The Search for A God

This is the story of a camerawoman, a legend-sifter, a pilot, an inventor, and a mechanic. All in a world different to our own. In this world, there are dragons living in sanctioned wildernesses, Shifters living amongst humans and amongst animals, people with Gifts since birth that let them do amazing things, people who live tied to an element, and gods that have mystified the dreams of the public's hero, an archaeologist and legend-sifter.
And these five people are about to see that these gods do exist, and all through the adventure those dreams sent them on.

(I had a dream. A lot of the things the dream this began as couldn't really be translated that well into words in a story format, so I thought, why not make this a screenplay? It might end up some amount better. I may or may not reconsider this idea.)


4. Scene IV

(Early morning at the airfield again. This time, when Irene’s car rolls around, there’s a second person inside it- Irene’s friend, ABIGAIL DUBOIS. She gets out with Irene and helps her with getting her bags out of the car- one carrying Irene’s actual necessities, the other carrying Irene’s equipment. Irene carries her own shoulder bag. Abigail and Irene each pull one bag behind them as they bring the bags up to the Lady Andrea, where Pike, Nathaniel, and Alex stand waiting. Pike steps forward to greet the two, nodding once to both.)



Do you want me to get your bags onboard?



Thank you. That would be great.


(Pike motions with his head for Nathaniel to get the equipment bag, the larger and heavier of the two, while he takes Irene’s suitcase. Alex, leaning against the side of the door, watches the two women, retreating into the ship shortly after Nathaniel and Pike do on realizing that he’d be eavesdropping in on Irene’s and Abigail’s goodbyes. Irene gives Abigail her car keys after taking a few of the key chains off, i.e., a picture given to her by her nephew, a butterfly, etc. Abigail takes the key and looks at it before she embraces her friend, suddenly.)



Bye, Irene.


(Irene holds onto her friend tighter, and then releases her, holding onto Abigail’s forearms as she looks at her.)



No farewell too definite. I’ll be back in a few weeks; you take care of my house and car and, please, don’t throw any parties at my house while I’m gone.




Oh, please. Your house isn’t that great for parties.


(Irene smiles at her friend’s joke, but her expression shifts as Abigail takes on an uncharacteristic seriousness and concern.)



Be safe, Irene. Just…be careful.


(Abigail pulls her into another hug, which Irene returns, but with a surprised hesitance before pulling back.)



What’s the matter, Abbey? I’m not going to be gone forever.


(Abigail shakes her head and smiles a flat line, trying to look as though it was just a sudden impulse that came over her. They both know that’s not quite true.)





(Camera cuts to show Pike reentering the scene and approaching the two women.)


ABIGAIL (con.):

(nodding towards Pike as she speaks)

Have fun with the dreamboat over there.


(Suddenly, she runs back towards Irene’s car, hoping to avoid what she assumes would be her friend’s imminent wrath. However, Irene simply remains in place, chiding her friend from afar.)





(Pike takes this opportunity to approach. The camera looks towards Abigail from behind Irene and Pike as she hurries into the car.)



Anything more you want to say to her?


(Irene shakes her head, amused by her friend’s antics.)



No. She knows anything more I have to say to her, I can just say using a postcard or something.



Alright. Let’s get going then.


(Pike and Irene both go inside the Lady Andrea, and as they enter, the door shuts behind them (note: if it isn’t an electronic door, then have Pike close it behind them). The camera cuts to Abigail in the car, watching the airship ascend into the sky in her rearview mirror, the weather clearer than it was the day before. She’s lucky the roads are clear, as she focuses more on the silver and black ship growing smaller and smaller in her rearview than on the road. She tries to tear her eyes from the ship, but she can’t help but think back on the visions her Gift gave her while she slept the night before. A vision of suspicion. A vision of wolves closing in, preparing for an attack. And most powerful, a vision of darkness. She heard four words in that dream, and those words haunt her.)


IRENE (vo):

I can’t do this.


(Abigail looks to the road just in time to avoid hitting another car, this one much larger than the one she was in. Wisely, she decides to pull over to the side of the road and watch the airship while she stands at the side of the road by the car.)




Please be safe, Irene.

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