The Search for A God

This is the story of a camerawoman, a legend-sifter, a pilot, an inventor, and a mechanic. All in a world different to our own. In this world, there are dragons living in sanctioned wildernesses, Shifters living amongst humans and amongst animals, people with Gifts since birth that let them do amazing things, people who live tied to an element, and gods that have mystified the dreams of the public's hero, an archaeologist and legend-sifter.
And these five people are about to see that these gods do exist, and all through the adventure those dreams sent them on.

(I had a dream. A lot of the things the dream this began as couldn't really be translated that well into words in a story format, so I thought, why not make this a screenplay? It might end up some amount better. I may or may not reconsider this idea.)


2. Scene II

(Opens on an area in a well-populated city in the province of Kethetir. All the pedestrians that Irene and Pike pass in the car are human, as Kethetir is humanity isolated from the other species that the world has to offer. Irene finally stops at a small restaurant sitting at the corner of two streets. Parking along the sidewalk, she gets out, following suit, looking at the restaurant and the area surrounding it with interest. Inside the restaurant, the sunlight, just beginning to peek out from the clouds that covered the sky earlier, filters through the windows surrounding the restaurant from the sides facing the streets, bringing streaming across the wooden tables and floors onto the counter of the bar. The restaurant is fairly empty at the moment, the lunch rush not quite around yet. Irene and Pike are now seated in a table for two by the window. Irene is sitting up straight with her elbows resting on the table, while Pike leans back in his seat, making himself comfortable, his hat having been taken off. A server leaves their table, presumably having taken their orders, just before Pike speaks up.)



So, you have an offer. Why don’t we get down to business now so I can enjoy my lunch?


(Irene seems a little surprised by this, but shrugs it off.)




If you want.


(She leans back a bit, trying to get comfortable herself.)


IRENE (con.):

My boss has told you this much: we’re interested in making a film, one following your next adventure, for lack of a better word to describe the public’s overall feelings about whatever you do. I would get the footage with you and your crew, and we would turn that into, most likely, a documentary, or at least a special on television. You and your crew would get paid a percentage of the profits, of course, for your involvement, and I would give you no troubles during the trip. I’d only pull you aside once or twice to give a synopsis of what you’re doing, or why you’ve chosen whatever it is you’ve chosen to do, perhaps some thoughts on the goings on of the world, politics, whatnot.


(Pike holds up a hand to stop her.)



(with growing frustration)

Okay, stop right there. I’m not going to be working with someone looking for gossip. There is no chance I’ll talk about, on camera, anything not pertaining to my job. You want to talk about my thoughts on human isolationism, or…I don’t know, who got who pregnant in celebrity shit? Then deign to do it when we’re not supposed to be talking about some more important things.


(Irene, surprised by his tone, considers this and her next words before she speaks again.)



Alright…Fair enough, Mr. Pike. I’ll be sure to honor that sentiment given your honoring mine.


(Now it’s Pike’s turn to be surprised. Surprised, but amused by her sudden boldness given it would be expected that she be polite. He leans forward across the table, putting his elbows on the table now as he smiles, almost smugly prompting Irene to go on.)



I’m not about to put myself in danger for the sake of getting this footage. It’s going to be mostly about you anyway, right? I figure having me there behind the camera most of the time would just distract from this. I’m not exactly the best hiker, and carrying around a camera wouldn’t be easy for me if we’re going to be moving around for a long time on foot. With you, however, I could just strap it to your shoulder or whatever, and then presto, neither of us are in any danger…Make sense to you?


(Pike leans back once more, considering Irene’s offer.)




Okay, question: why don’t you just stay out here, not go with us, have us just strap the camera and get the footage by ourselves?



I want to see new places. I’ve lived here in Kethetir my entire life, rarely going outside. I’ve known the world, but never seen it. This is the chance I’ve been given, and it’s the opportunity I’ll take.


(Pike nods, looking fairly pleased by this answer.)



(under her breath, but loud enough for Pike to hear)

Not to mention, I wouldn’t trust anyone but myself with my equipment any day of the week.


(Pike, having heard this, chuckles.)



Alright, then. I think you’ve got yourself a deal.



Great. Let me just call my boss, we can set up-


(Pike holds up his hand once more to stop Irene from continuing to retrieve her phone from her bag.)



I’m under the assumption that we’re not going to need any contracts. I trust you enough to hold your word, and hopefully you trust me to hold mine.


(The server arrives at this point to deliver their food, and a few briefly muttered words of thanks from Irene and Pike are given. The server, well aware of the fact that they’d interrupt a conversation if they were to ask anything, decides to leave without another word.)



(while eating)

I don’t think you’d be the kind to sit back and let your boss cheat us out of anything me and my crew deserve as far as profits go. I don’t need negotiations. That would take a while, and I would prefer to get in the sky by tomorrow morning, providing that’s the earliest we can get what we need from here for the trip.



Tomorrow morning?



Yeah. Is that going to be a problem for you to get ready?



No. I’m just a bit surprised is all…You’re excited about getting started?


(Pike grins.)




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