Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


18. Chapt18.

After a few months past me Chaz Beth Rebecca and Ryan went back to school for our senior year. Beth was almost to her due date for the baby and Chaz stepped up and decided to be in the baby's life and they're back together again were back friends with Rebecca she decided that her telling Beth off was childish and stupid. Me and Justin wasn't talking but not as we used to hearing him get married was kind of funny to me I mean MARRIED? He's only 20 years old practically still a kid but whatever that ain't none of my business tho *sips my tea*. 

Walking out the school from track practice at 5 in the afternoon my phone vibrated seeing it was Justin he wanted us to talk. He gave me his address to his new place here I decided to go and get this over with. I knocked on his door seeing him in a muscle shirt and sweatpants with his messy hair 

"Come in" he said I sighed stepping into the house

"Nice place" I said 

"Thanks" he said turning me around smashing his lips onto mines my eyes widen I tried pulling away but I couldn't get out of his grip I have to admit I did miss his lips I closed my eyes dropping my backpack and tennis shoes onto the floor he picked me up taking me upstairs throwing me onto the bed I giggled grabbing him by his neck pulling him over me sticking my tongue down his throat he sat up spreading my legs ripping my tights open he's gotten so aggressive it was turning me on I had no panties on he took off his muscle shirt while I rubbed on my wet pussy he smashed his lips onto my neck giving me a hickie I giggled biting the corner of my bottom lip. I moaned he took off my crop shirt leaving small kisses down my body trailing them to my pussy I sat up on my hands throwing my head back slowly moaning running my fingers through his hair 

"Mm I missed you eating my pussy" I said squeezing my boobs with one of my hands the tip of his tongue played with my clit I let out a loud moan moving my hand from my breast pushing his head in I layed back down unclipping my bra from the front grabbing my breasts spreading my legs wider I moaned arching my back. He poked his tongue in and out of my walls sucking on my pussy licking my cum I sat up again playing in his hair he pushed me down onto the bed coming up wiping his mouth staring at my stomach

"When did you get a tattoo" he asked still staring at the playboy bunny tattoo I got a couple of months ago

"Couple of months ago" I said laying him down pulling his sweats off along with his briefs laying his huge cock on his stomach trailing small kisses up towards it's head sliding it into my mouth deep throating. He closed his eyes taking a deep breath enjoying his blowjob I wrapped my hand around his dick stroking it while sucking it's head shoving the whole thing inside my mouth choking he grunted pulling my hair. I took it out my mouth licking on the side putting my other hand around his dick stroking he squinted his eyes biting his bottom lip licking the tip of his dick sexily 

"Shit! I'm close" he said squirting his cum on my tongue. I swallowed it kicking my sandals off and squat on his dick slowly bouncing up and down rubbing my pussy Justin licked his lips holding my knees 

"Jesus Christ you're tight!" He said I giggled and rode him for a few seconds he started thrusting his dick into me pounding my pussy 

"Mm it feels so good" I said and stopped him hopping off sucking my juices off his dick he sat up putting me in doggy position grabbing his cock slapping it on my clit making me moan 

"Does that feel good" he asked

"Mhm" I said kissing him laying my head on the bed while he slipping himself into me thrusting. 

"Right there right there" I said spreading my ass cheek picking my head up grabbing onto the side of the bed moaning 

"Fuck me like it's yours!" I said he gripped onto my sides pounding inside of me we both moaned he came inside of me I sighed laying on the bed and so did he

"Wow" I said 

" you still got it" 

"Of course I do can't believe you still got it either so.. What's your fiancée name" I asked 

"Her name is Dylan" he said and chuckled

"Ew Dylan I wanna name my dog Dylan"

"You don't have a dog" he said quickly getting up putting on his boxers 

"I can get a dog" 

"She's here!" He said 

"My tights asshole you ripped them" I said he threw me his sweatpants I put them on clipping my bra back putting on my shirt and sandals fixing my hair. Justin put on his muscle shirt and another pair of sweats both heading downstairs. Dylan came through the door she was a blonde she looked kind of slutty no wonder Justin's with her 

"Hi you must be Kimmy Justin talks all about you" she said hugging me her breasts was hard and big as rocks boob job much 

"Yeah were..cousins" Justin said my eyes lit up I looked at him and at Dylan 

"Yeah were cousins" I said 

"Oh! Well it was nice meeting you.." She said headed upstairs 

"Wow where did you meet her Craigslist or Instagram"

"Stop it Kimmy" he said 

"Mm no I won't stop and nice cover your cousin really"

"I panicked"

"Yeah well whatever" I said grabbing my bag and shoes headed out the door going home. 

