Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


21. Chapt21.

"Why are you looking at me like that" I asked 

"No reason it's just..we finally having a good time our date was amazing"

"Yeah true no paparazzi that's surprising"

"I know happy they didn't" 

"They would've ruined our night cameras flashing in our faces asking us a billion of questions saying rude things to us so disrespectful" 

"Welcome to the famous life" he said taking a sip of his beer 

"So what do you wanna do tomorrow..we could go shopping bowling roller skating ICE skating anything" 

"We can do all of that but first My mom wants to see you"

"She really wants to see me" I asked 

"Of course she hasn't seen you in a long time when she heard we were back together she wanted to see you"

"Okay well I'm going to bed" I said sitting up eating my last strawberry 

"It's only 10:45" he said 

"I know Biebs I always go to sleep at that time" 

"It's a Friday night" 

"Justin I'm going to bed" I said giving him a goodnight kiss getting up hopping into the bed going to sleep. 
The next day I woke up brushed my teeth putting on some shorts and a training bra grabbing my phone and earbuds going for a run around the park.  
I sighed still sleeping feeling on the bed for Kimmy I opened one of my eyes then both sitting up looking around the shower wasn't running breakfast wasn't cooking her clothes was still here it was only 5:53 in the morning I layed my head on the bed going back to sleep. When I woke up again my phone went off playing Looking For You I rolled onto the other side of the bed answering it 

"Hello" I said 

"Um Justin I-it's Chaz" 

"What's up"

"Uh you might want to come to the emergency room soon as possible" he said 

"W-what are you talking about Chaz is it my mom please don't tell me it's her" I said sitting up

"No it's Kimmy" he said 


"Well I guess she went for a run and she got hit by a drunk driver just come were all here hurry"

"Is her mom there" I asked 

"Yes she's here hurry" he said hanging up I hung up to going into the bathroom brushing my teeth washing my face fixing my messy hair putting on some clothes leaving the house going to the E.R

"Kimmy Rawls" I said to the nurse at the front desk 

"Sorry we can't let anyone see her yet" 

"I-is she dead"

"No she's not dead just some brain injuries and a broken arm she's in a concussion" she said

"NO!" I said knocking over a table 

"Um security" the nurse said I ran my fingers through my hair the security grabbed me trying to take me out the hospital I yanked my arm out his hand walking off

"Justin!" Beth said running towards me crying hugging me tightly 

"Does she look hurt? Did you see her?" I asked she grabbed my hand I followed her seeing Kimmy through the glass wires were everywhere she didn't look okay. 

"Are you guys okay" I asked 

"Do we look okay Justin she got hit by a fucking drunk driver she could be dead for all we know there's nothing we can do stupid doctor don't know if she's dead or not her heart rate is slowly going down by the minute luckily they caught the guy she's in there fighting risking her life for us" Rebecca said 

"She's gonna be okay Rebecca-"

"No she's not Justin a broken arm brain injury internal bleeding-"

"Rebecca calm down Justin feels bad just like all of us stop it Kimmy wouldn't want us to be arguing" Beth said calmly I sighed going over to sit next to Kimmy's mom 

"How are you holding up" I asked 

"I'm okay. How are you holding up" she asked 

"Not so good I hate waking up with bad news a concussion really" I asked

"Yeah she's a fighter we just have to stop thinking negative she'll wake baby will wake up" she said sniffling 

"Yeah..she will wake up" I said 

"The doctor said it'll be a few minutes to see her I want you to see her first I bet she would want to see your face first" 

"No you're her mother-"

"I insist" she said 

"Okay" I said. The doctor came into the waiting room seems like he had bad news 

"She needs surgery" he said 

"To stop the bleeding" Beth asked 

"Yeah can't see her yet I'm sorry but the bleeding hasn't stopped and she needs surgery"

"How long will it take" I asked 

"A while we'll let you know" he said walking off. Few hours later Kimmy came out from surgery I was the first one to see her she wasn't awake yet her heart rate was slowly rising which made me feel a little happy inside 

"Is this my fault?" I asked to myself. I held her hand kissing her fingers I felt the palm of her hand on my cheek she still hasn't opened her eyes yet. 
I smiled holding her hand.

