Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


12. Chapt12.

He watched me kiss on his abs to his boxer line I pulled it down a little with my teeth teasing him. "Don't tease" he said I took them off with my hands I stared at how big he was. He lightly chuckled I put a piece of my hair behind my ear sliding his dick inside my mouth moving my head up and down he lightly groaned squinting his eyes biting on his bottom lip 

"Fuck you're good at this" he said I deep throated it choking his cum exploded everywhere in my mouth I took it out wiping my mouth he sat up laying me down kissing my hard tits sucking on my nipples kissing to my stomach spreading my legs leaving small pecks around my pussy I moaned putting one of my foot on his shoulder lifting my body up while he ate he moved my foot spreading my legs a little more wider continuing to eat I bit my bottom lip wrapping my arms around my legs putting them above my head lifting my head up watching him eat me 

"Oh fuck" I whimpered throwing my head back onto the pillow I came again lifting my head back up watching his tongue play with my clit I gasped in pleasure groaning he came up wiping his mouth grabbing a condom from his back pocket I unwrapped my arms from my legs wrapping them around Justin's waist 

"You came prepared" I said giggling he chuckled sliding the condom on while I watched him. He looked up at me sliding his tongue down my throat he pulled away putting himself into me I grabbed onto the sheets looking up at him while he was slowly putting himself into me 

"Damn girl you're tight" he said I smiled while he finally got it in I groaned laying on the pillow arching my back he started thrusting putting a leg on his shoulder while he spread my other one kissing my chest going to my neck.

 "Faster baby" I said he sped up I moaned out loud closing my eyes my forehead started sweating so did his I started rubbing myself while he thrusted making me more tighter my breasts were moving up and down to him pumping my walls started closing and my pussy got wetter till it slipt out. 

"Put it back in me baby" I said he did as he was told going slow picking up the pace I so wanted to do him I flipped us over riding him placing my hand on the headboard riding him he moaned kissing my tits I moved my hands placed them on his shoulders riding him faster his hands explored my wet back moving them to my ass spanking me I groaned grabbing the top corner of the bed bouncing my pussy on his dick he grunted licking his lips spanking me again I came and he layed me on my side getting behind me lifting my leg up entering himself inside me slowly thrusting I bit my bottom lip rubbing myself moaning 

"Mm keep fucking me" I said he went faster and deeper 

"Ah shit" he said breathing heavily he kissed me while still holding my leg thrusting I closed my eyes and grabbed my boob

"Feels so good" I said between kisses he slowed down his dick slipt out he took it out slapping his dick on my clit cumming 

"You have some good pussy" he said between kisses I giggled sliding my tongue into his mouth he let my leg go wrapping his arm around my body squeezing my tits he kissed my cheek and my neck laying beside me breathless. After a minute he got up putting his clothes on I watched him getting dressed biting on my bottom lip 

"I better go before your friends come catching that I had sex with you" he said 

"Yeah" I said he left I smiled getting up going into the bathroom getting ready for the day. I came out the bathroom quickly going out into the hall grabbing some sheets from the cart the maid had left changing the sheets. 

"Hey here's your breakfast" Beth said handing me a plate 

"Thanks" I said grabbing it sitting it on the bed 

"So are and Justin okay"

"Um..I guess Selena left" I asked 

"Oh my gosh yes I'm so happy"

"Where's Rebecca" 

"With Ryan they went for a walk Chaz went with Justin and now it's just me and going to the movies tonight" 

"I don't know I might just change my mind Justin's concert is tonight I don't think I'm going"

"You have to go oh come on it'll be fun please come I know you're upset with him but at least get out this room" she said

"Alright fine I'll come happy"

"Not when you put it like that what's wrong" she asked 

"Nothing's wrong I'm fine"

"Are you sure you're glowing what did you and Justin do all that time when we got ice cream" she asked smiling

"Nothing we just talked that's all" I said I looked on the floor seeing a condom wrapper I lightly covered it up with my foot and she sighed 

"Alright so what did you talk about" 

"Um we talked about our friendship and how things changed when you know who was here" I said 

"Oh..well that's good he really likes you Kim"

"Yeah well he has mixed feelings so I don't know" I said 

"Well guess what" she said


"Me and Chaz are going to have a baby" she said and I covered my mouth 

"Congratulations Beth I'm so happy for you and Chaz wow does he know" 

"Yeah he knows Rebecca Ryan nor Justin knows don't tell them just yet"

"Okay" I said she layed on the bed getting on her phone I slowly leaned down grabbing the condom wrapped balling it up into my hand throwing it away next to the bed laying down to getting on my phone 

"I had a nice time" Justin texted me I smiled and texted back 

"Yeah me to"

"I can't keep my mind off of it it felt amazing it was so fun" 

"I so agree's just a one time thing" I said 

"Y-yeah I know we can't tell anyone about that"

"Don't worry I won't and Justin you were my first and you were really good..I didn't want it to stop" I said 

"Me either" he said I put my phone done eating my breakfast watching some tv. 

