Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


11. Chapt11.

I got changed getting into bed cutting the lamp off. I was thinking about Justin couldn't keep my mind off of him when he kissed me I felt like I was the only girl for him but then again I might be wrong maybe it wasn't the best idea to come with Justin after all. The next day came I rolled over seeing Rebecca and Beth getting ready for the day 
"Come on get up Justin's taking us to breakfast" Rebecca said 

"Not hungry..I'll just stay here" 

"Look I know things between you two are completely confusing have to come with us me and Beth don't want to be there with Selena she's leaving today be happy about that alright" 

"I am happy I just wanna be alone alright I don't care about Justin right now I just want to be alone" I said 

"Okay well I'll bring you something back bye Kim" she said walking off Beth stared at me following her 

"Get up you're going with us" Justin said 

"I wanna be alone go with your stupid girlfriend" I said turning around not facing him 

"Oh! So you're jealous" 

"My GOD Justin did you listen to anything I told you last night and you're still dating her wow someone's brainwashed" I said 

"You know what KIMMY every since she came you've been complaining and complaining why the hell did you come anyways" he said

"Wanna know why because you were like a brother to me I didn't know she was gonna come if she makes you so happy then GO!" I said he kneeled down to me staring into my eyes 

"Don't cry please don't cry I hate it when you're hurt" he said

"You hurt me so it doesn't matter just leave me alone and don't expect to make everything okay when she leaves she turn you against your own friends hell THEY don't even like her you like the thought of her Justin" I said he stood up and left I sniffled laying on my back wiping my face figuring out what I was gonna do go home or stay. 

I stayed in bed deciding if I go home there was nothing I would do but if I stayed I could have fun with the girls I took a deep breath going into the bathroom taking me a hot bubble bath relaxing drinking a bottle of champagne letting my toes play with the water knobs. My phone vibrated I grabbed it seeing it was Beth 

"You ok" she asked 

"I guess"

"Well guess what" 

"What" I said desperately replying 

"Justin dumped Selena"

"Whoopee good for him I really don't care about them anymore" I said 

"But Kim he's single this is your shot"

"I don't want a shot alright"

"So what you're gonna keep masturbating to him" she asked and I rolled my eyes locking my phone knowing she was right I sat the bottle down slipping my hand down into the water fingering myself I closed my eyes thinking about Justin moaning his name. I thought about him pounding himself inside of me which made me very horny I opened my eyes catching my breath getting out letting the water run out. I looked in the mirror seeing my wet soapy body I put my hair up in a messy bun grabbing my champagne bottle drinking it sitting it on the sink till the bathroom door opened 

"Are you- oh my gosh" Justin said quickly closing the door.

"I am so so sorry" he said and I bit the corner of my bottom lip wrapping myself with a towel coming out 

"Did you do that on purpose" 

"N-no I was just checking up on you I swear" he said 

"Where are the others"

"They went out for ice cream I came back to apologize for everything I know I've been a dick to you and I'm sorry it's just Selena got all caught up and I wasn't paying attention to you..I'm sorry again you probably want to leave and go back home but I don't blame you so..if you wanna go because of me I'll understand" he said 

"I heard you dumped Selena" I said 

"Yeah things wasn't working out were right I was brainwashed..even though I broke up with her it's hard to stop thinking about her I don't know what I was thinking" he said 

"Well..maybe I could help you keep your mind off of her" I said dropping my towel his eyes lit up I placed my hand on his shoulders and lightly kissed him pulling away staring into his eyes he picked me up walking to the bed laying me down I crawled back a little he pulled off his shoes taking his shirt off crawling over me kissing my neck I moaned letting my fingernails trail down his back he moved his lips to mines sliding his tongue in. We made out for a few minutes I slid his sweatpants down flipping us over taking them off kissing his chest down to his abs and boxers. 

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