that. Besides I know I'm a stuck up jock but when it comes to people I care about I'm different" 

"Say no more I know and you're right I don't deserve it but me and him have been friends for our whole lives. It's just he's having a hard time with his career and it's pressuring him"

"Pressuring him how he chose to cheat on you it wasn't his career Kim you have to see that it's like he's brainwashed you" he said 

"I love him Brandon"

"You think you love him. He cheated married someone else divorced her on the same day he got married to her, he doesn't know what he wants maybe you're just dating for the sex. But that's your relationship not mines so I should butt out but, you don't deserve to be treated like you're an object. I know you better than he knows you we've been classmates all our lives while Justin was enjoying the famous life. You need someone that can call you beautiful almost everyday" he said. There was nothing more I could say everything was true and I'm just tired of me and Justin breaks up when he feels like we don't have something. 

"Let's just change the subject. How's Beth"

"She's okay close to her due date" I said 

"Happy I'm not the only person in school that has a baby. We're close to graduating you know could I ask you something" he asked 


"Since only people in school can only go to the prom and Justin can't come. Would you go with me, guys are suppose to ask girls if you don't want to it's okay a lot of girls offered me to be their date"

"But you turnt them down to see if you could go with me" I asked 

"Yeah." He said and I smiled and nodded 

"I'd love to but just as friends"

"Okay" he said 

"By the way your daughter is gorgeous I could steal her"

"You wouldn't do that. You must want a kid"

"Not right now but when I seen Ashley I want one so bad"

"You'll get one with the right person though. Always keep the guy that you had a baby by because you don't want to go around with two different baby daddies" he said we both chuckled 

"True. So why aren't you with your baby momma"

"She's crazy. More like dangerous and I don't want to be with her I rather have someone other than her that accepts me and including Ashley. Tori excepts Ashley but not me"

"So if she changes would you go back with her"

"No. She ruined my life in 10th grade we were boyfriend and girlfriend we broke up because she was messing around with other guys she told me she was pregnant I didn't think it was mines till she had the baby and got a DNA test. During her pregnancy someone else was doing what a dad should do go to the appointments taking classes helping her out making sure she eats the right things. I thought it was all a set up just to get to my family's money."

"Is that why you treated your girlfriends in the past like shit" I asked 

"Not really. I just have a lot of protected sex to get my mind off of things"

"Is that why you tried to have sex with me last night" I asked

"You thought I was trying to have sex with you"

"Well you tried to kiss me and you kissed my neck" I said 

"Shit. Must've got drunk"

"Yeah you were really wasted"

"I'm sorry did you tell Justin"

"What kind of person do you think I am. Of course I didn't" I said 

"So you're the kind of person that cheats on her boyfriend and not tell him about it"

"No it's just I didn't cheat on him. I didn't do anything bad" 

"True." He said. Meanwhile it was almost dark me Brandon and Ashley were playing Monopoly having a great time till I checked the time 7:45

"Oh shoot I gotta go dinner with Justin. I had a great time Brandon"

"Me to I'll see you at school Monday" he said and I nodded. I hugged Ashley and I left going home rushing upstairs taking a quick shower throwing on a short black dress brushing out my hair

"Dinner with Justin" mom asked 


"You're coming back right." 

"Yes I'll come back I promised Beth I would spend some time with her. Where is she?" I asked putting earrings in my ear 

"Still out with Chaz. She'll be back home in a few minutes, good luck on your date and no sex"

"More like kissing and making out" I said 

"Which leads to sex. Were you with Brandon the rest of the day"

"Yeah I met his daughter we played board games I had a good time"

"Looks like you like spending time with Brandon than you do Justin"

"Not true. Justin had to meet Scooter today at the studio so I told him I would be at Brandon's and he was okay with it" I said 

"Wow! Okay then that's shocking I thought he didn't like Brandon"

"He doesn't but, he's my friend and he'll have to deal with it"

"What happened between you two" she asked 

"What do you mean" 

"You're my daughter I know when you're not telling me something. Don't worry I won't tell I'm your mom"

"Well-" I said and she gasped in surprise 

"You kissed him" 

"No. He kissed my neck that's it and at school he almost moved his hand up my skirt"

"He likes you Kim Justin has competition" she said and I chuckled 

"Whatever I'm sticking with Justin. Brandon told me a lot of true things about me and his relationship but I don't know we just broke up and got back together so many times I don't want him to be confused like him and Selena's relationship was."

