Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


13. Chapt13.

The next day I woke up Justin was still sleeping I sighed getting up grabbing my dress and heels going back to my room. 

"Hey guys" I said 

"Hey oh my gosh did you and Justin have sex"

"No when we left the party we got caught in the rain so we stripped watched a movie and cuddled that's all"

"Awe that's so cute" Beth said 

"Justin found out" I said 

"Oh no" she said 

"Found out what" Rebecca said 

"Um..I'm pregnant" she said 

"Congratulations Beth I'll help you tell Chaz if you want"

"Sure" she said 

"Kim were going to Chaz room we'll be back" she said leaving I sighed hopping into the shower I let the water run down my body I sighed getting out wrapping a towel around me brushing my teeth putting some clothes on wrapping my hair in a bun going to Chaz room. 

"So Chaz you have a baby on the way how do you feel" I asked 


"Are you happy or not" I asked

"I don't know Kim I'm scared I'm just 18"

"I know Chaz but were graduating soon-"

"I'm going to college" he said interrupting me 

"You talk to her about this Chaz you can't just push a baby away you made him it's your responsibility and Beth's she's a sweet girl you can't let her take care of the baby on her have a family now be happy she's happy she's going to college to maybe you can find a house and a babysitter to watch him or her and then go to school it's something you both have to figure out she loves you Chaz don't hurt her she doesn't deserve to get hurt she's to nice please I'm begging you just..think about it" I said getting up

"What if it were you.." He asked 

"I would do my best to care for my baby it'll be my responsibility to do what I have to do I won't let a child ruin my education or anything I've dreamed of just keep doing whatever you're doing and when the baby gets'll do just fine"

"I-I don't think I can be a dad Kim" he said and I hugged him

"Stay strong you can do this" I said he sniffled got up and went to the bathroom 

"Hey Ryan" I said shaking him to wake up 


"Can you talk to Chaz" I said 

"It's none of my business"

"Yeah but you're friends he doesn't want-"

"If he doesn't want the baby he doesn't want it" he said 

"Ryan how can you say that Chaz needs to be a man and do whatever he has to do"

"Chaz isn't a man he's still a kid 18years old he's to old enough to be responsible for a baby neither does Beth that's why I'm staying out of it it's their problem that's why me and Rebecca are careful and knows what we're doing"

"Don't blame Beth for this it wasn't planned" 

"Yeah's best to stay out of it then being part of it let them figure it out maybe she'll give it up for adoption" he said 


"Stay out of it Kim" he said I sighed and left going to Justin's room 

"Babe" I said 

"What" he said turning around facing me 

"Chaz doesn't want the baby" I said 

"Okay and this is our problem how" he said and I scoffed 

"Justin don't act like Ryan please" I said and he grabbed my hand 

"Babe let them figure it out it's not our problem if Chaz changes his mind to take care of it then good for him it's their decision and we shouldn't stop them from doing something they want to do whatever Ryan told you is true just let them handle it I know you wanna step up and change Chaz mind but he's a kid he's not old enough to be a dad"

"What if it happened to me Justin" I said 

"Then I would do anything to make you and the baby happy but it's not us and me and Chaz are two different people okay I know you want to help but don't get to caught up in drama you're to sexy for that" he said and I chuckled 

"Come here" he said I sighed kicking my shoes off sitting on top of him 

"What" I said 

"Promise me you won't get in their way"

"I'll be a bad friend-"

"You're gonna be a bad friend anyways if you try to help solving their problems" he said and I sighed 

"Okay I promise but what about Rebecca"

"I'm pretty sure Ryan will handle her" 

"Okay" I said lightly he looked at the clock and sat up giving me a kiss I got off he went to the bathroom I sighed and grabbed my phone seeing my mom had called so I called her back 

"Hi sweetie is everything okay" she asked 

"Yeah everything's fine it's just Beth is pregnant Chaz doesn't want to be involved"

"Oh no sweetie don't get involved that's bad it's their choice their decision I know you want to help but leave it alone they will do something about it or talk to their parents I hope it doesn't effect their relationship"

