Vert's Sister-Hot Wheels Acceleracers FanFic

Slightly AU. Dr Tezla sent the guys out to get a potential racer, and Vert offers to bring in his twin, Victoria. This is what happens.


1. Chapter One

She was walking down the narrow street behind the coffee shop, coming back from college, when her older brother, Vert, pulled up. "Tori!!" He yelled. The girl didn't hear, so he pulled up closer to bump her back with the front of his car. She stopped and clenched her jaw, pulled out her laptop, and pressed a few keys. She started typing, the words showing up on his screen. 

"Vert, I swear to God, if you don't back up that piece of junk right now, I will make you wreck it!" The man's eyes widen and he backed up.

"Tori, will you come with me?"


"Just get in, Tor..." His mouth lowered in a pout.


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