"How is she" her mom asked 

"She's okay"

"Did she move"

"Well she touched my face" I said 

"Did she or did you imaged it"

"I felt it wanna spend some time with her" I asked 

"Yeah sure" she said I left the room going back to the guys 

"She doing okay" Ryan asked 

"Yeah she didn't wake up yet I'm gonna go to the gift shop and buy her something wanna come" I asked 

"Uh yeah I'll go Ryan you staying here" Chaz asked

"Yeah I'll stay Rebecca needs to calm down for a while" 

"Okay" I said. Me and Chaz went to the gift shop I picked out some roses balloons and a teddy bear 

"Um Justin ex wife" he said I looked over and seen Dylan

"Aw shit! What is she doing here"

"How would I know isn't she a doctor"

"No she's a model" I said 

"You're always after models what's your problem"

"Kimmy isn't a model for YOUR information do me a favor pay for this an I'll meet you back in the waiting room" I said giving him some money

"Really" he asked 

"Please I'm here for my girlfriend not to be seen by Dylan"

"Fine but this is the only favor" he said walking off I quickly walked out of the gift shop 

"What the hell is wrong with you" Ryan asked

"Dylan I saw her in the gift shop"

"What is she doing here isn't she a model"

"Yes but that's not the point"

"Justin" I heard someone say 

"Hi Dylan what are you doing here" I asked 

"Visiting my cousin what are you doing here oh no is it your mom"

"No it's..Kimmy got hit by a drunk driver"

"Oh my gosh is she okay"

"She got out of surgery a few minutes ago but she's okay hasn't woke up yet tho" I said 

"Well I know we've been avoiding eachother since our divorce but I know how much you love her and I shouldn't ruin it for you we both should be happy" she said 


"I saw you at the gift shop I knew you wanted to avoid me and I'm sorry for coming after you I feel desperate I hope Kimmy wakes up you two are happy together"

"Thanks I always thought you would come after me and ruin my relationship with her"

"Of course not it's just I know we wasn't really in love and I can't take your joy besides I'm in a relationship right now and if I ruin your relationship it's only gonna ruin mines I can't do this to Kimmy she's in a concussion and you guys are worried sick about her besides if I do try and ruin your relationship it'll make me immature so have fun with your life Justin" she said walking off. I guess I didn't have anything to worry about at all everyone left Kimmy's mom had to get some rest Ryan and Chaz had double dates to go to and I was with Kimmy. 
Days later I decided to finally wake up I looked around Justin was standing in the window with his hand on it he smiled in relief I smiled to he came inside hugging me. A few hours passed I finally got out of the hospital and went back to school the next day. I was in science watching a 45 minute video which was really boring to watch maybe I should've stayed home 

"How are you feeling" Brandon asked 

"I'm okay I guess it's just my arm hurts"

"Heard what happen..damn"

"Yeah luckily the drunk driver got caught I was afraid that I would never wake up" 

"Well be happy you did" he said and I chuckled 

"There's this get together tonight at my house wanna come you don't have to if you're still in pain with the arm..or if your boyfriend doesn't want you to come"

"I don't live with him" I said chuckling 

"Yeah I know but someday you will's just me a couple of guys and a couple of girls from the cheerleading squad if you decide to come here's my address" he said giving me a piece of paper 

"Okay I'll think about it"

"Alright by the way I had a great time at your birthday party I couldn't keep my eyes off of you. You were just so sexy" he said moving his hand up from my knee 

"Brandon!" I said 

"Right!" He said moving his hand away 

"You have a girlfriend"  

"What if I didn't?.." He said smirking showing his braces I always loved his smirk it turnt me on a little. I smiled a little at him I don't know what I was thinking 

"Well if you didn't have a girlfriend and if I didn't have a boyfriend then maybe we could work something out but I'm not like that"

"You love Justin huh" he asked 

"I don't know I I'm to young to know what love is were graduating high school moving on with our lives you're thinking about college becoming a professional football player an since I'm dating a celebrity I'm not thinking about that"

"Is he pressuring you into not going" he asked 

"No it's just it's to late to apply for a college."