"Yeah me either" 

"So you and Justin are dating how cute I know this because of television you looked so cute last night"

"Thanks mom so what are you doing"

"I'm at the mall shopping doing teenager stuff"

"Oh my gosh mom don't ever say that in your life" I said and laughed 

"Hey! Just because I'm getting old doesnt mean I can't shop till I drop" 

"Oh my gosh mom"

"Haha I love you Kimmy don't get pregnant okay" she said 

"Oh my gosh mom okay I'm not going to get pregnant" I said 

"Hi Tiffany"Justin said 

"Hi Justin I seen you and Kimmy together last night you two are so cute"


"Take care of my daughter" she will 

"I will don't worry"

"Not in a sexual way I don't want her pregnant before she comes home" she said and we both chuckled 


"Bye I love the both of you" she said 

"We love you to mom bye" I said hanging up 

"I like your mom she's cool" he said 

"Duh you've known her for all your life Justin I like your mom to she's so adorable" I said 

"Yeah I guess" he said putting his pants on 

"So where are we going to next" I asked 

"San Diego taking the jet again" he said putting his shirt on sitting beside me 

"Oh well I should let you know that Me Ryan Chaz Beth and Rebecca will be going back home in a couple of months because of school" I said 

"I know it'll be your senior year you'll be graduating I'm proud of you" he said 

"Wow you sound like my dad" I said 

"I'm not trying to trust me" he said I placed my hands on his face rubbing his mustache with my thumb 

"I will shave it soon as possible"

" looks really sexy" I said and kissed him I could feel him smile I smiled to sliding my tongue in 

"Ew come on assholes were going out for breakfast" Ryan said 

"We'll be out in a few" I said he rolled his eyes leaving I giggled and kissed him again getting up Justin put on his shoes leaving the room getting into the elevator wrapping his arms around my waist kissing my neck. 

"Hey! To early for this" Ryan said 

"Fine" Justin said wrapping his arm around my neck we got out the elevator walking out going to breakfast. I didn't feel comfortable having a silent breakfast usually we just talk and laugh but I guess since Chaz isn't happy with Beth being pregnant Beth isn't happy with Chaz because he doesn't want it Rebecca me Ryan and Justin are trying to stay out of it it's hard. After breakfast we went back to the hotel going to the private jet getting seated Justin held my hand I lightly smiled and looked out the window

"You okay" he asked

"I feel like a bad friend" 

"Yeah I know I feel like one to"

"No you don't"

"I know" he said 

"It's just..I want to help them"

"I know you do but she has to make her own decisions it's between her Chaz and their parents we can't do anything about it maybe if they were smart enough-"

"Justin" I said 

"Well into their right minds this wouldn't have happen"

"So you're blaming them" 

"Yes..yes I am Kimmy and you know it's true don't deny it this tour won't be the same look lets just stop talking about it cause eventually were gonna start hating each other" he said and kissed me lightly 

"Yeah but-"

"No buts just leave it to them okay"

"I'm tearing my friendship apart Justin I need to talk to her" I said getting up going into Beth's compartment sitting next to her 

"I don't want you to think that I'm tearing our friendship apart it's just the baby and it's a lot-"

"Don't worry Kim I'm giving the baby for adoption it's been decided by me Chaz wants to go to college and I do to I don't think me and Chaz are together anymore he's acting like a total ass"

"I know it's because he's a kid still in high school not ready for children yet" 

"I know I was dumb enough to have sex anyways" 

"Beth you are a smart beautiful girl you're to nice to let a guy put you down you shouldn't let him do that to you..You do what's right for that baby Chaz doesn't want to be involved it's your decision on what you want to do and I'm telling you this because I don't want to get between you and Chaz" 

"I know and I don't blame you it's just Rebecca doesn't want to get involved either and I'm by myself I feel like no one likes me anymore I just wanna go back home and take care of him myself or..not go to college" she said sniffling I hugged her and she cried into my chest 

"It's okay I'm here for you" I said rubbing her back 

"Thanks you're the only person that can possibly be here for me and I thank you"