"You just have to show him you're nothing like her"

"I'm nothing like her I mean we both don't have talent she's famous for some reason and I'm just an ordinary girl"

"You're not ordinary you're special and I honestly think that you know deep down inside that Brandon can treat you better than Justin, but you two love eachother don't you" she asked 

"We told eachother we were in love but, then we broke up so I don't know what love is anymore"

"It takes a lifetime to prove to someone you love him" she said and I chuckled a little 

"Funny. Brandon told me the same thing" I said and she raised an eyebrow 

What" I replied 

"Nothing. It's just he's smarter than I thought"

"He's been through a lot and he just needs someone that's always there for him. We're close friends and I want it to stay that way I had a massive crush on him when Justin got married to Dylan I was just afraid to date him because Justin was gonna come back saying he divorced us and he was waiting for us to get back together. Justin didn't really love Dylan"

"Let me tell you something. He married someone else when you guys broke up you moved on and on that day he divorced her just to win you back. Don't you think he's just with you because you two have sex together he cheated on you married someone and he came back to you. Is he the right one Kim?" She asked and I shrugged 

"I'll find out sooner or later" I said 

"Okay well have fun on your date" she said leaving. I added a little bit of makeup and slipped on my heels heading out the door going to Justin's. 

"Hey I'm happy you made it" he said inviting me inside 

"Sorry I'm late me and my mom was talking"

"It's okay. Everything okay" he asked 

"Um. Yeah I'm fine it's just I had a long day, something smells good" I said 

"Yeah. I cooked, I know can you believe it usually my chef cooks but I wanted tonight to be special especially with you" he said and I smiled kissing his cheek. He leaded me into the kitchen there were candles lit and rose petals on the floor. He pulled out a chair for me to sit in. He sat down to taking the lids off from the plate. We ate dinner talking having some laughs eating desert till I checked the time 9:20

"You have to go or something" he asked 

"Not yet Beth wanted me to spend some time with her"

"She's with Chaz right"

"Well she was but now I guess she's at home. Um, I gotta talk to you about something, about prom"

"I know. I can't go because I'm not in high school and Brandon asked you it's okay you're just friends. Did you meet his daughter"

"Yeah she's so cute her mom was a bitch she wasn't suppose to be there it's a long story but we played board games with her and we had a good time"

"I don't want you to make you feel that you have to choose between me and him" he said 

"It's nothing like that I liked him before and he liked me it's just, were confused about this whole thing I don't want to choose because I'm dating you and I love you" I said grabbing his hand "I know I probably don't know what love is but I know what it feels like please don't be mad" I added and he smiled 

"I'm not mad it's just felt like we didn't have a connection I know I'm famous and can never be a normal person but I want to at least try make our relationship better. I'm not going to let what Brandon's says get in our way I don't want to fight over you with some other guy and if being with a normal guy makes you feel better. I'm okay with that" 

"I don't want to be with him. I want to be with you" I said and kissed him softly 

"Did you feel anything" he asked 

"Um. A little"

"I didn't"

"I'm tired of us breaking up like this and I know everyone is to."

"We're not breaking up just. Breaking up in a nice way we'll always be friends I'll always be jealous of the guys you date but at least we had something special. Taking both of eachothers virginity" he said 

"I don't wanna us to be like this" 

"We have to. There are plenty of girls out there for me and there are plenty of guys out there that can treat you better than I can. Best friends to love it wasn't meant to be I hope you find what you're looking for" he said

"Is this because of Brandon" I asked 

"No it's- I want you to be happy"

"I am happy I want to be with you we finally started to work things out and this is our hundredth break up"

"I know but. It'll be our last, were still something to eachother" he said kissing my cheek "I'll be okay one day we'll see eachother with different people long as I know you're happy, I'm happy" he added. After getting my heart broken AGAIN I went home staying in bed for the rest of the night.