"It's never to late it's only a few more days till graduation where do you wanna go to college"

"California..I don't know I want to become a lawyer or something I can't be a track runner because my arm and my dreams are crushed because of it"

"There's a lot of people that's been injured but that doesn't mean that they can stop reaching their dreams and achieving it"

"Yeah true..thanks for the advice"

"You're welcome" he said I smiled and kissed his cheek 

"When you were at the track meet..were you really there for your girlfriend" I asked 

"Nope maybe I was there for you but..your dumbass boyfriend had to ruin that wasn't he fucking married" 

"Yeah but he divorced her he didn't love her"

"What's the point in marrying someone if you don't love them"

"I don't know it's complicated"

"What's the real reason why you took him back..because of sex" he asked

"No it wasn't because of sex I think I love Justin"

"You're to young to know what love is Kimmy were all to young I think love is wanting to spend a lot of time with the person you really love just chillin' getting to spend a lot of time with eachother. It takes a lifetime to prove to someone you actually love them I think we will both experience what love is when the time is right"

"That's true" I said.The bell rung Ms Brooks cut on the lights stopping the video I grabbed my books leaving the room going to lunch. 

"Hey bitch so word gets around quickly Brandon talked to you" Beth said 

"Yeah I'm going to his get together at his house"

"Do you think Justin will like this"

"He's not my dad" I said 

"Alright well I hope you have fun and not to much fun" she said eating her salad 

"Oh shit" she said holding her stomach 

"Oh god you're in labor"

"No this damn baby keeps kicking ugh I can not wait for it to come out"

"A lot of first babies come early so be prepared" I said 

"YOU be prepared to going over to Brandon's tonight"

"It's nothing it's just a get together" 

"More like getting together" she said making smooching noises 

"No! Remember I'm dating Justin Brandon's just a friend"

"Mhm sure have fun not to much fun"

"Why are you saying that I'm dating-"

"Yeah yeah yeah you're dating Justin it's not like he hasn't cheated on you"

"He's cheating on me" I asked 

"No..I don't know but while you're over at Brandon's I'll talk to Justin hang out with him he's like a brother to me we all grew up together"

"Yeah I know and thanks" I said. After school I went to Brandon's house it was a nice place never thought he would live in such a big house. I rang the doorbell waiting for him to answer I sighed and he opened the door. 

"Happy you could make it come in" he said I went inside looking around sitting my bag on the couch

"Wow nice place it's yours" I asked 

"Of course it's mine want something to drink"

"Um sure water" I said following him into the kitchen 

"So tell your boyfriend you were over here" he asked

"Nope he's not my dad" 

"Oh! Okay then" he said giving me a bottle of water. We started talking about everything in our lives eating cheese and pizza frozen grapes 

"Where are the others" I asked 

"Um..guess they're not coming"

"Where are they" I asked 

"Okay fine there was no get together I just wanted you to come over get to know eachother" he said scooting next to me 

"Smooth" I said and he chuckled 

"Ya know I gotta tell you something..I like you a lot and I have a daughter"

"Daughter" I asked 

"Yeah she's 3 it's a long story you probably don't wanna hear" 

"Of course I wanna hear" 

"Alright well I was in the 10th grade I got a girl pregnant she was a cheerleader..she died, well she's not dead but she's dead to me I've been taken care of her every since she was born. She was crazy, when she turnt old enough to walk she came over and started acting like a psychopath put a restraining order on her so now she can't come near me or her. It's just I want her safe"

"Awe. I understand what you're going through must be hard, where is she" I asked

"Um..she's over my moms I decided that you wouldn't want a baby over and her name is Ashley" 

"Well of course I want to see her I don't mind I love kids" I said 

"Well maybe you could come over tomorrow night and I'll let you see her"

"Okay" I said taking another sip of my champagne 

"You're a beautiful woman Kim I think that you will find that guy that can look into your heart and tell you what he's thinking" he said and I smiled 

"Really" I asked 

"Yeah..really" he said smiling I smiled to he leaned in

"Just friends" I said making him stop 

"Friends that do this" he asked kissing my neck. I quickly got up from the sofa grabbing my bag 

"It's getting late I should get home" I said leaving 
"Do you love Kimmy" I asked 