"No need where's Chaz"

"Talking to Ryan you're right since Chaz doesn't wanna be involved it's my baby and I can do whatever I want it's my choice my decision" 

"Great so what do you wanna do" I asked and she pulled away 

"I wanna keep it I think that the baby deserves a mom in its life and I'm gonna keep it my mom told me that she will take care of it to"

"That's great and it's a good thing you're not dropping out of school because that you're pregnant"

"I'm not going to let a baby ruin my education I'm graduating and doing what's right Chaz doesn't have to be involved we broke up anyways" she said 


"I broke up with him he made the baby so why does he wanna run I have no idea I guess it's just because of the sex but hopefully I'll find a guy that can step up and help me raise my child Chaz better not come near it he wanted out so he's out there's no need coming back"

"And I respect that" I said and she snickered 

"Yeah good now go on to your asshole boyfriend I was enjoying myself being alone"

"Okay well I'll see you when we land" I said she nodded and I went back to Justin 

"I'm still not involved I know you're mad at me" I said 

"I'm not mad and that's good you're not involved I know that you want to be the nicest friend and all but it's all drama"

"I respected her choice Justin she's keeping the baby and I respect that she told me that she dumped Chaz and that he has no need to come near the baby-"

"That's his baby to"

"He doesn't want to be involved so there's no need in him being involved when the baby arrives"

"So" he said 

"So it's her choice she's the one that's doing everything while Chaz is doing his own thing she has to face the world face students at school and Chaz doesn't get any of that" 

"Obviously he does because he made the baby why are we arguing about this anyways it's not our problem it's not our baby so we should drop it" he said I scoffed and crossed my arms looking out the window he took a deep breath and grabbed my hand 

"Are we really gonna get mad at each other over a child" he said 

"Is this how you're gonna act if I had a baby and I was in Beth's shoes"

"Me and Chaz are two different people I wouldn't leave you I wouldn't care about my career it'll be MY baby I don't care what the world would think at least I would be responsible and mature enough to do the right thing yeah you're a good friend to Beth but don't get up in their drama why are we arguing about this anyways it's pathetic to be honest..I'm sorry alright" he said and kissed my neck taking a deep breath throwing his head back onto the chair staring at the ceiling. I was staring outside looking at the beautiful clouds grabbing my phone taking pictures. When the plane landed we all hopped into a limo taking us to a fancy hotel with nice rooms.

"You can sleep with Justin" Beth said whispering to me 

"You sure"

"Yeah I'll sleep with Rebecca" she said walking away I went into the room with Justin sitting my luggage down going to the window seeing tall buildings and cars I felt arms wrap around my waist and a wet kiss on my neck

"I told you I was sorry" he said 

"I know" I said still staring out the window 

"Me and the guys are heading out to the pool want to come"

"No I'll just stay here" 

"Okay" he said and walked off. When I turnt around he wasn't there I went to the bed taking my shoes off sitting up in bed reading a Teen Vogue magazine reading about Justin dumping Selena Gomez wanting to get with his bestfriend Kimmy Rawls they were always gossiping I threw it away changing into my lingerie watching tv. The girls came in with a box of pizza and some wings 

"So I ordered pizza want some" Rebecca asked 

"Sure" I said eating me a slice 

"So I know the guys have been dicks since we told them Beth was pregnant I'm not going to let them ruin our friendship" she said 

"Yeah I'm mad at Justin I just want to be there for Beth I mean I respect her decision it's just he doesn't want me to be part of it"

"Same as Ryan..the view looks really great"

"Yeah I know so since Justin is busy tomorrow and the guys are going with him we should go shopping or something" I said

"Oh yeah we should tired of sitting in a hotel doing nothing" 

"True" I said 

"What are you watching"Beth asked 

"Our favorite movie The Faults in Our Stars"

"Oh my gosh and you didn't tell us"

"Well sorry I thought you guys were watching it"

"No great timing we came in"Rebecca said sitting beside me with Beth on the other side watching the movie 

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