Opening Up

Her bestfriend since birth is the only guy she can trust. The only guy in her life that didn't tramatize her. But whats going to happen when he wants to admit his real feelings for her? What's going to happen when he want to face her biggest fear? Will she 'open up'?


1. Intro

I'm Kayla, I have long wavy blonde hair and light green eyes. I'm fairly skinny and tan. I think I'm the ugliest person alive, and quite frankly I'm not the only one. 
Lets start with my biological father, yes I don't call him dad he doesn't deserve it. He's one of the reasons I hate guys. Well, besides one. My best friend; he knows every little thing about me. We've been best friends since birth, not kidding we we're literally less than a half an hour apart.
He still always pulls I'm the older one though. Because technically he is, he was born first. We should take a break from talking about Justin and start taking about the first guy that hurt me, yes there's more than one.
My biological father, otherwise known as 'the nutjob'. He's crazy, I'm serious on that one he's gone mentally crazy after my grandparents, heis mom and dad, had died when I was four. That's when the torture started.
Now you might think well your probably over exaggerating, I'm not. He's beat me, yelled at me, spit on me, whatever abuse you can think of he did it to me.
Now, on to the next one, Kyle. He never really liked me, even though he said he loved me, he didn't; it was just a ploy to get down my pants. Yep, you heard that right he wanted to get laid. Knowing the stupid person I am I believed him. No, I didn't lose my V-card to him. I believed he loved me and I feel for him... hard. So when he started hitting me when he was mad I stayed with him because he would always say "don't leave I love you and I know you love me". Finally one day he went to far and I got Justin to pick me up and I never saw that douche again.
So you see every guy I get close to he ends up breaking me. So, that's why I've been fighting for four years my feeling I have for Justin. Yea that's right I'm in love with my best friend. But I'm not going to let it get farther than the best friend zone because I know he's going to be like the rest and I don't want that to happen. So Justin and I are never getting together... or so I thought.






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