Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


19. Chapt19.

When I got out the shower I dried myself off wrapping myself in a towel sneaking into Justin's closet finding me a muscle shirt and some sweats 

"Stealing my clothes" he said 

"Not stealing more like borrowing" 

"Are you gonna bring my other sweats back" he asked 

"Are you gonna fix my other pair of tights" I asked he chuckled and put his head down 

"I thought so" I said dropping my towel putting the clothes on

"So you're going to put my clothes on in front of me" he asked 

"You seen my body before..a bunch of times actually" 

"Right!" He said 

"I'm gonna go home"

"No no wait I want us to talk more it's been months since we actually talk to eachother"

"Alright fine what do you want to talk about" I asked with him following me downstairs to the living room sitting on the couch

"Uh how is everyone how is Beth and the baby" he asked sitting beside me 

"The baby is fine Beth is fine she's close to her due date her and Chaz are back together Rebecca and me are friends same as Beth and Ryan's good to is that all you wanted to talk about" I asked 

"No! How's your mom"

"She's fine Justin how is yours"

"She's kinda mad at me about marrying Dylan but whatever"

"Wow why are you marrying her"

"She loves me" he said 

"Do you love her"

"To be honest I don't know we have sex a lot but I just don't know"

"So you have sex with me and then her are you trying to piss me off" I asked 

"No no no I don't think of you as a side hoe it's just were friends and we have sex me and Dylan are getting married and-"

"Justin you're not even happy with Dylan you need to know what you want instead of getting with someone that you're not happy with and then marry them if you don't feel the same way about her then there's no need in making a commitment to eachother"

"Yeah you're right I'm sorry" he said 

"It's okay it's just you need some time to be single and straighten things out and MARRIED? You're still a kid just because you're out of high school and doing grown up things doesn't make you a full grown adult"

"It's crazy I know" 

"Ya think and now it's to late because your wedding is tomorrow congratulations Justin for making a complete fool of yourself"

"You're making me feel bad about this Kim I can't fix it now" he said and I sighed 

"I'm sorry it's's stressful"

"That makes both of us" he said after twenty minutes of talking Dylan came sitting her things onto the couch sitting on Justin's lap I felt very weird

"Well look at the time gotta go" I said getting up 

"You're welcome to come to the wedding tomorrow I can't wait to be married to the guy I love" she said smiling 

"Oh Justin already asked me can't believe your wedding is on my birthday" 

"Oh we didn't know it was on your birthday we could move the day-"

"No it's okay tomorrow is you and Justin's day I hope you two live happily ever after" I said leaving going home.

"Hey how was Justin" Beth asked 

"We didn't do anything I took a shower 

"That's a shocker" Beth said laughing 

"I so don't wanna go to that stupid wedding its my birthday tomorrow"

"Awe I know but it's worth it" she said pouring her some apple juice 

"Not really that's why I'm going and then leave because I'm throwing a party"

"Where" she asked 

"Well I'm gonna ask Ryan I can borrow his house for the day"

"That's a good idea you think your mom will let you"

"As long as its not here of course she will let me I'm gonna text Ryan" I said grabbing my phone texting him 

'Ry could I borrow your house for tomorrow after Justin's wedding'

'For your birthday yeah long as I'm invited' he said 

'Of course you're invited see you at the wedding' I said putting up my phone. 

"Ryan let me use his house for tomorrow gosh I can't wait to get this stupid wedding over with"

"Hey! That wasn't nice Justin is getting married"

"Yeah to the person he doesn't love" I said and she gasped


"Don't tell anyone that I think she's actually using him"

"No shit so Justin has a bachelor party are you going" she said taking a sip of her apple juice.

"Hmm no but I got an idea"



"You're gonna have sex with him" she asked 

"Well when he gets married we have to stop having sex" 

"Okay" she said I got up going upstairs changing out of Justin's clothes putting them in a bag slipping some of mines on throwing a lingerie in the bag to 

"Wear protection" Beth said 

"I'm on birth control"

"Still wear protection don't be silly wrap his willy" 

"Oh god I'm out" I said leaving I seen Dylan leaving with a group of girls and Justin leaving with the guys I remembered Justin spare key hidden under the welcome mat. I went inside the house going into the room throwing the bag of clothes onto the bed looking in the closet seeing fancy dresses and heels Justin probably bought her going into the bathroom there was a jewelry box filled with rings earrings necklaces and bracelets 

"That fucking gold digger" I said closing it going back into the bedroom slipping on my red lingerie looking at myself in the mirror I smiled twirling around hearing a door close I quickly pushed the bag off the bed posing in the bed. 

"What are you doing here" Justin asked 

"Waiting on you this bed feels awesome" 

"What if I was Dylan then what would you do"

"Talk to her oh come on Justin why so grumpy" I asked sitting up on my knees wrapping my arms around his neck 

"I'm not it's just surprising you're here" he said 

"Well why are you back so early the guys must've pissed you off"

"Nah we went to a club got danced on I left early"

"Oh! Dylan still out with the girls"

"Yeah she said she was going to go out to dinner and get some drinks.. So you're here because you want sex"

"Mm not exactly" I said he smiled picking me up laying me on the bed crawling between my legs I giggled making out with him. After we had sex we cuddled for a good 10 minutes talking 

"I gotta go I had an amazing time AND I bought your clothes back I snuck in your house by the way" I said 

"I know that's why I left the key under the mat"

"You knew" I asked 

"Of course come on let me take you home" he said putting his clothes on I did to grabbing my lingerie walking out the house hopping into the car 

"You walked" he asked


"Are you on birth control"

"Yeah why" I asked 

"Could you stop taking them"


"Well I mean you're grown up I'm grown up-"

"You're getting married Justin"

"I know but I don't wanna get married right now I'm still a kid she's 21"

"You DO like older women"

"Yeah but I like you more we've known eachother for a long long time"

"And you want me to stop taking birth control because..a-are you thinking about a baby" 

"Sorta I always wanted to be a father I can't wait any longer I'm afraid that you might find someone and I might find someone that I really don't wanna be with get her pregnant get married put up with her shit be miserable for the rest of my fucking life. I want you I want all of you I broke your heart I know I was a jackass for that I don't know what's gotten into me the money and fame-"

"Money can change a person and once it does you'll act like a total different person in front of your friends just to impress the whole world you won't have your old friends because they don't see you as the rich and famous Justin they see you as a friend the guy they've been growing up with all their lives please don't be that person again" I said 

"Okay" he said pulling up in my driveway I sighed leaned over and kissed him lightly 

"I hope you have a great time being with Dylan" I said getting out the car

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