The Search for A God

This is the story of a camerawoman, a legend-sifter, a pilot, an inventor, and a mechanic. All in a world different to our own. In this world, there are dragons living in sanctioned wildernesses, Shifters living amongst humans and amongst animals, people with Gifts since birth that let them do amazing things, people who live tied to an element, and gods that have mystified the dreams of the public's hero, an archaeologist and legend-sifter.
And these five people are about to see that these gods do exist, and all through the adventure those dreams sent them on.

(I had a dream. A lot of the things the dream this began as couldn't really be translated that well into words in a story format, so I thought, why not make this a screenplay? It might end up some amount better. I may or may not reconsider this idea.)


5. Scene V

(Inside the airship. A lot of metallic colors surround Irene and Pike who sit in chairs facing each other. A camera sits beside Irene on a tripod, just far enough to not be able to see her face in the footage. A microphone is pinned on Pike’s collar, and Irene looks through a packet of paper. She looks up at Pike.)



Are you ready, Mr. Pike?



Call me Austin. We’re going to be spending a fair amount of time together, and I’d prefer that the formalities are dropped for the both of us here, at the beginning…as long as you’re okay with me calling you Irene.


(Irene is a tad surprised, but shrugs.)



I have no problem with it.



Alright, then. I’m ready.



Austin, I’d like by having you describe the basic plan for our journey, provided you have one. If not, why not just describe where we’re going right now and why we’re going there. Both would be nice, if you can. Okay?


(Austin nods, and Irene presses a button on a control in her lap, and holds up her fingers: “Three…two…one,” before she motions for him to begin.)



(hesitant, stumbling, at first, but grows more confident)

Uh…Alright. We do have a plan- I guess I have a plan for the journey…Well, a long time ago, there was this early form of religion that managed to spread throughout the world, which is really, really odd because, excluding the Shifters, all species of sentient life on earth in the time period this religion was at its peak of worship were either unable or unwilling to traverse beyond, on average, about a ten mile radius of their home, and not to mention, the continents would have taken forever to span, and oceanic travel was slow, and not to mention uncertain to get you where you want to go at the time.


(Camera cuts to show some of his earlier adventures to this one as he mentions them. Murals carved and painted on silver stone in a green jungle. A dark city in earthy stone, dragons from the plains meandering about in the place void of human life, watching him carefully to make sure he doesn’t do anything.)


AUSTIN (vo):

And yet, its tales are depicted in art in ruins in the south jungles of Kapilet, and the stories are written on the walls of the underground city by the capital of Uarad, thousands of miles away. Its followers focused its worship on the same four elements that early Elemental societies did, but the leader of its pantheon was the personification of an element that the Elementals never spoke of.


(Cut to show a massive mural in the underground city surrounded by text, depicting a man, pictured in orange and grey-ish silver, sending down four differently colored spheres of light to what looks to be a picture of Earth.)


AUSTIN (vo. con.):

Their main god was Time. And Time had four messengers, each a god themselves, one for each of the elements. Those messengers were apparently sent down to Earth to guard each some sort of…relic, I suppose on some place on Earth. And I first heard of this when my grandfather told me the stories of these gods and messengers. And as for how he knew these stories, long after this religion had disappeared, fading from common knowledge? Well…he did his research.


(Cut to show a man, older than Austin, but fairly similar-looking. He’s on a boat, working with others in fishing. Austin basically proceeds to narrate the scene form thereon out, but any audio from the scene is smoothly quieter than Austin’s voice when he talks.)


AUSTIN (vo. con.):

My grandfather was a fisherman. He was out in the Eastern Ocean, working on a fishing boat with a few other people. They were just about finished for the day, and it was with only a small bounty to show for it. My grandfather and his coworkers were fairly surprised, as the area had, for a long time, provided a large amount of food. However that day, it was scarce. And on their way back, basically as soon as my grandfather questioned why, the boat was hit on the bottom. Not enough to really damage much, just a little nudge. They went on deck, trying to find what it was, and they saw a huge dark mass in the water. And while they couldn’t figure out in the slightest what it was they were seeing, the tail of the creature- or, rather, what they figured out was the tail after thinking things over, swung around and took out the mechanics of the trawling net.


(Panic on the boat, they regain order quickly enough to get the boat moving faster.)


AUSTIN (vo.):

Of course they hightailed it out of there. And granddad had no clue what hit him.


(Cut to a bar, the group talking, but when Austin’s grandfather separates from the group at “no clue what had happened,” a man sitting at another table, alone, calls him over. They begin talking.)


AUSTIN (vo.)

The group talked it over many times, but they had no clue what had happened. But when he started researching, he found many other such sightings of a huge sea monster, often attacking fishing boats that took too much, or attacking various factories dumping in the water. And this “monster,” was accredited to be a messenger of an old religion. The same old religion that spread across the world, apparently by moving itself.


(Cut to the present. Austin sitting comfortably in his chair, Irene looking somewhat confused.)



But we aren’t going the right direction if that was your first clue. We’ll be taking the long way to the Eastern Ocean now.


(Austin nods.)



You’re right. The direction we’re going now isn’t the direct route to the Eastern Ocean. But the thing is, we don’t really know where it is that my granddad saw the messenger. He never told me that detail, if he knew it.




Then where are we heading?


(Austin grins and chuckles.)


To my home island. The place that made me think that this whole thing may very well have been fate.


(Cut to young Austin, playing, running farther from his home.)


AUSTIN (vo.):

It was after my grandfather’s death that I began thinking that something was fairly odd about the island I grew up on. It was a…fairly small place in retrospect. Small enough for a child to know the entirety of the more developed parts of it, but large enough for parents to warn their kids to not go off into the brush when they played outside. And, of course, as most islands, it was formed around a hot spot in the planet’s crust. But it was a weird place, too. It had two places where open lava could be found on it, the volcano, and one other area on the other end of the island. That wasn’t something that happened often, but tectonics wasn’t really what I thought about when I was ten. I thought about oddities on a simpler level.


(As young Austin ventures further, he finds himself facing a small cliff. He grins in awe of the place he’s never seen before. He struggles his way up the cliff, only to find that, on the top of it, sat a layer of obsidian.)


AUSTIN (vo.):

As in the fact that there was an entire area of obsidian formed into a mountainside about a mile from my home.


(Austin bends down, now that he’s on his feet on the cliff, when there’s a sudden animalistic roar echoing through the sky. Austin starts and looks up to the cloudy sky, where fire seems to brighten it up in sparse flashes, and wing beats seem to resound in the sky, shifting the clouds about. Young Austin, scared, suddenly runs. But when he turns around, he finally sees the big picture: a large plateau, next to another plateau, this one with a smaller base than its top. And by the top of it? Blasts of fire being shot by at least two beings back and forth, covered by the clouds.)


AUSTIN (vo.):

Or the fact that there was a geological structure that could never be made by nature in the same spot.


(Austin turns back and keeps running. It cuts back to the present once Irene speaks.)



So we’re starting there?


(Austin nods.)



We’re starting there.


(Austin grins, Irene smiles, and presses the button on the remote again.)



This is great. Think the other two would mind doing an interview?


(Austin stands and shrugs, looking out towards the exit of the room they’re in in the ship before answering.)



Don’t think so. If they do, they’ll tell you.



Alright. Thanks.


(Austin leaves, Irene stands, looking at the remote for a bit before she makes sure he’s left. She then begins the process to take the camera off its tripod.)

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