Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


15. Chapt15.

We went back out sitting down Beth only ate a little she wasn't that hungry because of the smell of bacon. We left the diner I remembered I was going to do a photoshoot with Justin in a few hours so me and Beth went to the mall leaving Rebecca and Ryan with Chaz and Justin. 

"Where are we going" she asked 

"I don't know where we're going actually but I want to give you a present for your news"

"Kim you really don't have to do this..seriously"

"Well I am anyways" I said. We got onto the escalator going up going to a baby store seeing all kinds of baby things. 

"Ya know I'm gonna buy an outfit for the baby first day into this world have you told your mom" I asked 

"Um..yeah she kinda got mad at me and told me she wanted me out so..I guess she doesn't want anything to do with me one does except for you and this baby I don't blame Chaz for not wanting the baby I ruined his life he hates me"

"He doesn't hate you you're doing the right thing and if he decides that he wants to be there for the baby then..I prefer not you to let him he isn't gonna be there for the 9 months of the pregnancy there's no need in him coming into it's life when it arrives you can stay with me I have to ask my mom first you're actually her favorite" I said and she chuckled 

"Well that put a smile on my face" she said looking through some clothes 

"Find anything" I asked. She held up a blue onesie that says 'My Mom Is The Best' with a pair of socks and beanie I giggled grabbing it 

"This is cute Beth really" I said 

"Yeah I I want to tell you something before you and Justin get into a very serious relationship..he um- got a girl pregnant while him and Selena was together but it doesn't matter because he was with Selena it would be different if he did it while you two were together it was a month ago don't worry about everything you'll get through it"

"My boyfriend is having someone else's baby and he didn't tell me about it"

"Well maybe he was afraid to tell you it's probably a rumor but..I hope it's a rumor" she said 

"Yeah me to...well let me pay for this" I said going to the desk handing her the onesie. We left the mall going to the photoshoot. After the photoshoot it was pretty weird wearing a lingerie laying on a couch while Justin's shirtless leaning over me looking into my eyes yeah..weird. We went to the mall I hung out with Beth most of the day Rebecca was still pissed at me for what I said at the Waffle House.

"Come on time to get you ladies wet" Ryan said 

"No thanks" I said 

"What's wrong oh no you heard a rumor about someone having Justin's baby"

"I hope it's a rumor" I said 

"I'm pretty sure Justin only had sex with Selena"

"He told me he didn't"

"Oh!.." He said leaving I scoffed and got up finding Justin in the room with Chaz

"Hey babe what's up" he asked and I slapped him 

"You lied to me you had sex with Selena"

"Yeah phone sex is that why you slapped me it hurt" he asked

"Yes and I heard you two in a room when she came with us you were fingering her or something"

"That's not sex" he said 

"In my eyes it is" 

"Could you stop this I thought we were being serious about eachother"

"I thought you were gonna tell me everything to make us serious" I said

"I'm not gonna tell you everything because you're my girlfriend you're not my wife alright"

"Fuck you Justin" I said walking out the room going back to Beth 

"You broke up with him" she asked 

"I'm thinking about it he's such a douche"

"Wow! Finally what are you gonna do"

"I don't know he's mad at me I'm mad at him ugh I just need some time a lone with him to get things sorted out" I said 

"You sure you girls aren't coming to the beach" Ryan asked 

"I need you to do me a favor Ry"

"What's up"

"Look out for Beth spend time with her I want to talk to Justin alone"

"Okay sure" he said Beth went with Ryan everyone left except for me and Justin he didn't go with Ryan so I looked for him in the pool table room playing pool

"Hey" I said putting my hands in my back pockets 

"What do you want gonna slap me again"

"No look I know this seems crazy but you're right you don't have to tell me anything and I don't have to tell you everything" 

"Is this because I don't want to tell you everything" he asked

"Why would I tell you everything if you're not going to be telling me everything seems correct right" 

" broke up with me over something stupid"

"You lied to me I wanted to be your first"

"And I wanted you to be mines"

"I was still a virgin Justin" I said

"So was I"

"You're such a player did the fame get into your head did the money" 

"That has nothing to do with this I am not a player"

"Pretty sure you are" I said and he sighed 

"What do you want from me Kim"

"The truth to have the old Justin back I hate the fact you're famous we're not serious about eachother and I don't want to be with someone who has sex with different girls I don't need a boy I need a guy that don't think they're so tough wanting to impress their friends because of how much pussy they get" I said walking off 

"So what are we Kimmy"

"..I'm gonna let you answer that"

"Kimmy I'm sorry alright let's just drop this and leave the past behind us"

"Can't leave it behind us if the past keeps showing" I said he grabbed my wrist pulling me into a small kiss. 

"Can we forget about this" he asked 

"I don't know if we can forget about it Justin I don't know if I can ever forgive you and I don't know if we can ever be together again" 

"You can't do this to me Kim" he said 

"I don't know what I want anymore" I said sniffling he put the pool stick down pulling me into a hug kissing my head 

"I'm sorry okay" he said and I nodded

"I'm sorry to" I said pulling away wiping my face 

"Wanna play pool" he asked 

"Yeah sure" I said he handed me his stick getting another one for himself.  