"By the way there's a party tonight Justin Scooter the crew and a lot of people will be there are you coming it's gonna be really fancy" she said 

"I don't know I might"

"Well when the concerts over we have to bring our things if we're going to the party you should wear that yellow short dress over your knees and those heels I've been dying to see you in"

"And my hair" I chuckled 

"Curl it or straighten but I prefer you curl it I'll do your make up if you come I'm pretty sure you will have the best night ever and enjoy the rest of the tour" she said and I sighed 

"Fine" I said then Rebecca came in 

"Hey guys what's up" she said sitting on the bed 

"Watching tv" I said 

"Boring I can't wait till tonight it's gonna be so much fun" 

"Yeah sure" I said to myself 

Watching Justin preform for a sold out concert was amazing. I started dancing to all around the world singing with Rebecca and Beth. When the concert was over we all changed in Justin's dressing room I curled my hair Beth did my make up and I put on my heels lucky charm ankle bracelet and earrings grabbing my handheld purse going to the party it was really fancy couldn't believe Justin talked to these people during a slow dance I was sitting down by myself on my phone. Justin was walking up to me till Madison Beer stopped him and asked him for a slow dance. I didn't have much fun as I thought I was Beth and Chaz Rebecca and Ryan had fun but of course not me. 

"Wanna dance" Justin said with his hand out he looked so hot in a suit I put my phone and purse down grabbing his hand. I stood up we went to the dance floor wrapping my arms around his neck while his arms was around my waist

"You're making me nervous" I said 

"Sorry you look amazing tonight" he said licking his lips 

"My face is up here" I said chuckling he chuckled to putting his face back up to me 

"It was a one time thing Justin" I whispered 

"I know but don't worry I'll try not to make it happen again" he said I smiled and we continued to dance. 

"You look really good in that tux by the way" 

"Thanks" he said I rubbed my hands on the side of his neck craving for his kiss looking into his eyes. I couldn't kiss him not in front of everyone anyways so I kept it cool. After a while we sat down feeding each other chocolate strawberries. 

"Well look what we have here are you a thing or what" Ryan asked 

"We're just-"

"Friends" Rebecca said 

"Yeah" I said 

"Sure okay I'm pretty sure that everyone at this party thinks you're a thing but if you say he's your friend I believe you..kind of" he said walking away with Rebecca 

"Your friend" I said 

"Your friends to so is Beth gonna tell Chaz she's pregnant or not" 

"How did you know" I asked 

"She's always hungry gets tired easily and her feet are swelling up I'm pretty sure she's pregnant" 

"Well maybe she isn't"

"Maybe she is" he said leaning in 

"Justin Scooter wants you" Madison said 

"Okay I'll be there" he said leaning in again 

"Now" she said I chuckled and ate a strawberry 

"Gotta love kids" he said getting up 

"Scooter didn't want Justin you lied" I said 

"I think we both know that you aren't ready to be in a relationship with Justin I seen you craving for that kiss on the dance floor but you kept your cool so do you wanna kiss him" she asked 

"No I don't wanna kiss him"

"I'm sure you do his juicy soft lips eating that strawberry you fed him you really wanna kiss him just go for it by the way you look really pretty tonight even though I don't know you" she said and walked away. 

"That bitch lied to me now where were we" he said 

"Right here" I said and kissed him 

"I think we were both craving for that kiss" I said he smiled and kissed me again 

"Wanna sleep in my room tonight I promise nothing won't happen" he said and I nodded kissing him again 

"Oh get a room" Chaz said Beth giggled and I pulled away from Justin 

"Shut up guys"

"Are you two a thing" Beth asked 

"Um are we" I asked Justin 

"I guess so but I didn't ask you out" he said 

"Ask her dumbass" Chaz said 

"Alright um Kimmy would you like to be my girlfriend" 


"Great so we all have girlfriends and Justin won't feel left out"

"Left out for what" I asked 

"Sex" he said walking off Beth followed him and I chuckled 

"Wanna get out of here" 

"Sure" I said grabbing my phone and purse leaving going back to the hotel with Justin running inside because it was raining stopping in front of his room

"I had a great time" I said 

"Yeah me to don't worry about the hate you'll get used to it"

" was that our little date or something" I asking grabbing him lightly by his tie 

"Not if you want it to be"

"It's whatever" I said he chuckled a little and kissed me I moved out the way so he could open the door I put my things down slipping my heels off I helped Justin take his tie off he unzipped my dress from behind sliding my straps off my shoulder letting it fall onto the floor. I pulled his jacket and shirt off helping him with his belt dropping his pants climbing into bed cuddling watching a movie. 

"How was the concert" he asked 

"It was good but you fell"

"I didn't fall it was just my shoe came off"

"Yeah and you fell which was funny" I said laughing 

"It's not funny I could've hurt myself"

"Yeah but you didn't..I'm sorry about everything when Selena was here it's just we were friends for a long time and I was dreaming of me being your girlfriend I was obsessed"

"I know..masturbating to me on the private jet yeah I know about that" he said then chuckled 

"Oh my gosh you knew"

"Yeah but it's no big deal I know you didn't bring it for no reason" 

"Yeah well when you and Selena were having phone sex you were satisfied and I wasn't"

"Awe I know but when I said I was the luckiest guy ever I kind of lied"

"Figured because she's not special"

"Yeah are" he said 

"Why do you do this to me"

"Do what" he asked 

"Make me..want to love you" 

"I don't try I know you love me Kimmy" he said and I chuckled 

"What if I didn't" I said 

"You better" he said wrapping his arms around me pulling me on top of him I giggled and kissed his neck looking into his eyes kissing his nose 

"Night Justin" I said falling asleep on his chest 

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