"Hey babe what's wrong" Beth said laying beside me 

"Me and Justin broke up"

"Damn again"

"He just wants me to be happy I kissed him and he didn't feel anything"

"Did you" she asked 


"You like Brandon that's why. I know Justin wants you happy he did it because he cares about you. You can't hate him forever you two known eachother since you were babies he did what was best for the both of you."

"I love him"

"You told me yourself you're to young to know what love is"

"But I know what it feels like."

"What did Brandon say to you" she asks 

"He told me I need someone that calls me beautiful almost every day what he told me got me really thinking about me and Justin I wanted to be with him"

"Neither of you felt anything when you kissed face it after all the times you two broke up you moved on and things aren't working out. Who do you really want to be with"

"I want to be with Justin but.. Brandon is so different I feel so normal with him and with Justin I'm just another celebrity that everyone sees"

"I'm sorry" she said 

"It's okay I'll get through it I just- I need to see Brandon"

"Go" she said

"But I'm suppose to be spending time with you"

"I know but. Just go get things right" she said I sighed leaving going to Brandon's knocking on the door seeing him shirtless 

"Holy shit. D-did I wake you" I asked 

"No I was just putting Ashley to bed what's up"

"We need to talk" 

"Okay" he said letting me inside closing the door behind him "You look gorgeous in that dress" he said 


"What did you want to talk about"

"Me and Justin broke up"

"It's my fault isn't it" he asked 

"It's just when I kissed him he didn't feel anything and neither did I, he wants me to be happy and he told me it'll be our last break up and that one day we would see eachother with different people it was hard hearing him say that to me face to face" I said. He opened out his arms for a hug I couldn't resist so I hugged him 

"I know you have feelings for me" he said rubbing my back and I pulled away 

"What" I said 

"You butt-dialed me when you were talking to Beth. Is it true"

"I don't know. Is it true you have feelings for me"

"I tried to kiss you of course I have feelings for you and how come you don't know if you have feelings for me"

"Maybe I want us to still be friends. I want to make sure that I'm ready to be in an another relationship"

"Oh. I understand you just got out of a relationship and I'm taking this to fast. I want you to know I've never been the way before everything happened with Emily"

"Yeah I know and I wanna wait" 

"Okay. I'm not pressuring you"

"I know it's that I wanna wait. I don't wanna be heartbroken again" I said 

"And you won't I can promise you that"

"If you're a jock why are you such a kind person" 

"Most guys are like that. Mostly they think they're better than everyone else after everything happened I changed"

"Happened? You mean with Emily" I asked 

"No. it's getting late and we should get some sleep"

"Okay but, will you tell me soon"

"Yeah. I'll tell you one day I've never told anyone before but you're the only person I can trust right now" 

"What is it about" I asked 

"My family it's complicated and you should get home"

"I have time Brandon I wanna know" 

"Okay well, my mom had cancer when I was three she pasted away I grew up in this house my dad has been busy with work barely be at home to help me with Ashley. Why are you crying?" He asked 

"Because it seems that you grew up to do everything by yourself. I know that one day you'll have to move out this house and be a father to your daughter. I know you don't want to move out because your mom past away and it's filled with good memories but those memories will always be with you. Your dad does whatever he can to provide for you and Ashley even though he's not here everyday"

"I always thought you were smart" he said I smiled and lightly kissed him. I pulled away Ashley called him upstairs. He went up to see what she wanted I was to tired to go home so I slept on the sofa. 

I went downstairs thinking Kim left but she was asleep on the sofa. I kneeled down in front of her putting a piece of hair behind her ear kissing her cheek a smile appeared on her face. I grabbed the blanket above the sofa putting it on her heading upstairs.


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