Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


1. Chapt1.


I ran down the stairs and immediately saw Justin. “JUSTIN!!!!” I screamed and jumped into his arms for a hug. “Heyy Kimmy how’s my lil sister?” he asked while giving me a bone-crushing hug. “I’m fine big bro!! I missed you soo much!! You were so busy the past 2 months and I couldn’t even see you…” I frowned and continued hugging him. “I’m so sorry…but at least you can stay with me for 7 months now!” he said and kissed my head in a brotherly way, “have you packed your things?” “Umm…” I mumbled. I was almost finished though…but then he came. “I take that as a no. Let’s go pack now QUICKLY!!” Justin said pulling me back up the stairs again.

We entered my room and I was ashamed of myself…I’d left all my clothes lying around. There were bras on the floor, packets and boxes of pads and tampons sticking out of the bag, underwear tumbling out of my drawers…ahh fuck…! “Justin!!!! DON’T LOOK!!!” I screamed and covered his eyes with my hands. He began laughing and I could feel my face growing hot. “Shut up Justin!!” I shouted and playfully kicked his leg still blindfolding him, “now walk” I ordered him and led him towards my bed and made him sit there facing the wall so that he couldn’t see anything. “Now don’t move until I tell you to!” I ordered him again and began my task of packing. A while later I heard Justin mumbling, “C…” Huh? C? I turned around and found Justin holding my bra…! “AAAHHHH JUSTIN!!!!” I screamed and snatched it away from him. He just smiled at me with an innocent face. “SIT there and DO NOT touch anything!!!” I ordered him once again. “Yes ma’am!” he replied and then kept quiet. I let out a huge sigh and continued packing.

After about 15minutes I finally finished packing. Justin helped carry my bag downstairs. Downstairs, Chaz, Rebecca, Ryan,Beth ,  were casually sitting in my lounge watching TV. “Heyy Kimmy” Ryan said, “What took you guys so long? We got tired of waiting in the car so we just came in…!” “Well,” replied Justin, “Kimmy had to pack and-…” “Anyways!!” I interrupted, “let’s GO!!!” Chaz switched the TV off and they all stood up. I said bye to my mom gave her a big hug and walked out of the house to the car.

Outside, there were two cars. “Soo, which one am I going in?” I asked. “The one that I’m driving” Justin replied. He opened the passenger seat door for me and I climbed in. Ryan was driving the other car with Chaz, Rebecca and his girlfriend, Beth in it . “So we’re going to the airport right Justin?” I asked him. “Yeah, that’s right!” he said. He started the engine and began driving.


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