"Strip pool" he asked chuckling 

"Isn't there cameras around"

"Of course not besides I get to play pool for the rest of the day don't worry" he said 

"Alright cool" So we started to play strip pool Justin pulled his shirt off throwing it at me, I smiled and hit the white ball to another ball going into the hole he pulled his pants off and I smirked 

"Im champion" I said 

"Yeah right we'll see" he said he hit the ball and it almost went into the hole I laughed and he bumped the table with his hip till it went into the hole 

"Strip" he said 

"You cheated" 

"Got proof" he asked I made an angry face at him and pulled off my shirt he bit his bottom lip I rolled my eyes and kept playing the game Justin was only in his boxers and I was in my bra and undies it was my turn to go so I were trying to concentrate. Justin started walking around and before I could hit the ball Justin grabbed my  ass till I missed 

"YOU ASSHOLE" I yelled 

"Sorry baby gotta drop something" 


"Part of the rules now drop them" he said I sighed and pulled my panties off. 

"Don't look" I said

 "No no no remember winner gets to do anything" he said putting me onto the pool table un clipping my bra he pushed me down onto the table spreading my legs I felt his tongue hit my vagina sliding it in and out from between my walls I moaned and licked my lips spreading my legs wider pushing his head in sticking his tongue inside of me eating me out.I sat up Justin put his hands on my thighs I had my hand on top of his head throwing my head back moaning a little 

"I'm cumming" I said pulling his hair running my fingers through his hair. I layed back down on the table and closed my eyes pulling my nipples. Justin grabbed my boobs squeezing them together eating me out.I arched my back letting out a big moan 

"OH Fuck! Justin eat my pussy" I said cumming he slurped my cum all up coming up wiping his mouth. He hopped onto the table sliding his cock inside of me, I placed my hands onto his shoulder while he thrusted deeply and hard inside of me, I bit my bottom lip looking into his eyes 

"Faster" I said he closed his eyes and went faster which made me extremely wet 

"Oh my god you're so wet" he said putting my leg on his shoulder rubbing my clit with his two fingers I moaned and he stopped moving his fingers  pulling on my wall with his teeth sliding himself back inside of me.He went deeper 

"Mm your so deep Justin" I said moving my leg from his should wrapping them around his waist he started thrusting harder and deeper he started huffing and puffing sweating on his forehead 

"You like that" 

"Yes I love it" I said he came inside of me my body started to shiver he pulled himself out me I layed him down on the pool table grabbing his dick sliding it inside my mouth bobbing my head he sighed and closed his eyes 

"Mm your so big baby" I said licking the cum off from the side of his dick 

"Shit!" he said I smiled and slid his head in my mouth he came inside of my mouth swallowing it.

"Let's hurry and get to the room before they come back" he said we hopped off the pool table grabbing our clothes running to the elevators we started laughing making out I put my hands on the rail he grabbed his dick and slapped it under my pussy making it wet slipping it in I moaned lightly and he put his cold hands on my hips and started thrusting 

"Fuck your so tight" he said 

"Mm you like it when I'm tight baby" 

"Yeah it feels nice" he said grabbing my boobs while thrusting 

"Mm faster" I said he went faster till he hit his climax we both threw our heads back slowly and he squinted eyes he was so close to cum inside me, I moaned out loud and he was going faster he was gonna cum again till the elevator doors opened. We ran to the room throwing our clothes onto the floor. I got onto the bed he bent me over I spread my legs widely grabbing onto the sheets while he ate me out from behind putting himself into me again grabbing my hips. I grabbed his arm watching him pound himself into me I giggled while watching him 

"Mm I love it when you pound inside of me" I said digging my nails into his arm he stopped getting off the bed pulling me close to the edge my leg started to shake. He placed my shaky leg on the bed while my other was on the floor entering me again thrusting I stopped him sitting on the bed crawling backwards Justin leaned down over me having both of his hands beside my head kissing my neck I bit my bottom lip grabbing his dick giving him a hand job putting it inside me. I placed my arms under his placing my hands on his shoulders while he thrusted. 

"Make me cum again" I said closing my eyes digging my nails into his shoulders reaching my hand down to his ass squeezing it 

"Hey! Don't do that" he said still thrusting I opened my eyes smiling 

"Don't stop..don't ever stop" I said kissing his neck. He grabbed onto the sheets stopping 

"I said don't stop" I said 

"You forgive me and don't say yes because I'm having sex with you" 
"Yes I forgive you"

"No you don't you're still mad at me..what are we a-are we back together or something" he said and I sighed 

"Yeah I guess"

"What does that suppose to mean"

"I don't know alright I'm still thinking about it"

"We broke up for no reason" he said 

"No reason? You told me you didn't want a serious relationship I want to be serious"

"Okay" he said

"Okay? That's not giving me an answer" 

"I don't know Kim I don't think we're ready to date" he said and I sighed 

"Let's forget about it Justin"

"Kim I'm in love with you" he said and I smiled 

"Unless you're not in love with me because if you aren''s cool" he said and I chuckled kissing him 

"I'm in love with you to" I said he smiled kissing me starting back to thrust I closed my eyes again moaning I came again and so did he. He layed beside me and sighed 

"I feel so much better ugh all that stress" I said 

"Same you think they're back yet" 

"Hell no let's go to the beach..after I take a shower" I said kissing him getting up. 
I sighed getting up putting my boxers on finding some swimming trunks I slowly opened the bathroom door going inside dropping my briefs  hopping into the shower kissing her neck she smiled turning around facing me 

"So were officially back" she asked 

"Yeah I don't wanna break up over something stupid ever again"

"Yeah me either" she said turning back around we washed our bodies getting out putting on our swimming clothes I looked at her seeing she was in a strapless white bikini adding lipstick she smiled at me grabbing her towel

"Are you gonna stop drooling" she asked putting her flip flops on walking out I grabbed my towel to following her 

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