Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


16. Chapt16.

When we got to the beach Ryan Chaz and Rebecca was in the water Justin joined while I was catching up with Beth walking the beach. 

"So Ryan talk to you" I asked 


"Chaz didn't" I asked 

"Um well he said that he wished getting me pregnant never happened"

"He's an ass don't worry about him"

"No it's okay I agree with him anyways" she said 

"You have to do what's best for the baby Beth-" 

"Can we stop talking about the baby it's kind of annoying me"

"Okay well what do you wanna talk about" I asked 

"How are things with Justin besides being between the sheets" she said and I chuckled 

"They're okay we got into an argument but it wasn't worth it"

"Oh! I don't think me and Rebecca are ever gonna be friends again but guess what and you can't tell ANYONE!" 

"What is it" I asked 

"She slept with Chaz and Ryan knows about it but he doesn't want to say anything to any of them"

"Holy shit h-how do you know"

"Well apparently Chaz came into the room where I was sleeping Rebecca and Chaz had sex I heard moaning and everything while I was supposedly sleeping"

"I'm so sorry Beth"

"Why are you sorry I'm not his priority anymore" she said chuckling 

"She had sex with your ex Beth"

"Yeah my ex he means nothing to me but whatever as long as I'm doing the right thing and that's taking care of my baby" she said 

"Well I'm proud of you Beth"

"Thanks..well here comes your boyfriend I'm gonna go to the shack and find me something to snack on" she said walking away Justin wrapped his arms around me squeezing my ass I laughed lightly pushing him away 

"Stop it perv we already had sex"

"Yeah I know which was the best sex" he said 


"M-maybe what do you mean maybe" he said 

"Nothing jeez you really have anger problems"

"I don't have anger problems I thought you were gonna say I was bad"

"No no of course you wasn't bad you were really good" 

"But.." He said 

"But nothing we had a great time and it was fun"

"Are we back together for sure or not" he asked and I shrugged 

"I guess" I said 

"Oh! I get it so that's how you feel"

"What are you talking about"

"Are we officially back together it's a yes or no answer" he said 

"Yes I thought we was" 

"I didn't!" 

"Well..maybe we are"


"Yes maybe" I said he got angry walking off I rolled my eyes seeing Beth walking back to me 

"What's up with him" she asked 

"I told him maybe were back together"

"I didn't know you guys broke up"

"Ugh me either I don't know but whatever"

"Oh! Well he has an auctioning tonight good luck" she said 


"Auctioning to go on a date with him you didn't know"

"No!" I said 

"Well good luck" she said walking away. After the beach we all went back to the room getting dressed headed back to the auctioning. Me and the guys sat down while seeing a bunch of girls spending hundreds and thousands of dollars to win a date with Justin I crossed my arms PISSED!! 

"Kimmy it's okay it's just a date" Ryan said 

"Fuck off ugh he's such a manwhore he got done fucking me and he's going on a date with another girl" 

"YOU GUYS DID WHAT!?" Ryan and Chaz said 

"Never mind ugh look at him wearing a bandana muscle shirt blue jeans and red sneakers with his SnapBack"

"I say he looks nice" Rebecca said 

"Shut up" I said rolling my eyes 

"I hope he does goes on a date with someone else you're such a slut having sex with him"

"Why don't you shut-"

"Girls shut up" Ryan said I scoffed concentrating back on the auction

"5,000 DOLLARS!" A girl said in a grey short dress big lips and long brown hair I scoffed 

"NO!" I said out loud standing up everyone looked at me even Justin I could see the smirk on his face for me being 'jealous'. 

"Stop embarrassing yourself sit back down" Beth whispered 

"No..I can't watch this" I said leaving I took a taxi to the hotel I didn't bother going into the room I slept with Justin in so I went into Beth's and Rebecca changing into something comfortable ordering something to eat watching a movie.

"Hey what are you doing in here" Beth asked sitting on the bed 

"I didn't feel like being in the same room with Justin"

"You're gonna have to talk to him eventually Kimmy"

"Fuck Justin what a manwhore I hate him" I said 

"You hate he moved on"

"He didn't move on did you see that smirk on his face when I yelled out ugh I feel like a total slut for sleeping with him now he thinks he can sleep with every girl he can possibly get with but I got something for him tomorrow"

"And what is that" she asked 

"I'm leaving enjoying the rest of my summer without any bullshit"

"Kim I know you're mad but..come on he's JUSTIN Bieber I don't think you two actually dated anyways I think it was just for the sex but just forget about him at least you're not like me pregnant and without a boyfriend"

"Come back with me" I said 


"Yeah besides you can't stay here without me" I said 


"It's true!"

"WE are not leaving the girl wasn't really that cute"

"You damn right she looked like my gold fish when I was 8" I said and she chuckled 

"So what happened when I left"

"Justin made us meet her he didn't say anything about you"

"Of course he didn't" I said laying back on the bed she layed down beside me we both looked up at the ceiling 

"Whoa!" She said 


"My baby bump..anyways you can't leave you wanted to go to the OBGYN with me you have to come I don't wanna go by myself"

"Well if you come with me we can still go and I can make your appointment" I said 

"Kim you know I can't do that just stay everyone will think you're weak for leaving you'll look embarrassed"

"I don't care what everyone thinks I just wanna leave and go home besides you don't wanna be here either forget Rebecca she can stay here for all I care" I said and she sighed 

"Let's leave tonight" she said I smiled getting up going into the other room grabbing my things changing again Beth got packed I called my mom telling her we were coming back thank god I'm getting away from drama. Me and Beth called a taxi hopping in going to the airport. 

"I don't want you to pressure you into something you didn't want to do" I said 

"Yeah but I thought about it you're right I did want to leave I wasn't having that much fun to begin with" she said grabbing her passport I grabbed mines to and sat down waiting for my flight. 

I got back to the room from my date I gotta be honest I did have a nice dinner I mean the girl was pretty hot I layed back on the bed staring at the ceiling quickly shooting up looking around. Kim's luggage I went to Beth's room her things was gone. 


"What's wrong" Chaz asked 

"Beth Kim they're gone"

"Okay and since when do you care  looked like you didn't care at the auctioning how was your date" he said

"My date was great we had a lot in common"

"Oh" he said sarcastically.

"She had a nice body bro"

"Wow you just admitted you don't care about Kim you changed your attitude really quick" he said crossing his arms

"I-I mean I'm sad about it"

"Yeah sure we already know what went on with you two having sex was you just with her to get in her pants"

"No I thought what we had was real"

"Yeah right Beth's baby bump was more real than you and Kim"

"Says the person that can't even step up to the person that's having your child"

"You know what fuck you Justin if you were in my position you wouldn't be saying that shit" he said walking off I sighed and took out my phone trying to reach Kim but it went straight to voicemail 'Hi it's Kim you probably can't get to me now so don't try again' I groaned walking out the room seeing Chaz with his bags also

"Fame changed you Justin nice job running your friends away have fun with Ryan and Rebecca" he said walking off

"YOU CAN'T WALK OFF ON ME TO CHAZ!" I yelled ugh everything is coming out my mouth like word vomit
We saw Chaz coming Justin probably pissed him off to he saw us and walked up to us

"Joined the club" I asked 

"Hell yeah Justin's fucking crazy he told me off he's such a douche I can't deal with him he push his friends away for a damn girl he barely knows"

"That's not me right" I asked 

"No of course not" he said sitting beside Beth I smiled a little in my mind hopefully they'll- shit! Did our flight just call I stood up grabbing my bags walking to the door walking through heading to the plane I seen a blue Lamborghini pull up I quickly looked away slowly heading on the plane 

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