"Um I'm to young to know what love is Beth were just boyfriend and girlfriend"

"Mhm how are you feeling about the relationship"

"I care about her I don't want her to be hurt do you want us to be together do you think it's to soon" 

"Maybe I think you would know when the right time is Justin you just can't keep breaking her heart like on tour YOU have to know what the fuck you want are you ready to be serious with her do you really wanna wait to be with her and try to date other people till you actually want to find love" I said

"I don't know I don't want her heartbroken"

"Oh trust me you're gonna be broken soon to" 
The next day came which was a Saturday I woke up to a flash 

"What are you doing" I asked sitting up grabbing Justin's phone seeing a picture of me laying back on the pillow 

"Oh my gosh delete it" I said giggling 

"That's not gonna happen"

"Who eats ice cream in the morning" I asked giggling 

"Obviously me"

"Aren't you gonna put a shirt on"I asked chuckling 

"Later..I made breakfast wanna come downstairs and eat"

"I'll be down" I said he got up and left I sighed removing the blankets going into the bathroom brushing my teeth splashing water on my face drying it off with a towel going downstairs. 

"Smells good" I said 


"What happened last night" I asked 

"Well Beth came to talk to me about us. I tried calling you when you got home from what's his face and you didn't answer"

"Beth told you I was over at Brandon's" I asked 

"No I just figured you were over his place. What happened" 

"Nothing" I said eating me a piece of bacon

"You sure"

"Yeah I'm sure"

"Did he try to do something? Because if he did I will kill him" 

"No it's not like that. Just calm down it was nothing we just talked that's all"

"Okay. Well if you say nothing happened I believe you" he said and I smiled he opened his arms walking towards me pulling me into a hug 

"How's the arm" he asked pulling away 

"It's fine I guess. Um what did Beth say to you last night"

"She asked me did I love you and how I felt about this relationship"

"What did you say? Do you..really love me" I asked 

"Ask me that in a few months. We don't know what love is yet I mean we break up and get back together like it's a light switch but I actually know what I want. And it's you. You're just a normal girl, a girl that gets what I'm going through with my career I mean come on I'm likeable"

"You're likeable because you're a star that's the only thing people care about. Your friends looks out for you. For the mistakes you make it's like they take up for you without you learning from them"

"Yeah. You're right. Doing anything today"

"Well I was going over to Brandon's again and see his daughter I wanted to see her last night but she wasn't there"

"He has a kid" he asked 

"Yeah she's three her name is Ashley. Now do you feel bad for hating on him" I asked 

"No. I don't sucks that you're hanging out with him um hello I'm your boyfriend" 

"I promise when I get back we can do something okay" I said 

"Yeah I guess. Dinner tonight at my place what do you say"

"I'd love to, what time" I asked 

"8, I decided to cook and I can't tell you what I'm cooking because its a surprise" 

"Okay fine don't tell me but, I can't wait till tonight I know it'll be a night to remember" I said he smiled and kissed my forehead wrapping his arms around my neck pulling me towards his chest.

"I'm gonna go I have to meet Scooter at the studio to talk about music and my next big thing in my career. See you later" he said grabbing his shirt leaving. 

"Hey" Beth said coming into the kitchen 

"Hey. How did you sleep"

"Couldn't sleep. Damn baby kept waking me up"

"Imagine how hard it's gonna be when it's born. Up all night wanna sleep all day"

"You don't have to worry about that me and Chaz can work it through. So what happened at Brandon's" 

"Nothing we just talked he has a daughter and I'm meeting her today"

"Awe. Well he's cute I bet she's cute to and make sure you don't spend all day with him I want some us time"

"I know but it can't be after 8 because I'm having dinner with Justin at his place tonight" I said 

"You're spending the night at his" she asked 

"I haven't thought about it. But maybe I won't the baby is almost here and I wanna be here with you if your water breaks. How are you feeling"

"Exhausted. Moody. Me and Chaz suppose to go out for a picnic by the lake"

"That's romantic I'm happy he stepped up" 

"He had no choice anyways see you later" she said walking away. I sighed sitting on the stool eating breakfast getting ready to go to Brandon's.

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