Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


14. Chapt14.

"Oh my gosh" Rebecca said grabbing a tissue blowing her nose in it I rolled my eyes and Justin came in 

"What is she crying for" Justin asked me 

"I'm crying cause the movie is sad" she said 

"Well okay get out" he said 

"You're such a douche" Rebecca said getting up 

"Yeah yeah" Justin said 

"See you in the morning Kim come on Beth" Rebecca said grabbing her pizza and wings leaving. 

"You're so mean" I said 

"Are you still mad at me" he asked changing out his swim trunks 

"No I'm not mad at you" I said 

"Okay well I know you're lying so I'm sorry-"

"Let's just not talk about it" I said 

" I have this photoshoot tomorrow and I want you to be in it with me" he said 

"A photoshoot what is it for"

"My new perfume" he said 

" I guess you're not gonna ask models to do it with you"

"No..I just want us to be in it besides you are my girlfriend and I'm giving you the opportunity to" he said 

"Okay..I'll do it" 

"Great cause Scooter already told me he wanted it to be someone else but I'm gonna change his mind"

"Does he like me? Do he think me and the others are getting in your way" I asked 

"He likes all of you I just think he wants me to focus on music but don't worry I'm focusing on you" he said and I chuckled 

"You're so corny" I said scrunching my nose 

"I'm not corny just..saying what's true" he said 

"Don't focus to much I'll be leaving soon"

"I know I hate the fact you're leaving" he said sitting beside me grabbing my hand 

"Yeah but don't worry when you're on break then I'll be with you most of the time" I said 


"Justin you don't always wanna be with me so..yeah most of the time" I said 

"I want you to see the world with me like an adventure" 

"Oh really" 

" okay with that" he asked and I nodded 

"Yeah" I said and kissed him he got into bed I sighed laying down waiting for the next morning.

I got up early took a shower brushed my teeth and more likely to make breakfast 

"Hey baby" Justin said and kissed me 

"Hey I'm just making breakfast I'm gonna invite everyone over" I said 

"You cook"

"Yes I cook don't be so surprised" I said 

"Okay well I'm gonna go shower"

"Okay" I said he kissed my cheek walking off I took a deep breath making eggs bacon and pancakes I felt arms wrap around my waists I smiled turning around seeing Justin 

"You smell good" I said

" do you think we need to wait to be into a serious relationship"

"We are in a serious relationship" I said 

"I'm talking about serious about cheating or anything"

"No cheating? Justin I'm pretty sure that you've been with every girl you can possibly sit down with I honestly don't think we're serious about eachother I just think were dating for the sex" 

"Why are you thinking like this" he asked

"I just have to be honest if we want to be in a serious relationship yeah I dreamed of dating you and yeah we were friends but I want you to be serious about me Justin..I don't want to be in a relationship if we can't be serious" 

"Okay fine let's be serious" 

"Literally Justin I want to be serious I don't want to be some hoe on the side that's your girlfriend and you can push away to the side you're famous I get it but..sometimes I think you've changed" I said 

"I know and I really wanna make things work"

"Me to I think that we should've had sex when we got married"

"Yeah but the sex was was fun it felt great" 

"True" I said and chuckled he leaned in kissing me we closed our eyes I smelt something burning I pulled away turning the stove off 

"Burnt the pancakes guess they're not coming over after all" he said 

"Mm guess not"

"I guess we can..have sex"

"We just got finished talking about being serious with eachother" I said 

"Yeah and"

"Not everything is about sex I know I'm good but come on I don't wanna get pregnant during this tour I still have school ya know"

"Yeah I know..sorry don't be mad at me"

"I'm not mad don't worry it's just were not always gonna have sex..I'm happy that Selena left and we did have the time to have sex it was great honestly I thought about doing it again but just not now"

"Okay no rush"

"Good" I said we both left the suite going to the other rooms 

"Hey wanna go out the breakfast Kimmy burnt the pancakes" Justin said 

"Yeah sure" Beth said grabbing her shoes Chaz Ryan and Rebecca grabbed their shoes to following us into the elevator 

"You feeling okay" I said to Beth

"Y-yeah I'm good" 

"Okay" I said. We went down the street to the Waffle House sitting down I sat between Justin and Beth we all ordered breakfast and ate. I looked at Beth the smell of bacon must made her feel sick she quickly got up running to the bathroom 

"I'll check on her" I said getting up going into the bathroom finding the stall holding her hair back 

"You poor thing" I said 

"I feel like shit"

"I know but it's the pregnancy wait a minute I thought you were on birth control and used a condom"

"Obviously condoms break and I switched birth control pills" she said 

"Oh..did you talk to Chaz does he wanna be involved"

"We talk but..not that much he feels bad about it"she said 

"I know and it must've suck to get pregnant while were on tour with Justin"

"I feel like I'm ruining everyone's fun because I have a baby developing inside me"

"Awe babe" I said pulling her into a hug 

"Maybe I should go home"

"No if you go home I am to I'm not leaving you I'm gonna support you through this besides I wanna be there for the ultrasound did you make the appointment" I asked 


"What!? Why"

"Because I feel embarrassed Chaz doesn't even wanna come"

"So! I wanna come were like sisters and I love you and this baby" I said and she snorted 

"You sound like a boyfriend" 

"Well yeah but I'm gonna support you Beth you're young but we'll get through it"

"Yeah..thanks for everything Rebecca barely supports me through this" 

"Is that what you think of me not supportive" Rebecca asked 

"That's not what she meant she meant-"

"I know what she meant ya know you're ruining everything Beth a baby what the fuck you're to young for this"she said interrupting me 

"It's none of your business Rebecca chill out it's her decision stop blaming this on her and stop being such a drama queen she already feels bad about her getting pregnant and Chaz not wanting to be there for it so back off" I said she scoffed and left the restroom 

"Thanks" she said lightly 

"No problem Beth I'm here for you and I'll make the appointment for the ultrasound"

"Kimmy were on tour" 

"Well next month we can go to a doctor wherever we are and get an ultrasound there I'm happy for you Beth I think this is the most amazing decision you've made"

"Thanks..that made my day" she said and I chuckled we got up off the floor she washed her mouth drying it.

"You done with breakfast" I asked 

"Um I'm not that hungry"

"You gotta feed another person inside of you so eat a little and we could go to the mall for baby shopping my treat"

"Um Kim the baby isn't gonna be here on tour were going back home in a couple of months"

"I know but I just thought that I get something for you to get started on besides if you need any help taking care of the baby..I'm here for you and I'm proud of you I mean if you decide to keep the baby"

"I'm keeping the baby Kim" she said and I smiled 

"Okay I respect your decision" I said hugging her 

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