My day in New York City

My English examen. We could not write more than 450 words, so that sucked!


1. My day in New York City

I checked the sky for signs of rain and set off early to make the most of the day. I had packed my bag with a few necessities - a bite to eat, a bottle of water and heaps of curiosity about what the day would bring. The sound of cars and trucks made a lot of noise in the streets of New York City, everybody looked so busy with their briefcases under their arms, and their quick steps on the sidewalk. My first stop was to see China Town, the smell of all the food and the colourful decorations hanging from strings above the street and between the buildings. I saw an interesting store, with all sorts of small and beautiful things outside, I was not sure what the things were, but i bought one. The man in the store told me afterwards, that it was to put cigarette ashes in, which is not very useful for me, because that i don`t smoke.

I walked out of China Town, and started my walk down one of the streets with expensive stores, normally i would not think, that there would be a lot of people, but that day there were. I had to take my bag in front of me, and make me as small a possible, to get through. The smell of sweat and smoke was strong. When I saw one of my favourite stores, I walked towards it. Inside the store there were cold, unlike outside, but not an uncomfortably cold, a nice cold. The jewellery laid perfectly and shining, I wanted to buy something, so I bought a bracelet, with the words  `Be Strong` on it. When I made my way to exit the store, the alarm suddenly went of, security guards took me under my arms and led me to a room in the back, they then told that they just had made a joke on me. When I came out in the store again, they said they were sorry, I could see that they had been laughing, so I just said that it were okay. 

The rest of the the day went good, I just enjoyed all the sights and lots of food. When I came back to my hotel I was tired from walking all day, I was stuffed, because I ate a lot of good food, and I was happy, this was my dream vacation. and it would certainly not be the last, but from now on, I would defiantly be a lot more careful in a store, so the staff wouldn't make a joke on me again.  

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