Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


10. Chapt10.

It was night and me Ryan Selena and Justin were all in the room together watching Chainsaw Massacre its scary as fuck.Justin and Selena's face was sitting on the one couch and she was sitting in his lap i was laying on Ryan's shoulder i wrapped my arm around him and he put his arm around my neck.I could see the jealousy in Justin's eye from the corner of my eye he kissed her neck and she giggled we were just paying attention to the movie I screamed and threw the popcorn over my head Ryan and Justin laughed i looked at Ryan and hit him in the stomach softly ''Aaaww im sorry'' he wrapped both arms around my neck and kissed my cheek.We started back watching the movie and Selena and Justin was making out i feel so disgusted she probably got hurpies from all those dicks she sucked feel so sorry for Justin shame shame shame i got tired of hearing them liplock so i grabbed Ryans' hand and got up ''Hey Justin we will be back'' ''Where are you two going'' ''Into the other room'' ''B-but-'' ''Byeee'' i quickly left the room and sighed ''Ugh! its not working that good'' ''I know'' ''Shit i hear him coming kiss me'' ''B-'' when Justin opened the door i quickly grabbed Ryan by the neck and started kissing him ''Uuuum...guys me and Sel are just gonna go to sleep'' i put my thumb up still kissing Ryan him and Selena walked to their room Selena went in first and Justin was getting his phone out his pocket he looked at me and got kind of sad walking into the room'' I pulled back from Ryan and he fainted ''Da hell'' i got on my knees and shook him he groaned and got up ''Whoa'' ''Hehe are you okay'' ''Yeah i-im fine'' i sighed'' I miss my big brother he barely talks to me'' ''Ah dont worry about it soon as Sel leaves in another day he's gonna start talking to you eventually'' ''Yeah eventually....i dont know what to do im going to the movies with a friend tomorrow so..'' ''Well hope you have fun but aye i gotta get some sleep getting up early in the morning'' ''Oh right well goodnight'' ''Night'' he softly kissed my cheek and went into the room i went to my room with the girls and they jumped up ''How was it'' Rebecca said jumping up and down'' ''Weeeeeell he kissed my cheek'' ''Aaaaaw'' Rebecca and Beth said together ''You two are so cute'' Beth said ''Yeah but its just for fake okay do NOT tell Justin about it okay'' ''Dont tell Justin what'' i turnt around and he was leaning against the wall ''Uuuum...dont tell Justin that im gonna give him a brotherly breakfast tomorrow morning'' ''Oh really'' ''Yeah'' '' cause in my thought i think you may be in love with me getting Ryan to make me jealous'' ''I-i dont know what your talking about'' ''Suuuure'' ''Were just gonna leave'' Rebecca said leaving with Beth we were all alone and i sat on the bed ''I have to tell you something'' ''What is it'' ''Look....i know its pretty stupid that...i dont hardly talk to you since Selena came gotta love her'' i chuckled ''Okay i gotta love her and she's currently using you okay Justin when you get that in your head then come at me'' i walked past him and he pulled me by my arm ''What are you talking about using me'' ''She's using you she's even dating this guy name Cory from...Glee i think or whatever she's cheating on you you crawled back to her she's using you she told everyone that she was pregnant by you what's the deal Justin...i think were just friends not brother and sister i dont even know who you are anymore'' i crossed my arms and he looked away '' didnt get her pregnant...right'' he shrugged ''I dont know'' ''I cant believe that you lost your virginity to that whore i-'' ''I didnt have sex with her i just wanted you to think that we did that was how much you cared'' ''But you phone sexed her on the plane'' ''Oh you heard that'' ''DUH i was fake sleeping'' ''Alright look...i know things have kind of changed since she came here'' ''KIND OF'' ''Okay a lot but...i just cant get over her'' ''Okay'' ''You seem like a little pissed'' ''A little....a little Justin i am fucking furious with you i cant believe that you think that im so stupid that you had sex with that whore i may like you Justin but your'e a player and i DONT want my heart-'' he grabbed my face and kissed me i pulled away we stared at eachother for a minute till Rebecca came in ''What's going on'' she asked ''Nothing'' Justin said and left ''What the hell happen'' she asked ''Nothing..doesnt matter'' 

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