"Hey sweetie how was track practice" mom asked

"Good where's Beth"

"On a date with Chaz the baby almost here"

"Yeah I know she's having a girl I'm happy Chaz finally noticed he been so hard on her" I said 

"Yeah well I guess his kid is more important than school you talk to Justin"


"You meet his fiancée"

"Yeah she's-"

"A slut" she said cutting me off 

"Yeah that word"

"I heard she wants a famous guy to get her pregnant so she can get money off the baby you know you can get up to a million dollars for making a baby with a celebrity" she said eating an apple 

"Holy- I gotta tell Justin"

"No wait till the right time comes"

"How would I know that" I asked 

"Tell him on his wedding day it's on Saturday"

"That's in two more days" I said 

"I know well I'm gonna go take a nap" she said walking off. The next day came I was gonna visit Justin after school when I got finished with my track practice I took a shower  put on some white skinny jeans with an off the shoulder grey sweater with my vans grabbing my bag brushing my teeth curling my hair heading downstairs for breakfast 

"Hey Beth sleep well" I asked 

"Yeah me and Chaz had an amazing date I was gonna tell you about it but you went to sleep"

"Sorry I was exhausted after track practice" I said 

"Oh right! You see Justin"

"Um..yeah I met his fiancée she's a-"

"Slut" she said finishing my sentence eating some toast with grape jelly on it 

"Yeah that" 

"Well I hope he's doing the right thing but anyways your mom left early she went to work I fixed us both some breakfast besides me and the baby were really hungry" 

"You could've woken me up and I could've fixed it"

"Nah I decided to do it on my own but thanks Chaz is gonna pick me up" she said grabbing her backpack 

"Okay" I said. She left and I ate me a piece of toast grabbing my backpack and gym bag leaving going to school. In first period it was a bore listening to a 60yr old lady talk about geometry Second period I was in class with this really hot guy he's a football player sleeve of tattoos grey eyes a smile to die for amazing body and he also had braces his name was Brandon Matthews he caught me looking at him I quickly looked away. After school I went to my locker grabbing my things checking my phone for any texts leaving the school going over Justin's 

"Thank god you're here I need to ask you something" he said 


"I want you to come to my wedding"

"Why" I asked 

"Because I want you to come please do it for me I can't just look at Dylan and say my vows after I cheated on her" 

"Well just don't tell her smart ass" I said 

"This is my fiancée you're talking about"

"Okay and you shouldn't have kissed me which leaded to the sex"

"I couldn't resist" he said 

"Yeah I know me either"

"My wedding is tomorrow please come"

"I have school and I'm not gonna miss it for some fucking wedding" 

"Tomorrow's Saturday and I're jealous" he said 

"No I'm not jealous Justin I don't think you two belong together anyways do you really know her and fine my birthday is tomorrow so I'm not coming to waste my time for a pathetic wedding"

"Holy shit IT IS your birthday tomorrow" 

"You seem surprised" I said 

"I was keeping my mind on the wedding gosh I didn't mean to do-"

"Don't worry and fine I'll come but I'm not staying long we can have our dance and then I'll leave so you can head onto your honeymoon"

"Okay and for your information I really know Dylan" 

"Are you saying that because you had sex with her" I asked

"What no!"

"Alright fine I'll come to your stupid wedding satisfied" 

"Yes I'm really satisfied thank you the others are coming to"

"Oh so you asked them first" 

"No! They volunteered" he said 

"Okay fine but I'm only coming because of food besides you're a celebrity it's gonna be a big wedding and I night to remember for you" I said 

"I'm not happy with her Kim" 

"Why did you propose to her in the first place"

"I don't know she said she loved me and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me"

"Well you're getting married you just can't embarrass her at the wedding or divorce her on the honeymoon or whenever let her find out what we did or even better just tell her" I said 

"Thanks for the advice" he said hugging me 

"You're welcome" 

"You're sweaty" he said pulling away with his hands still on my hips

"Track practice Justin and I had to throw away my other tights because YOU ripped them"

"Sorry I was so aggressive on you"

"It's okay I have plenty more"

"Okay well you smell sexy" he said and I snorted 

"No I don't I need a shower after two hours of track I'm exhausted you don't mind if I use your shower do you"

"No I don't mind down the hall on the right" he said I went upstairs into the bathroom closing the door taking a deep breath taking my training bra off and my tights running the shower putting my hair in a messy bun sliding my panties off hopping into the shower washing my body 




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